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    1. bad attempt to find my sg LD Wed 02 Jan, 2013

      by , 02-22-2013 at 10:27 PM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      i thought a lot in this dream. . . . i found my self at a fancy motel dinner party or something. i saw a group of people siting and listening to 2 violinest. the violinest's were the only ones wearing suits. one of the violinest looked at me and said hey he looks like us or something. i looked at myself and saw i was wearing a suit too. i thought nothing of it cuz i was looking for someone dont remember who. i walked around and glanced in a mirror and saw that i was wearing a hoody under my suit. i thought ok this a dream so i can just pull the hoody off with out messing up my suit. it felt so wierd as i tried this and looked at the mirror again and saw that i had pulled off the suit insted. then i realize looking in the mirror what i said before, this is a dream. i became fully lucid things got soo real. i went back the way i came and ended up on a ship an aircraft carrier maybe. i felt things get a bit hazey. i told my self hey dont lose focus now. after that i looked at details then it got realy clear again. i know i could see everything in the room clear as day at that time but now only remember seeing a counter with stuff on it and a toilet, ha. any way i remeberd my goal to meet my sg. i called out to the dream hey i want to meet my spirit guide. i think i woke up a sec. i felt my eyes open a bit but i stoped them and closed them again then saw drakness. i thought i want to go back to that same ld. then poof i was back in. there i was in a differant part of the aircraft carrier. i thought i need a door to sumon my sg. i looked around and could not find one. they where all open door ways. i thought man i must realy be open minded ha. then thought where is my girlfriend in all this. i walked through more door ways then thought again maybe if i go to the top deck i could sumon my sg there or from a door on the way and maybe see my girlfriend but if all els fails there should be a helacopter up there i can play around with. ...it was wierd i could see the images of my thoughts within my dream... any way i went up some flights of stairs and wound up in a house. i was like what the damn, well there goes that. i looked back through the door way i just went through, i said ya thats where i was just at and no one is following me. i went foword wow theres a door. i opend it and there were 2 dc's there in a bedroom. i felt i had to get rid of the dc's in there to sumon my sg... i now realize i did not have to and went the wrong way about doing this although i do think it was good how i confrunted this bad dc... there was a fat dc and a normal sized dc lighting someting black on fire. i called out all thought forms be gone. the fat man dissapeard. the other one was something els. i looke at what he was doing. he was puting flame to this black thing the size of a baseball till it smoked then he inhaild the smoke through his nose. i was like what the heck. i steped toward him then he glared at me with solid black eyes. i was like oh realy then i hopt on the bed and got real big and mean and said with a demanding voice get out of here. he looked at me confused. i said again louder get out now. then he got scared and backed down and started looking around not knowing what he was doing or where to go. i pointed to the door and said there go and he did. then i stept off the bed and went to the door to use it for my sg. untill another dc came in. come on realy! i tried to be firm but nice with this one he didnt seem bad. although he did not want to leave and did not leave me alone. i told him look can u pls go out this door cuz i realy need talk to my sg i dont have much time. he said ok and acted like he left but then i turned around to find him right behind me. oh my god i said fine and was just about to try something els but woke up. next time im just going to sumon a door and try to get my sg to come through it no matter who is there haha.


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    2. the fly by with an fa. LD Fri 28 Dec, 2012

      by , 02-22-2013 at 10:25 PM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      i did some wild. all night and became lucid in this dream right from the start but it was short.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i found my self in some city and said this is a dream. i went flying right off the bat i was zooming passed trafic on a highway not against but with it. i could feel the wind wizzing past me it felt so real. i started with my arms by my side then did airplane style so i could steer better. then tried supperman style so i could go even faster but i was going so fast allready that it was hard to put my hands in front of me. i focused more and was able to do so but did not make much diff. i saw a semi and was going to hit it unless i went higher i tried but couldnt. i decided to stop and pull off to a field i thought it would be a perfecect spot to meet my sg for the fist time i called out to them but my heater turned on and put me into an fa. i got out of bed and smashed my heater mad that it woke me up. then i saw my girlfriend and started telling her about my dream. then i woke up for real talking in my sleep. haha.

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    3. dream doctor LD Dec/14th

      by , 02-22-2013 at 10:23 PM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      I started out side me and my girl friend where looking at a house I was a little lucid we went inside and saw the landlord. we told him we don't have any money right now but we can get it to him soon. he said ok its yours. we were happy and then we celebrated with a group of people for a long while.

      Then I appeared in some ones cell at this point my lucidity jumped from clear to hazy more then once. I don't remember what I was doing in the cell only that the cell wasn't for me and I was there as a doctor. I walked out of the cell and realized I was in a hospital of some sort.

      I saw a group of doctors operating on someone. I went up to one and asked what kind of doctor am I supposed to be. they said tran***** ph****** I don't remember now but I thought it was very important that I remember when I wake up so I repeated it 5 times but I still don’t remember except the first few letters.

      Then I walked into another room where a doctor handed me a piece of paper with 2 prescriptions on it I didn't know what they were and became confused. then I remembered an experiment I wanted to do and it might help me anyway. I wanted to call for a teacher, so I said to the dream can you send me a teacher. at first there was no response. then I asked again please send me a teacher. Again no response. then I got very sad and started to cry I thought my unconsience self was mad at me for something. I started to say I'm sorry, I'm sorry if I did something wrong I'm trying to learn please send me a teacher. then as if that was the password a woman flew into the room she was wherein black and she had blonde hair.

      she said hey it's ok what’s wrong. I said ok then thank you , I asked first can you tell me what these mean and I gave her the paper. after that I think I lost my awareness. I know we got into a big conversation but don't remember any of it.

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    4. the portal of my dreams. LD Dec/14th

      by , 02-22-2013 at 10:22 PM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      this lucid dream was short because I got woke up.
      I was in a tree and I was climbing down. Once I got down the dream became so vivid that it made me realize I was dreaming. I saw this power of light that was swallowing the dream setting It was scary at first . I saw my girl friend Joyce out side a house she was so scared that she ran inside. Instead of following her this time I faced the light.
      knowing this is a dream I thought it won't hurt me . I put my fear aside as I went around the tree. I saw that the light was coming from some kind of portal. It had a round top and a flat bottom it was connected within an arched rock.
      I could see a picture in it of a castle and a floating island. It was very beautiful and I walked though it to see what would happen. once I got through, it turned pitch black. I thought that dream must have ended or I’m traveling some where. then I decided to wait to see what happened I looked at my hands to keep my awareness. It was a couple of seconds latter, some one was being loud and woke me up.

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    5. Dec. 2nd 2012 - Lucid horror/then a restaurant scene. LD

      by , 02-22-2013 at 10:21 PM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      It was a ND at first we were setting up a bon fire to produce a signal of some sort. then it became a blur until I saw a resident evil zombie ( you know the ones that open their mouth like a crab would). It wasn’t there to harm me at first. It screamed at me then ran away with many others into a building.
      I then became Lucid and said this is a dream . then I saw a crowd of people throwing Molotov’s at the building. I was in a warehouse district. I heard big explosion sounds but did not see them. then the crowd stopped and cheered as if all the beasts were gone.
      I saw a group of people head into the warehouse. I followed (and this seems funny now ) but then I asked a taller man if I could have a piggy back ride. I said I felt short and wanted to see ahead. he said ok, I did not see much at first until zombies poured out of the door . I jumped off and every one started to run the other way. trying to keep my fear at bay a zombie approached me.
      I held it's arms to keep it back then someone told me to rip it's arms off,
      so I did .
      but it kept coming so I tried to fly but had troubles . I got a few feet up and luckily a big metal cube appeared next to me. I got on top along with 3 other people then it shot up. I stayed on to see were it would go I wasn't fond of this dream scene any way .
      I appeared in a restaurant of some sort it was really crowded. I seen someone I wanted to talk to. I don't remember what I said to him but I recall it was very hard to talk and I was stuttering big time . he just laughed and walked away.
      after that someone came up to me but this time they were stuttering big time. he was wearing a black jump suit with green trim, same color hat, glasses and somewhat of a buck tooth smile. I thought and said, you must be my stuttering self. he shook his head yes.(although I don't stutter much) I walked with him, with my arm around him and said, it's ok just slow down and think clearly . someone in the back ground said, Oh he's trying to help himself out.
      I didn't think much of it that time. I left him and kept walking in search of another dream figure to talk to. there was a big man with a dark flannel shirt and a black cowboy hat that caught my eye. I walked toward him as I got closer he changed form. he changed to a mid sized woman with big glasses a white cowboy shirt and a black cowboy hat. I was confused at first than asked, what do you represent? she just turned her head and looked away. I thought she was a simple thought form and just said, ok then and walked away.
      I got a few feet away then heard the voice in the back ground again. this time it said, why didn't you listen to her. I looked around and saw no one talking to me. I realized it must be my unconscience talking . I replied, she ignored me.
      suddenly I appeared outside I was in a coulder sack in a residential area. I saw groups of people around I had the urge to fly. I looked at the top of a roof and wanted to fly to it. I focused on it and tried to picture myself there but I did something wrong because the dream collapsed and I woke up.

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    6. Dec.2nd-2012 the strange mall- LD

      by , 02-22-2013 at 10:20 PM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      I was in a mall of some sort. It was strange though I was in an opened area computer lab within the mall. this seemed odd I thought , then said this is a dream.
      Instantly I became Lucid I looked to my left and right. I saw 2 people at each computer. a girl on my left said, he's been reading Roberts book. she was talking to the person next to her. I walked past them straight ahead.
      I saw a large round counter, with a hollow middle, where it seemed mall workers would be. No one was there though so I went ahead. I kept looking around trying not to look at one thing for too long to keep my awareness.
      The mall is really crowded so I walked through the crowd until I got to an escalator. the escalator went down I hesitated and thought I want to try to change the dream scene. I tried to do a spin but only did a 180 and stopped instead then I woke up I did not do a full spin so there for it did not work.

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