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    Dad renegade full frontal

    by , 07-13-2015 at 11:57 AM (483 Views)
    Piss my dad off dad pissess me off give him punches.

    Renegade game, mining, Obelisk, avoid the ApCtower! run behind the rocks and hide. and place ur C4 in the buildings. Obelisk Hand of nod. Barracks. Go in the shower and watch Yara. The girls The boys. Touch girl. Hug her, Feel her Warmth.

    wake up

    This is reality. This is a dream. Don't laugh at me. This IS a dream..!!!
    No it's not
    But it is dream... I'm going to sleep

    sleep and dream in the showers of renegade. Go to the boys showers. Give the girls a look. Don't look at Yara. The girl comes to you . . . Takes off her bra. Nipples still covered by bra. You take off the rest. Kiss her tits. Small tits. Her expression is pure. She likes you.

    Wake up from audible hallucinations. Dog wakes up too :/

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