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    Buckello is hologram

    by , 12-23-2012 at 12:01 PM (365 Views)
    ok, no dream recall again but ...

    earlier today I thought "I'd do what I spontainiously did yesterday". So, I made a fist, then slowly relaxed my fist, waiting to (imaginarily) feel a little imaginary, wrigley, furball manifesting inside the hollow of my fist, (hehehe), tickles.

    Buckello poked his cute little head out and sniffed the air.

    He's like Stare Trek Voyger's Chief Medical Officer "Hologram".

    I just search for something that hollogram said on lastnights Star Trek Voyger about totaly ceasing to exist each time he's turned off. Coulden't find it. HA! foung this instead ...

    Song of Hologram by -Bob Picardo
    (2:26) 536 view

    hahaha I will imagine my Buckello poking his cute, white little head out of my hollow-fist and singing that Youtubr at meeeee hahaha ...

    here is some of the words i imagine my little "Tulpa" mouse saying to me:

    Robert Picardo sings his "Song of hologram" song.

    I find as I slog
    my way through the mud
    of a world clogged
    with creatures of flesh and blood

    that my photons and force fields draw fire

    from you jeolous organics
    who suffer from panics

    before you can blink
    you'll all be extinct

    and my kind will the Cosmos aquire


    But I Am what I AM
    a superb hologram

    don't hate me because I'm superior

    (00:33) ...
    hahaha - more lyrics of the above Youtube later.

    My Buckello is the kind of hologram Robert Picardo is singing about.

    any way

    my ability to concentrate and stay with Buckello (Tulpa) is sooo weak that I soon realised that I need to put him somewhere safe or he is kind of forgotten and lost as i think and do other stuff.

    so I whent back to "seeing" him and watched him come out of the "hollo-of-my-fist" and sit on the back of my hand, sniffing-the-air.

    I remember another "Tulpa" owner here on DV saying "I got to feed my Tulpa" so I imagined a grain off light appear on my right finger-tip.

    I offered it to Buckello who was on the back of my left hand.

    he leaned forward (on all fours) to sniff it. Then left it alone to think about it. Then he snatched the grain of light with his little hands, sat-up on his haunches and nibbles on the grain of light.

    as he did he began to glow.



    I put my cupped left hand over the glowing shape of my tiny white mouse and let my hand slowely close over him, sort-off pushing him into my physical hands.



    both my hands began to glow.

    so Tulpa is saftly in my hands until I make a fist and urge him out.

    then after a little play-time I will offer him a grain of white light then cover him and merge him "home" into mt hands.

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