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    tiny snippets WoW (!!!)

    by , 12-22-2012 at 10:10 AM (344 Views)
    Snippets Mouse and Legs

    poor dream recall for ages now,


    just now I spontainiously was thinking of my (gone) baby mouse Buckello. Then I made a fist. Then gently relaxed the fist. then imagined a warm little furball (furby hehe) Then put my nose to my opening fist and imagined Buckello's sent. Then imagined him poking his cute, friendly, head out of the tree-hollow of my open fist. He tapped my nose with his tiny hand.

    At this point I realised I was in deep reverie, (a waking dream) and then, the reverie broke (like a soap-bubble popping).

    Then a got the briefest snippet of a dream I had last night. I remember picking- up buckello (in a fist) and putting him in a cosy tunnel which was a soft olive-green coat collar.



    in this dream-snippet, I am with him as a baby mouse, looking at him eye-to-eye. Oh! it couldn't be Him. I'm a cosy mouse looking at a very friendly *brown-grey* mouse.


    Maybe I was white-Buckello

    looking at my friend Brown-grey mouse. (?!?).

    posting this snippet immediatly so I don'forget it.

    only other dream snipet I got (first thing after wakkng) was sitting by a pool and l looked down and those legs and feet were not mine. then I realised a nice woman was sitting beside me and she had put her manicured (but a bit dirty) feet where mine should have been.

    She was smoking. She knew me. I didn't recognise her. (EOD)

    MUM died of smoking related pancriatic cancer. This woman was a teenage version of my loving mum. She is aware of my uncomfortable legs (diabetic neuropathy). She wishes she could give me her strong, pain free, teenage legs.


    You don't need Lucidity or even much dream Recall to get over-the-top results from dreams.

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