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    tap-tap, (02)

    by , 09-04-2012 at 01:02 PM (359 Views)
    I was at a computerscreen and talking to BF. He said "You have a camera?" I said "Yes, I click here and I see on screen the camera view of my (shod) foot, then I can move my foot to the right onto a peddle and that brings up the screen I want".

    Then I was clicking the "close" butten (X) at the top left of screen but a little pop-up kept almost covering it. I was wiggling the mouse and saying "why does that keep happening?" then I could keep closing screens (windows).

    I said "a lot of ad windows have automatically opened".

    At that piont there was a tap-tap on my (real) bedroom window so I called out "I'm coming".

    I got up, grabbed my bathrobe, went out, unlocked the front door, stuck my head out but no one.was there. Came back to my room and it was only 8:40pm Tues 4-Sept.

    Lastnight I didn't get a remembered dream so no "number".

    There doesn't appear to be a "number" in this (nap) dream that the window tap-tap woke me from but I will say that the third "number" drawn will be the "tap-tap" on my real window that woke me. So I choose "02".

    So that is (42, 16, 2) so far.

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