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    by , 09-11-2012 at 07:37 AM (305 Views)

    A monk threw a hat over a 23. Befor that a monk opens a big barn door. The sunlight casts a light shadow in the darkness on the floor. Little wrinkly balls roll( with curiosity) into the shdow of light to look at me then timidly roll into the safe anonimity of the darkness of the barn.

    Then that monk throws his dark, round, wide hat over the 23 in the light shadow in the barn.

    After breakfast I got a happy stream of thoughts. I,ll win lotto then set up my sacred beach mandalla dream synchronicity game.
    I will not pay for hits but participation. But don't too excited yet cos I got to win lotto first.

    That monk (non verbally, through emotional energy) is communicating that "by 2014 have happy paid-participants rearing to go."

    I might have hundreds chomping-at-the-bit in the starting-stalls for the opening race.

    And they're off.


    Look at Henry Reeds mandalla

    Go to sleep


    Record any hipnagogs, dream snippets, hipnapops and tune running through your head on waking.


    Then I will keep an eye on the 6-o-clock news and post anything that corrosponds to what you posted.

    Note: no possibility of cheating cos it ain't happened yet, like the sharks and the biggest earth quake recorded.


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