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    Target 2 dream 1

    by , 10-08-2013 at 12:56 AM (352 Views)
    Wow, woke-up just now with 3 dream snippets and they seem to identify "matches" as the "target in the tub".

    I woke and the last dreamlet was fresh in my mind. I came out my room with both hands around a coffy mug and there was a flash of light that made me drop my full mug of tea and it smashed (quite prettily) on the floor near my bedroom door. When I looked there was just a harmless light flashing on the fire-box, next to my room. That light is suposed to flash amd has done for the 17 years thst I've lived hear.

    I then remembered the dream snippet I had befor that. There was a few people in robes with hoodies but there round faces were clearly visible. Their faces kept lighting-up brightly, momentarily then becoming normal.

    Then I remembered the dreamlet before that. I was showing-off my new umm "stick". It was like a heavy walking stick but tje head went out to the side making it weird, like a weapon. It was made of fresh (sappy) light brown wood. Then this guy showed me his stick and it was identical but his wood was lighter in colour and wieght because it was dried-out. He let me lift it but didn't let go of it because it was his. When awake a realised the important thind is that our sticks were "matches" ot each other.

    The other two dreams were confirming what "matches do.

    I know one of the hundred folded slips of paper has "matches" written on it so I can't wait to take out the folded and paper-clipped slip out of the ice-cream tub.

    Da da da da

    Ugh ...Busted....it reads

    [b] 5 Garlic[/]

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