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    Dream1Target 1

    by , 10-03-2013 at 01:28 AM (535 Views)
    I'm in a school writing out an algabra maths problem ftom an old, used, tatty, high school maths text book. Then I'm naked. Nobody minds but I wish I had clothes on. It was my 15 year old body.

    Then I'm going to my next class, and feeling embarassingly sexed up. I walk into my next class but don't recognise any one so I get out feeling a bit embarrased.

    I'm clothed talking to a girl friend and we see farm animals loose in the hall. I follow the sheep and goats and a large, adult pig-sized, black rabbit.

    I follow the animals outside. I'm worried that the school grounds won't hold the animals and they will be lost. But then the giant rabbit jumps at and pushes at the fence and I realise that the animals are safely contained on the scool premises.

    The animals start communicating and I realise that I can telipathically hear them. They can sense a fire. I can't see a fire but worry it might be at the front of the school. Me and the animals are at the back.

    Then the school building slides about 3 meters back (as if it's on railway rails) perhaps to stay away from the fire that the the rabbit and his friends can sense.

    As I woke up I got a hypnapop of a passion fruit. Maybe the target written on the paper in the ice cream tub is passion fruit

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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      No remembered dream


      His heart is a feather in all kinds of whether

      The cattle are prowlin', the coyotes are howlin'
      Way out where the doggies roam
      Where spurs are a jinglin' the cowboy is singing
      His lonesome cattle call
      He rides in the sun 'til his days work is done
      And he rounds up the cattle each fall
      Singing his cattle call
      For hours he would ride on the range far and wide
      When the night wind blows up a storm
      His heart is a feather in all kinds of weather
      He sings his cattle call
      He's browned as a berry from ridin' the prairie
      And he sings with an old western drawl
      Singing his cattle call

      8* * *

      LeAnn Rimes - Cattle Call - YouTube

      8* * *(3:05)
    2. EbbTide000's Avatar
      The item written on the sealed slip of paper was:

      85 a safety pin

      I just shook-up the other 99 sealed slips with items written on them. I lucky-dip-picked one and dropped it into the ice cream tub and put the lid back on.

      I will open it on Monday (in 3 days time) after I've posted a dream or two.