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    by , 01-24-2013 at 05:11 AM (410 Views)

    Talked about twins then met my brother who was going to a job interview. I told him if he knew the twins, he did but he didn't know that they were born at the same time and place as Al, Perhaps the other two were adopted out as babies because I am Al's older sis and didn't know had two other brothers born with him. Al was a hansome teenager in the dream with golden curly hair. I met him as I opened a front door. He was happy and telling me of the job interview his was going too, rihht now. when I asked him if he knew he was a triplet and I had met his brothers. All three triplets looked very different. EOD.

    I had a nap p. It is now 2:37pm Thurs 24-Jan. I wonder if this dream is about the Mythic Tarot card I wrapped in tin foil (unseen) then put in my specticle-case and carry around with me?

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