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    Twirling snake

    by , 03-04-2013 at 02:05 PM (397 Views)
    Twirling Snake hanging by his tail from the ceiling. That is all my dream was. I wasn't going to post it.

    But I went shopping and at the entrance to China Town some one had chalked, artistically :

    Happy Year of the Snake 2013.

    I didn't know that. So, my short dream was a sync.

    Then I forgot about it till I received an email and remembered the short dream and sync.

    Thank you Shadowofwind.

    Chinese Year of the Snake

    below is part of the "show all"

    2013 is the year of The Water Snake

    expect a very different year to 2012 ...

    less adventurous and confrontational ...

    more subtle and slow in its pace.

    After a very Yang year, (2012) we will have a Yin year. The snake reacts to what the dragon starts, and disputes and problems may be resolved by the snake's astuteness and wisdom.


    Mine is the wisdom of the Ages
    I hold the key to life
    And as I turn the pages
    Behold my lightning strike
    Casting my seeds on fertile ground*
    The serpent of legend and reknown
    Cold and ruthless is my way
    Purposeful and constant every day
    Classically cool and so serene
    Of all I survey I am the Queen
    I finish what the dragon starts
    Igniting well his fiery sparks

    You know me now for I'm the snake
    Twisting and turning (my dream) through every shape
    Unrelenting on I go
    And if I seem a little slow
    It is because I need to feel*
    The rhythm of the turning wheel
    To shed my skin and be reborn
    And triumph in another dawn
    For I'm the deep and karmic sign*
    Wanderer through Eternal Time
    In times of trouble call on me
    The conqueror of adversity
    Tenacious in my every deed
    In everything I must succeed
    Sceptical and secretive
    I know no other way to live

    Mine is the wisdom of the Ages
    I hold the key to life
    And as I turn the pages
    Behold my lightning strike.

    words and music by chris roughan 1993
    based on Theodora Lau's "The Snake"

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