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    iky Pigs

    by , 03-02-2013 at 04:56 AM (433 Views)
    iky Pigs

    can't get rid of last moments of dream so I hope by posting it will make sense. "Sticky Pig". First, a woman gives me a double fold card 1 ft high by 2 ft wide, of a Blue Stone house on blues stone street, no front yard at all, and high side steps. I take it and open it, and look at it.

    Second, I see trampoline at Bedervale, Braidwood and get on for som bouncing.

    Third I look around the Homestead. It is sold and empty. I guy says it will cost 12-15 thousand dollars to strip back to wood floors. I say "only to cover with carpet". I explore rooms and as I leave I notice I am carrying a saucer with a blue picture on it. I say "Oh," then I put it down near a woman because I didn't mean to steal it.

    Fourth, there was unusual pigs. they intelligent pets but slimy. I see they're a bit slimy and don't want to pet them. But I can't resist petting one. His skin is pink, a little bit hairy but sticky. Then he turns and lifts his front leg wanting me to rub his tummy. I wake.

    What's the significence of an irrisitable, iky, sticky, intelligent, pet pig? Thete were a group of 4 or 5 of them. (unts).

    I'll look for iky pig Youtubes

    House piggy with painted toes

    14-Sept-2012 uploaded now 23,695 views

    I got to thinking that finding some thing irrisistable then its iky.

    Then I thought I'd take up the study of math.

    Mother TIGER adopts Pigsets

    (1:02) 1,123,118 views

    Ok, I went loo and on loo I remember that in Chinese Astrology both mum and I are Pigs (born in the Year of the pig).
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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Cute micro pig

      Cute Micro Pig - YouTube
      (2:14) uploaded on the 4th of July 2012, 68,648 views

      This pig is on "polished floor boards". Polished floor boards featured in my dream.

      I love the interaction with Daisy the labby and the kitty kat too.


      You will love this one.

      Dreaming BoBo kitten. (101)

      Dreaming BoBo Kitten - YouTube
      (1:01) Uploaded by FaqYouTB on 22-Nov-2010 (570,320 views now)