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    1. #200: Hash

      by , 08-27-2016 at 02:10 AM
      I'm in the middle of joining a hash event. I think we're outside and it's definitely already dark. There's quite a number of people. At some point someone starts leading the event and becomes the centre of attention. He decides that tonight (or just for now), we're gonna figuratively piss on one of the guys. I don't remember his exact phrasing, but he did mention that the guy was gay. This makes me uncomfortable. We always make fun of each other, but to really put attention on this guy's sexual orientation makes it feel to me as if we're picking on him cause of that.

      Not sure anymore what happened in the mean time, but the gay guy isn't wearing a shirt anymore. He either asked me where I'm from, or he already could tell I was Dutch. We continue talking in Dutch. He's got a blue marker and he's asked me to draw something on his back. Are you kidding me? Why don't I have anything to draw right now?! And why don't I have any drawing skills?! Another guy takes over and on pretty much the entire left part of his back, he draws a massive dick. He puts attention to getting some details in, veins and what not.
      Tags: dutch, hash
    2. #198: Supermarket

      by , 08-25-2016 at 03:29 AM
      I have bought an AH supermarket together with one of my best friends. Man what a foolish idea. Itís our very first day of running it. As soon as the customers start dropping in, I already feel overwhelmed. We have too many customers for just the two of us to handle. Throughout the dream, suddenly new employees start popping up. I guess my friend hired them. This thing might actually work.

      For the largest part of the dream, Iím behind the register. At one point Iíve squeezed myself behind a very tiny register. Iím working alongside two teenage looking girls. After a while I notice that my friend is the only white employee.

      One of the last things to happen is a teenage boy employee ask me some questions about sweeping the floor. I actually have to give this kid an explanation of how to sweep a floor..!

      Ľ Iím moving out of some place. Together with a few friends, Iím packing all of my stuff. The place is quite big and littered with the belongings of my former housemate.

      Ľ Iím living together with 1 - 3 friends.
    3. #197: Birds / Flood / India

      by , 08-23-2016 at 03:23 AM
      I'm at my aunt's house together with my cousin. She has quite a collection of animals/pets. The only ones I can really recall are two parakeet looking birds in a white cage. One of them is yellow, the other blue/green. I take them out of their cage. The window is a little bit open, which concerns me, but since their wings have been clipped, they can't fly too far. I think there may have also been a ceiling fan which was turned on. The birds fly around a bit and eventually one of them does go out of the window and sits on the outside part of the window sill. I can't reach him, because the window is only opened at the top. Luckily the bird comes flying back in. There's also a point where the yellow bird just drops from high almost all the way to the ground. I catch it before it hits the ground. A bit later that bird starts having a nosebleed and my cousin asks me what I did. We both become worried. I tell her exactly what happened. Hmm, I guess this is what it's like for a human to be caught by a Transformer mid fall: too rough.

      I'm at my mom's house. There's a flood on the balcony. At first it's ok, but eventually it does manage to enter the house through the closed balcony door. I ask my little brother and some other guy (my dormmate?) who is present in the house to help me out. I want to start scooping the water away with buckets. My plan is not to scoop here inside, but to scoop the water away from the balcony, so that it won't go inside anymore. It takes a while to convince the others to get into action. I myself need to get dressed first, as I think I just showered. I was still wearing a towel. By the time we spring into action, the water is already gone. I notice a bit later on that one of the neighbours on the floor above us is sweeping water from his balcony. Apparently the flood affected him as well. But how? The water level was not that high...

      I've got an incoming call from my ex girlfriend. Unexpected. It's a whatsapp call and somehow it tags her location the same way that a statusupdate on FB would do. She's in India. The hell. For a moment I consider that India is not really the safest place for a woman to be on her own. I quickly find out that she's with her boyfriend though. Ok that's cool then. I don't remember what the conversation was about.
      Tags: bird, family, phone
    4. #196: Hunting

      by , 08-22-2016 at 05:14 AM
      I remember being in a forest with another guy. I think it was snow covered, though Iím not certain. Weíre hunting. Iím using a shotgun type of weapon. At one point I finally see a deer. I aim at it and start to move in closer, hiding behind the pickup truck. Thereís no way Iíll get it. Why the hell am I hunting with a shotgun? I fire some shots, but nothing happens. I donít hit anything, I donít notice any recoil, there is no loud bang that scares the deer. A bit further down thereís a wolf I think, which is being helped by a guy with a car. The wolf (and its kid or something?) are injured. The guy gets them into his car and drives off with them, presumably to a hospital. Another wolf exits a cave. I want to shoot it at first, but I decide not to. It comes close to me and Iím afraid for just a split second it will attack me, but it doesnít. Itís beautiful. I want him as a pet.
      Tags: hunting
    5. #195: Beach / FA

      by , 08-22-2016 at 05:11 AM
      Just a fragment of what happened. Iím at a mall I believe. Iím in a different city in Indonesia. Iím with the motorcycle, outside and with two female Indonesian friends. One of them is on the back of my motor, the other is driving a different motor. We drive whatís supposed to be an hour to the beach Pangandaran, but taking mere seconds. We donít have that much time so we just take a quick look, not even getting of our motors and making a u turn. I remember there being something to the right that I wanted to explore, but at that moment I already couldnít remember what it was, so I just let it go. On the beach are two of my friendu. There is quite some fog, but there is something spectacular to see, though I canít recall what exactly. On the way back I see my friend that was riding with me from the back. Sheís wearing a blue/green hijab. She looks pretty.

      Had a FA where I was sitting at a table with an Indonesian and an American friend. My Indonesian friend had her Macbook out, so I decided to take it for a moment to take notes of the previous dream in Dutch. I did it in Dutch on purpose so that no one would understand. There were some key phrases that allowed my American friend to properly guess the story line.
    6. #194: Map

      by , 08-20-2016 at 02:17 AM
      The details are a bit vague. I'm travelling, though I'm mostly just seeing a map top-down. It's vaguely like the view of the old Pokemon games. I'm travelling in my city in Indonesia at first. The map is incomplete. It's cut off at the left and right. Eventually the map does change and I travel some more I guess. At one point I'm able to see Manila on the map. On the map, it is below my city and it's quite small. In the dream, people have told me that it is not really a special city and it's quite small. Still, I wanna see it, just so I can say that I've been to the Philippines. When I look at the map again, the location has changed. It is now somewhere way further down and it's a tiny island. It's just north of an area called the Spanish Antilles. There's an area called the Spanish Antilles? I guess that makes sense, the ABC islands do have a Spanish ring to them. But no.. those are the Dutch Antilles.
      Tags: travel
    7. #193: Olympics

      by , 08-15-2016 at 03:16 AM
      I'm at an indoor swimming pool. I'm participating in an event which has got an Olympic vibe to it. I'm in a team of not sure how many people. Perhaps 4 or 5. We're competing against another team to our right. At the moment that the dream started, I already made it to the other side of the pool and I'm standing on the edge. The event consists out of swimming to the other side and then climbing a tall ladder up out of the water. We're down to our last guy, a man who has already turned grey. He goes from one side of the pool to the other side underwater. I wonder for a moment if that's ok and the judge says it is. While he's climbing the ladder another judge starts shouting something about having to stop. My team member stops, but it is a judge at another event. I tell my member this in Dutch and yell for him to continue. He does, but after a while he doesn't have the strength anymore. I lift the ladder for a bit, wanting to just yank it up together with the guy. I ask the judge if that is cool, but apparently it's not. I put the ladder back down. The guy wants to recharge a bit by swimming in vertical circles underwater. Meanwhile there's a kid competing in the other team, whom is getting help from his team members. They're dragging him across the water in a plastic tub. I start complaining to the judge, who is underwater himself and doesn't notice, nor really cares. I think in the end they win and I get frustrated. There's a volleyball laying at the edge of the water and I think about kicking it away. I don't.

      Still in the same area, a lot of people are now sitting on bleachers, including me. A white woman, I think part of the organisation, is giving a speech. I don't recall the exact comparison, but she likens something about this event, a very trivial aspect of it, to the Black Lives Matter movement. I call out bullshit. Shortly after a lot of people raise their index-, middle- and ring finger to the sky, kinda similar to the Hunger Games. I hear the same Mockingjay tune.

    8. #192: Lots of fragments

      by , 08-13-2016 at 02:33 AM
      It's mostly fragments that I remember.

      Ľ I'm somewhere with a large crowd. It may be a bar. There's a band performing. The music is great and there's a lot of dancing going on. I'm loving it. I'm with some friends, though I can't recall who, besides my friend Sil. She is kinda annoying me. She wants to have my attention the whole time, but I feel like she is just stringing me along. She knows she's hot and wants the confirmation, but that's it. It's annoying me and I just want to enjoy the awesome music, so I ignore her. At one point there is a drum. It sounds great.

      Ľ There's some event inside a building. Perhaps inside the bar as well. There's quite a crowd, but in the middle there's a mostly empty circle. I can't see it clearly cause there are people in the way, but there's a game going on. Whoever manages to balance on one leg the longest wins.. something. There are now 4 people left. There's one white Dutch guy, dressed kinda hip-hop, who continuously switches legs, but always stays on one leg. After a while he decides that it's not worth it to compete for so long for this price. He gives in. There's something about his shoes. I think they are sneakers with wings on them.

      Ľ There's an inside area with lots of exactly the same objects. They are moveable. I use it to train some parkour. Two other parkour athletes show up and start getting in my way. I don't feel so comfortable anymore.

      Ľ There's some type of diving competition going on. A guy has made a jump from up high into a swimming pool, but he is not satisfied, so he wants to redo it. He has to climb up a wall out of the pool, leading to the platform. This is already his 4th or 5th attempt and he cramps up. He falls. The digital scoreboard displays a 37. I think that's the amount of cm he managed to get up, which is a bad score. His previous one way 1m something. I really hope for him that it's not 'last score counts'.

      Ľ I'm with my mom, sitting at the dinner table with her in her living room. For some reason we're having an argument. I really disagree with something she said. I think it was something that put me in a bad light.
    9. #191: Pokemon / Live hash

      by , 08-12-2016 at 02:09 AM
      The details of these dreams are quite vague.

      There's a garbage truck. I may be part of the crew. It's driving around inside a very big building. A school? The scenario stays the same, but the plot changes to me and some others hunting Pokemon. I think I'm wearing a Ghostbusters shirt. I feel quite stupid, going around with my phone like this held out in front of me. There are a lot of people doing the same. At some point I pass a few people who look like a team, all wearing the same orange shirt.

      Live hash
      I'm participating in an event. It's mostly inside a big parking structure. There's two people, a girl and a guy I haven't seen or talked to in many years, whom we need to catch. They are ahead of us and we're following the trail laid out by them. The movements it requires to catches up to them are predominantly parkour based.

      There was some other stuff. Me talking to various people and having to do some stuff.
      I woke up feeling like I really needed to contact a few people, but I couldn't remember who or why.
    10. #190: Sultana Phone / Promo girl

      by , 08-10-2016 at 03:37 AM
      Sultana phone
      I'm in my mom's house, in her living room. It's still a bit dark. There's a bed and I'm lying on it. I'm using my phone. I just bought it off a family member for 200 (whichever currency) It's an iPhone which is slightly newer than my old 4S, but still not that new. It has the appearance of a Sultana cookie. The keyboard is messed up. There are different colours for groups of keys. There is a static part and then there is a dynamic part, where the letter that appears on the key depends on which letter was last typed. It seems to be a helpful prediction tool, but I hate the shit out of it. I need to change this setting later. A family member, not sure who, asks to borrow my phone so that he can text my cousin. Sure, hang on. I go to my whatsapp and then to our conversation. I also invert the colours back to normal. I hand over my phone. I move a bit down on the bed and my family member sits down, half on my chest. Dude! That's me your sitting on. He gets up. Heavy guy, I can still feel it in my chest. Next thing I walk to the kitchen with my phone, where my mom is. I show her my phone. Who thought of this design? This is not durable at all.

      Promo girl
      I'm in a big chain electronics store with my mom. There's some type of prize competition going on, where you can win stuff. My mom has a misprinted.. whatever it is. The moment the male employee (super polite) mentions this, she starts acting all greedy and demands a prize. It's embarrassing really. I drag her out of the store and give her a lecture. She wants to go back in again. I tell her that just because there was a misprint doesn't mean she can automatically claim a prize. She has her mind set on a microwave. I ask her what she would do with it anyway. We already have 2. What's the point? Stop acting like this. I drag her to a bench and sit her down. I continue lecturing her and point a folder in her face while doing so. Super rude, but necessary.

      Shortly after, 2 or 3 cigarette promo girls pass [that's a thing in Indonesia]. The first girl is Liza from my old high school. She has a red/white/blue outfit. Next are 1 or 2 Indonesian girls in a red/white outfit. A girl approaches me. There are two people standing to my left, whom are part of my group, though I can't remember who they are. I believe they are female though, causing the girl to decide to try to approach me. The girl is now a white girl with dark blonde hair and very cute. She whispers something in my left ear. It takes me a few tries to understand it. First of all cause I was expecting Indonesian, second because my mom is blaring through it. After realising that the girl is speaking in Dutch, I somehow expected her to say something about Liza. Instead, she mentions that I give excellent parties. There is a party going on around us. I tell her that I'm not sure whether I should take the compliment or admit that it's not my party.

      There were a few FA's where I made notes for this dream.

      Also had a very disturbing dream where I saw my little brother eat his own poop just for fun. Nearly made me puke
      Tags: family, phone
      non-lucid , false awakening
    11. #187: Homework

      by , 08-03-2016 at 03:30 AM
      I'm sitting in a library. There are three computer workdesks standing right next to each other. I'm sitting at the right one. There is something using the middle one. It's a guy. He's quite talkative. At some point I mention that I really need to focus on my work. A while later my classmate Kristen is using the left one. The guy meanwhile keeps going on and on with distracting me. Eventually I throw him, black chair and all, to the ground. He's lying on his back, still in the chair. Perhaps I even threatened him. The guy leaves. I get back in position and fiddle with an orange highlighter for a while. I explain my burst of violence by stating that I already mentioned that I need to get this done. I don't want to dole too long on an explanation though, cause else my classmate may think it's weird that I would go to such lengths to get some peace, only for me to continuously keep talking myself.

      The wall in front of me is made out of glass, so I can see the guy come walking back together with my old mathematics teacher. Damn. This is gonna drag out. Plus, since this is America, the guy might sue. They come back in and I just pretend not to be aware of their presence, continuing my homework in my paper notebook. I'm not sure if the teacher actually said something. A bit later Eminem is rapping. Somehow it's supposed to relate to me. I can't remember which song it was. I keep working, but eventually interrupt him. I tell him that he's one of my favourite rappers, that is one of my favourite songs and the part he just did is my favourite part of that song, but I've got homework to finish and he is so awesome that I'm focusing on the music instead of on my homework.
    12. #186: Garden

      by , 08-01-2016 at 03:04 AM
      I'm in the same big garden where I really was a few days ago, with a lot of people for an event. Somewhere in the garden I suddenly hear a sound. I don't remember what it sounded like, but upon looking it turned out that a fan had just dropped to the ground. It's a bit distorted due to the impact. Some people have already gathered around it. I think about going there as well, but what's the purpose. I walk the other way. In the mean time I start to think about how crazy it is that Snoop Dogg, this laid back stoner who says nigga all the time, is working for NASA as an engineer. I walk over to my friend Frank, who is playing an addictive reaction based game on his phone. We get to talking and he wants me to have a go at the game. I tell him I'm avoiding it, cause I know I'll be addicted to improving my own score.

      A little bit later, my friend Re is here as well. We're sitting down with Frank. We get to talking about his girlfriend. He uses a different name than from what I was expecting, which throws me off for a moment. The conversation moves to a type of Skype programme. Re's pc is standing on the desk right next to me. I press the Windows key to make the search pop up and start looking for this programme. Totally not an invasion of privacy... In the end my friend San is there as well, and FIFA is booted. I quickly use the username "M", not wanting to bother to use an actual name. I then get to choose the level of difficulty. I think it may have been set in Dutch.
    13. #185: Papua / Guard

      by , 07-30-2016 at 03:28 AM
      I'm talking to a dark skinned girl. She has quite short, black hair. I had a reason for talking to her. I think she was behind the counter somewhere. I started talking to her in Indonesian, but apparently she doesn't really speak it that well yet. She tells me in English that she often gets confused for Papuan and that she doesn't like it. I tell her that I understand the feeling, cause it happens to me all the time as well. My skin is lighter than hers though.

      I'm outside of what is supposed to be my dorm. It's a sunny day. I am about to walk into the direction of the building. The guard whom often looks grumpy is sitting outside. He's got the near empty tube of showergel in his hands that I threw out yesterday. Really? He took it from the trash so that he could salvage that little bit? I walk past him and he asks me a question about why I'm moving rooms. He asks me in Indonesian and I explain it to him in Indonesian. I tell him about the dog that's always barking and that someone else living on the other side of the hallway can never hear the dog, so I'm hoping to solve my problems like that.

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    14. #184: With Sil / Gas foot

      by , 07-29-2016 at 03:03 AM
      With Sil
      I'm driving my motor with my friend Sil on the back. At some point we switch and she is driving. There is some weirdness going on for a moment, where there are suddenly two motorbikes and I am making a switch from one where I'm solo to getting on the back of the one she is driving. I think for a moment what to do with the discarded motorbike and then decide that it's all good. In my mind it's suddenly all solved. There's also something about the helmets. There's only 1? I don't know. We pull over at an Indomaret. I think it's already dark out. I park in the back and we walk past some friends, without talking to them. They've all got a junkie look on them. Wearing hoodies and pacing about in the dark area of the terrain.

      Next thing Sil and I are at a Mexican looking restaurant. We sit down at a table. The floor is made of sand, which gives a nice vibe. Sil asks me to send a message to our whatsapp to let our friends know where the party is going to be at tonight. I remember the lady from the restaurant coming over to tell me the name of the restaurant. It's 4 words, in Indonesian. All I can remember is the last word, "Minyak" --> Oil. She calls me 'pinter' --> smart, for immediately figuring out how to spell it. I take a long time to craft the perfect message to the group, cause I want to make a joke. A few tables down is our friend Steve, who spots us. He joins us, sitting to my right side. For some reason I turn my head at one point, apparently hitting him in the face with my dreads. He complains about it. I let my hair down so it doesn't happen again. Sil asks what happened and I explain it to her.

      Gas foot
      I'm sitting at a table in a tiny restaurant. The setting is Indonesian. I'm with 5 others I think. I'm at one end of the table, at the other end is a guy who is apparently my friend. To my left is a girl. I'm not entirely sure, but I get the impression that it's my friend Fay. The others I can't recall. At another table is a guy, who seems a bit shady. He is Indonesian. We get to talking, though I don't remember whether it is in Dutch, English or Indonesian. It's about our ethnicity. I think he's not talking in Indonesian, cause he figures that most of us are half-half and don't speak it. I wonder what he thinks of me, considering that I'm not Indonesian. At some point he has a needle aimed at the base of his foot. It seems like he's going to shoot up. I can't look at this. To my left is my little brother. I don't want him to see this, as I don't want him to get any ideas. The guy takes a long time to do it, cause he's doubting himself as well. The needle is huge in its circumference. It turns out that he's not shooting up. He's doing it to let out gas from his body. The gas is the result of... don't remember.
    15. #183: Failed RC

      by , 07-25-2016 at 02:10 AM
      I'm in a RV camper. It's supposed to be my student home, which I share with some others. There's at least 1 girl and then there's the Turkish guy I used to live with in reality. I don't see them, but I have the knowledge that they also live here. I rummage around in the kitchen for a tiny bit, discovering a stash of guitar picks. Are these my friend's? He used to live here. At firs I think the girl has stolen them or something. Then I consider the option that she is also just a guitar player. I start rummaging around in the glove compartment, which is somewhere off to the left side, instead of in the front. My stuff is in here, mostly toiletries. I then notice another person's toothbrush and what not. Damnit. This is my compartment. First I think that it is the Turkish guy. Then I consider that I live on the 1st floor and he lives on the 2nd floor. Why would he stash his stuff down here? Then I consider that it's the new tenant's stuff, who needs to learn who has which space. I get out my toothbrush and my toothpaste (there's about 3 tubes in there now). I have to get an ant off my toothbrush. The camper is driving autonomously. I consider that I should just park it somewhere. I'm not going anywhere specific, so by just driving around it's wasting gas. Mere seconds later, on its own, the camper pulls up to an outdoor rest area where I can shower and brush my teeth. No way! It knew it had to do that? It can do that? I consider that I might be in a dream. I quickly try to insert a finger on my right hand into my left palm. It doesn't go through. Hmm..

      This is the first time in quite a long time that this check has failed me.
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