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    1. #218: Goblok anjing / Prison / Tornado / Shower / Police

      by , 11-27-2016 at 02:49 AM
      Goblok anjing
      I have arrived at my friend Andy's house at 2am. He's got a big house. I'm outside on the patio. It's dark outside. Andy isn't expecting me. I forgot for which purpose I came here. I'm also not sure anymore if I was willing to wake Andy up, or if I was going to have a look to see if he was still awake. There are 2 dogs on the patio. I assume them to be guard dogs, cause they start barking at me. They are both of a different breed, though I don't know which. One of them gets really close to me and is slightly frightening me. I know I should remain calm for the dog to be calm as well. The barking of the dog is starting to sound like words. It sounds as if (s)he is saying 'goblok anjing' [Indonesian swearwords]. I find it incredulous and fumble with my phone, which is old and slow, to get a video of it as proof. Meanwhile I hold my left hand out to keep the dog at bay a bit. It's got no respect for personal space. Eventually the dog takes my left hand into its mouth and starts biting lightly. I pull out.

      People start appearing from the house. Andy, other Andy, Rei.. Rei? What's he doing here? He tells me he is sleeping here. There's also a woman that I don't know. I explain the situation, which turns into social conversation. I tell Andy about his dog saying goblok anjing and he tells me he's aware of that. Someone looks at my (ring?) finger and discovers that there's a small wound on it from the dog. Damn. I have to go to the hospital. Well I don't need to go right away.. right?

      I'm in prison. I think I'm in for smuggling drugs, though I got framed. I assume someone put something in my big backpack. I'm in together with Hafiz and Bryan. There's a desk with a dude behind it. It's from the embassy of their country. Damn. I would really like one of those for my country right about now. I know I'm innocent and so far prison hasn't been that bad actually, but still...

      I'm out with my friend San somewhere. We're in a city and it's raining quite hard. We're trying to get from one place to another, mostly trying to take a route that puts a roof over our head. This is not always possible. At some point I have a yolo moment and just dash out to the next spot. Eventually we're taking shelter somewhere and see a tornado passing by fast. Ok. Staying in. There's not being a little bitch and there's not being an idiot. It's amazing to me that I just saw this happen. The tornado eventually becomes quite small (a few metres) and starts to terrorise the area that we are occupying right now.

      I'm in a room, which is supposed to be my room. I wanna take a shower, but my friend Linh is being annoying. My door can be opened quite easily, even when it's locked. He keeps on opening the door. Eventually Achmed walks by and.. idk. The scene changes a bit and it's now 3.. rugby (?) playing dudes who are in the same situation. Their coach walks by and the dude wanting to shower mentions the thing to the coach. I wonder how this is gonna go down. As expected, the coach expects his player to toughen up a bit.

      The scene has totally changed. There's some kind of dance routine going on I believe. The coach is lying down on the ground and has taken of his shirt, revealing a big beer belly and a very hairy body. He's shaved his upper body hair into the shape of a wifebeater. It looks slightly disturbing.

      I'm with Rei in the car. He just parked. Somehow I'm on the right side of the car and he is on the left side, even though he was driving. Either the steering wheel is on the wrong side or we're in the backseat now. I think the latter. A parking guy comes up to us asking for money. Rei gives it to him. Then there's a police officer with a tiny ugly mustache. He has a police id badge around his neck. He's asking for money too, but it's pure extortion. First he gets a bit of money, then he takes Rei's wallet out and takes IDR 100.000 from it. Damn. I've got my black backpack on my lap. Someone starts to open up my zipper to grab for my wallet. I wanna do something, but I can't really. The situation feels kinda rape-ish. I'm close to just handing my wallet over to end it, but the person can't find it and withdraws. Nice. We get out of the car and walk away, ready to cross the road. Rei gets called again by the cop, who wants more money. Rei tells me he stopped giving money cause he doesn't have that much. We start crossing the 2 lane road. Whoops, more traffic than I thought at first. We do make it safely to the other side.

      We come to the hostel, which is called Seven People Inn, but now has a temporary name sign, changing it to Five People Inn. Ah that means Tommie left? But what the hell? He was a guest. Are they gonna change the name every time they get new guests or they leave?

    2. #217: Vacation / Visa / fragments

      by , 11-26-2016 at 01:16 AM
      I'm in a vacation house / bungalow kinda thing. There's a toilet a few metres away from the front door. The toilet is out in the open and I'm using it. People keep walking by. To poop like this is one thing, but it's gonna be really weird to clean my butt with other people around. The water level is high, causing the area to be flooded. I'm still sitting on the toilet, but I'll have a floating turd issue later. Eventually I have a conversation while still on the toilet. Someone tells me about a job that he has found for a friend of mine. The job comes with housing and variable pay, depending on performance. The guy asks me if I know what that means and I say I do. He hands me a sheet of paper, maybe 2, with info on it. I take it, trying to keep it dry. I finish up on the toilet and don't even wash my butt. I'm in the water anyways. Floating turd. I try to push the water in a direction away from everyone. There's a little girl with her mom present.

      I enter the house and smell sausage. I walk into the kitchen and look around. For some reason I'm checking to see if all the stoves are off. Two of them are not. I turn them both off. More people enter the kitchen and I casually mention it to one guy, who becomes pissed off at 2 guys. He gives them a warning card. One more and they're out. Didn't I get one of those earlier on? I kinda dismissed it. Who is this guy to think that he can kick people out?

      There's a brown paper bag with bread in it and a mouse/rat. I take the bag, wanting to put it somewhere far away so that the mouse/rat won't bother us. I start walking away from the house. I'm careful of how I hold the bag, grabbing it lightly with my left hand. I don't want to get bitten, cause I might contract diseases. Eventually the mouse/rat almost escapes, so I just chuck the bag away.

      I have left Indonesia and went back home to the Netherlands, together with my mom. Now I'm lying/sitting on an L shaped couch, when suddenly I realise I have a major issue. I didn't get stamped out of the country. That means I'll be slapped with an enormous overstay if I ever enter the country again. What are my options? Perhaps I can arrange it here? No, I think I need to go back to Indonesia and do so before my visa expires. I need to do it before the 18th of December. Daaamn this is going to be expensive. Right before Christmas too. Somewhere during all this, my friend San walks in and sits down on the couch. He asks me what's up and I tell him I'm kinda busy with figuring out this stamp thing. He asks me questions, but this is really not the moment for it. I'm flipping through my passport to find my latest visa and stamp. Some pages are semi see through, which they are not supposed to be. They have a blue colour. Their appearance is slightly similar to a MYR 1 bill, though darker blue.

      Ľ I walk by a cupboard or something alike and see some pills for my friend Fer. It's her medication.

      Ľ I'm outside in the evening. I'm in a well known party street, I think on Bali. The place is deserted though. What the.. is it because it is a weekday? Nahh that shouldn't matter. Further down the road I do see something.

      Ľ My friend Fi asks me how I'm doing with the girls. I tell her nothing is going on.
    3. #216: Mudcrawl / batshit insane

      by , 11-25-2016 at 01:06 AM
      I'm somewhere outside, during daytime. I'm together with another person throughout some moments, while alone for some others. I'm standing in a muddy area. I'm walking carefully, sinking into the ground a bit all the time cause the ground is quite liquid. I'm trying not to get too dirty shoes. There's one moment where I'm standing still for a while and quite suddenly I sink up until maybe my knees, within 1 second. Great, standing still is also not an option anymore. I decide to tiger crawl, so as to divide my weight over a larger surface. I crawl past some sort of natural fountain. I turn blind for a while. Over exposure to sunlight? I continue crawling and then stop and wait for my vision to return. It takes a moment. In between I have a conversation with a friend, Fiona. It's been a long time since we last saw each other. Ow perhaps we'll see each other this Saturday? Ah wait, I'm meeting another friend this Saturday though.

      Batshit insane
      I'm with my friend Coco. She's having an argument over how much her clothes weigh with a guy. The guy is trying to overcharge her for the weight of her clothes. I butt in and say that if I can pack my big backpack and live out of it for 2 weeks and it's still only 7-8 kg, then there's no way these clothes are more. The guy doesn't reply. Eventually I go to the housekeeper and ask her in Indonesian if she has a weighing scale we can borrow. I don't know the word for weighing scale, so first I take a guess, and then I try to describe it. She tells me she got one in the room and to just bring by what needs to be weighed. I go back to Coco to let her know. She's already arranged some whacky bet, where she will play baseball while blindfolded. There's not even enough room here for her to swing her bat without destroying something. There's also motorcycles all around. They've all been chained together with a few long chains, as protection against thieves. I take a look.. despite my bike being a crappy, not worth so much bike, it's still chained up as well.
    4. #215: Late

      by , 11-24-2016 at 02:22 AM
      I'm somewhere on Bali. I'm with one white male friend, though I forgot who. It may have been San. There are also some other people. At first I'm talking with two other guys I think. I've packed my suitcase a tiny bit, but still need to do a lot. We were doing something unrelated to packing for a while. Then I look at an analogue clock and see the time. If I remember correctly, it was close to noon. It is already way too late. I'm gonna miss my flight! I start packing everything real quickly and in a panicky way.

      Somewhere along the dream I start looking for my boarding pass, which is already printed. I panic some more because I can't find it. Eventually I do find it, but then lose it again. At first I'm happy that I'm already checked in, because that will save me quite some time and maybe allow me to catch my plane. Then I realise that I have baggage that needs to be checked in as well, so it doesn't matter that I'm already checked in. Damn.

      An intermezzo into a different dream situation. I'm standing in front of Fer's room together with San. I knock on the door and within a second San opens it. Dude.. you're supposed to wait... Fer is on her bed and scrambles to cover herself with the blanket. Somehow a bit later, Fer is gone and I'm in the room with San. He starts messing through her stuff. I tell him to stop. This is not his business and we have things to do. He keeps going. I don't understand why he is acting so weird.

      At some point I finally order a gojek [motorcycle taxi]. I should've done so way earlier. Stupid. I'm surprised to find out that when the gojek arrives, the driver is a woman. My baggage now consists of a small and a big backpack. For some reason my friend and I have switched big backpacks. I'm not sure how I'm handling my small backpack. I get on the back of the bike. There's a boy sitting on the bike as well. It's 3 of us on one bike, me at the back. I'm the only one wearing a helmet, which I consider fair as I have the most chance of falling off. We stop at a supermarket for a bit.
    5. #214: Travel fragment

      by , 10-22-2016 at 03:41 AM
      I'm travelling around somewhere with some people. I think it may be Lombok, but I'm not sure of that. Eventually the map of the island that I'm looking at is Bali, though it's also something different at other points. My group backtracks a part of what we've already done on motorcycles.

      At one point I may be on another island again. I'm driving my motor straight down a road. Eventually I come across a middle aged white couple, which has a house here. I wonder how they've managed that, considering that only Indonesians are allowed to own land. We end up talking for a bit and within a minute or so, they offer my friend and I a place to stay. I thank them for it, but let them know that we already have a place. I may take them up on it on my way back. A bit further down the conversation, my friend San starts to make racist black comments. I quickly tell him that I don't like them. It doesn't take long for him to continue making the comments anyway. I become quite dominant and tell him that I do not like these 'jokes.'
    6. #213: Live hash

      by , 10-16-2016 at 12:57 AM
      I'm in Bali, participating in a Hash run. I'm the hare, meaning that I'm setting the run. I don't remember much from this part of the dream. After that, I'm together with a group of people. We're just chilling and talking. Then it's time for the hash to start. At first I join the hounds in running the track. I stay in 2nd or 3rd position, as I have set the track and don't want to give away the directions. After running for just a little bit, I realise that I'm not supposed to run at all. A bit further down the dream, I realise that the run I set was incomplete. There was a great start with beautiful scenery, but that was it. I go down there to explain to the hounds that I got distracted by chilling with them. We decide to turn it into a live hash. I grab a bottle of water and a white bag with papers to set the trail.

      At first a 30 minute head start sounds good, but that's not how much I'm getting. We're in some kind of gym. I'm going to be the hare along with a girl, who is later (Super) Mario. We first have to score a goal in a football match that's going on, before we can continue down to the door opening in the back, which is completely dark. The hashers first have to swim a section, then jump over some obstacle and eventually they will catch up to us. I instruct them to only start once we've scored the goal, but they start too early a couple of times. I warn them that if another person starts too early, they all do an extra lap of swimming. They all start too early again. They do their lap. Meanwhile my partner scores the goal, shooting the ball softly (kinda lame) at the goal. It inches by the keeper, who doesn't move. We run for the dark door opening and enter another room. I want to take a door to the right, but my partner wants to go straight to the emergency exit. I had already dropped some paper, so I have to kinda reshuffle that. We exit and turn right. There are vertical steel handle bars on the walls, allowing one to climb onto the roof. At least that's what Mario is trying to do, but he can't get up. I jump over him and make it up there, no problem, in the mean time dropping some paper. There's a male police officer on the roof, who is not too happy with my presence. I panic a bit and go up another level. I think at this point I get caught, or the excitement of it all wakes me up.
      Tags: hash, indonesia
    7. #210: Oh ow / Damn son / Keyboard motorcycle

      by , 09-13-2016 at 12:52 AM
      Oh ow
      Iím in my room, texting a girl called Mel. I think itís my room at my momís house. Iím not sure whose idea it is, but we want to meet up. I tell her she can come by. I chill for a moment, knowing fully well that I will regret chilling, as I still have a lot of cleaning up to do before she arrives. She suddenly texts me that she is already on the way and will be there in a few minutes. Fuck. See! I gotta make this room presentable. I dash all over the place to make it happen. Meanwhile she also texts me that she has had a beer or 2 and not to take advantage of it. Ok.

      Iím standing in an elevator with a girl that went to the same elementary school as me. I kinda pretend I donít recognise her so I donít have to talk. She strikes up a conversation about how much we have (not) changed. Iím casually leaning against the wall, facing the door. I turn around to look into the mirror to have a look at us both. The door opens. I let her get out first. (Interesting intermezzo?)

      The setting is different. Iím at a university building. Itís more of a bar type of setting though. This is supposed to be (or look like) one of the buildings of the uni of Amsterdam. Mel texts me to ask for the location. I tell her something, though I canít remember what. I assume to tell her where I am. After a bit my ex girlfriend shows up, looking a bit sad. Fuck! Whatís she doing here? She should be halfway around the world. I feel an urge to talk to her to check how sheís doing, but I fear Iím the last person she wants to talk to right now. I try to avoid her, make it so she doesnít see me. Then Mel shows up. Really?! This close to each other. Come on man. Mel tells me that she came here by riding my ex girlfriendís bicycle. The two of them know each other? Just perfect. Eventually my ex does spot me. Iím not entirely sure what happened anymore, but I do remember that I imagine doing something to her. Driving her into a corner and.. slapping her with my shoe? Not sure anymore.

      Damn son
      Iím watching a police stop go down. Itís inside the porch of a building. Thereís a suspect in the left corner on the ground, whom I can barely see. Thereís a male police officer (black guy I think) and one or two more other people. Thereís an animal thatís supposed to help the police, sorta like a police dog, but more like a police.. rat? The main cop, which is the black guy, picks it up and orders another younger white guy to take care of it. The animal is way too vicious towards the suspect, canít have that. The suspect starts heading towards the opening of the porch slowly under some false pretence and eventually makes a run for it towards his car 20 metres down and gets in on the right side. He does something with the dashboard, donít remember what. Whatever he did, me and someone else are cheering him on. Well played. Whatever charge the cops had has just become invalid and they now need another reason to arrest him. His car was already neatly parked but for some reason he re-parks it, actually doing a shitty job now. Heís partially parked on a spot where youíre not allowed to park. Also his car is much bigger now. Like he went from a Volkswagen to a SUV. Both black models. The cop is now Ice Cube. Iím a neutral bystander, but we give each other a smirk cause we both know the guy is fucked once he exits.. which he does. Ice Cube immediately attempts to arrest him, but the guy resists. Eventually the suspect is Ice Cubeís son. Thereís some shooting. Ice Cube gets on the driver side of a white truck to get some cover. He gets shot at from inside the truck it seems.. though it also seems fake. He takes a lot of shots without getting hurt. This happens two times. By now his son thinks weíre messing with him. Eventually his son gets into a police or ambulance car and drives off. I run along the passenger side and manage to open the rear door. Just barely, as the vehicle was speeding up and getting away from me. Itís Ďmiracleí that I managed to get it. I lean over. I consider pulling the handbrake but that seems foolish. I pull out the key instead. The suspect gets out a gun and I feel like Iím fucked. A few seconds later heís got his hands on the roof of a car cause heís getting arrested by Ice Cube and.. Kevin Hart? The gun is also on the roof though and heís getting close. I stab him through the arm, just off his hand, with the key, while quoting a Cube lyric. I get a ďdamn sonĒ look. I just turned from nerdy to having proven myself, in the same way that a nerdy white character proves himself to black gangsters in a comedy.

      Keyboard motorcycle
      Iím riding a motorcycle. The controls are pretty messed up. Itís a manual and instead of kicking up, I switch gears by pressing buttons on a sort of keyboard. I have to hold control and another button. I think at least, cause Iím not sure what Iím doing. I also have to then type the number of the gear I want to go into, meaning I have to remember which gear Iím in at all times. I pull up at a traffic light.
    8. #209: Artist

      by , 09-12-2016 at 04:12 AM
      Writing this down a few hours later. Think it would've made a memorable dream if I had written it down immediately.

      I'm in a room. It's the studio of an artist. A painter of sorts I think. He is... eccentric. He also runs a weed business from within this room. He has just hired his girlfriend to help him, but he's complaining about everything she does. He's giving her instructions: this joint you light before handing it over, this one you just hand over, this particular weed you give this much of, and so on. He's complaining that his previous employee was great. I feel bad for his girlfriend.

      This artist has made an art work on a canvas for me. Not entirely sure if everything was painted on. He just finished and is now taking a break, relaxing on some beanie bag type of thing. The artist can still edit the art work, but he's put so much effort into it that I feel bad about it. He's also hinting strongly that it would be a lot of work. I'm not really satisfied with the work though. A second painting will come after his break. I show the first one (or the second one?) to my non-existent girlfriend. I think it's a painting of her, but she doesn't recognise it and I'm kinda shy to tell her for some reason. Not sure what happened, but I think she got mad and it was the final straw. We broke up on the spot. She stayed inside with the artist and I went outside. The girlfriend also went outside. Outside the door is the first time I really take a look at her. She's wearing short heels and something with bare legs. She's pasty white. Somewhere along the dream some chemistry starts evolving between us.
      Tags: weed
    9. #208: Fragments

      by , 09-09-2016 at 03:43 AM
      Ľ I'm a spectator. I see the tarmac of an airport from the side. Meanwhile I hear an explanation being given. There's a sort of rocket ship, with a plane attached on top of it. It's taking off, but at a slow pace. The explanation is that the Dutch rapper Sevn Alias has funded/invented this. It allows for a plane to take off cheaper and faster than with the currently accepted method. The rocket ship flies slowly above water, to my surprise dives in, resurfaces and then the plane detaches and takes off. The rocket ship stays put for a bit, before flying back, using vertical thrusters. That was.. an usual way to take off. Also, is Sevn Alias really already that rich that he can afford this?!

      Ľ This dream is all over the place. I'm near an airport and see an Indonesian girl working at an office. She's not satisfied with her job, because her boss gave a crazy assignment. She has to write a certain number of pages on a topic, which she considers a crazy amount. She is wearing a black skirt and a striped shirt. The office is open, as in no walls. Somehow the info reaches me that I will be taking a trip to Maluku. I think it's business, because it will be paid for. I look up flight information. The quickest flight has 1 stopover. The total flight time is 24 hours. What the hell?! It's quicker to fly back to the Netherlands. Also I think I will shit my pants if I have to fly for 24 hours, considering Indonesia's poor safety record.

      Ľ I'm sitting in my dormitory living room, together with a few guys. We're eating grapes. I take 3, one of them smaller than the other two. I start juggling them, to the amusement of the other guys.

      Ľ I'm in a street in the Netherlands. I'm in the old car of my ex' brother. I'm not sure what I did exactly anymore. Park it all over the place?

      Ľ It's night and I'm with my cousin and my little brother. My brother and I are inside a vehicle that's seems like a crossover between a double decker bus and a rolling restaurant. Downstairs is the 'restaurant' section, upstairs I think the bedrooms and what not. I've pretty much locked up for the night. My cousin shows up. We talk for a while. He's planning to go somewhere. I think I tell him to be responsible and don't stay out too late, or something along those lines. At the end of the dream the vehicle is out of control. It keeps moving down the street towards an intersection and no matter how hard I try to break, it keeps going. Eventually we collide with a car. Fuck.

      If I dream about cars they rarely/never seem to have functional brakes.
    10. #207: Bookshop

      by , 09-08-2016 at 04:16 AM
      I'm somewhere in a city, together with a white girl my age. We seem to be spies and we're a team. Perhaps we are also in a relationship, though I'm not sure about that. We're about to start our mission. We've definitely done something similar before, because as we start I even say something like "here we go again" in English. We're a few metres above street level and jump a bit down onto a brown wooden walkway (which I think wasn't meant to be a walkway) to cross the road. On this side of the road are a bunch of shops, in a neat row, like any shopping street. The building style is quite old, gothic perhaps. There's grey concrete pillars and presumably arches about 2 metres in front of the shops. We take care cause we spot a police officer outside and there's another one inside one of the shops. Both of them are white, one male, one female. I think it was the female who was still outside. We hide behind one of the pillars. We're right in front of a bookshop and we decide to go in, I think for information. The bookstore is well lighted, everything is bright. It's a neat place. I get a bit distracted by my passion for books. We look around, trying to be inconspicuous. They are having a sale. Every single book is 9 ... euro's? Pounds? Not sure. 9. As far as I remember, only the owner of the shop was present. She reminds me of a university lecturer I had.. or perhaps it's her. A white woman in her 40s with slightly curly hair. I'm not sure of the colour anymore. My partner and I only look, never touching any of the books. We're standing at a low bookcase near the window. My partner decides to go outside to view the books in the window. She gives me a look. I don't remember what type of look. Not to get distracted perhaps? I walk around the bookshop and once I've reached the final bookcase, I let out a small sigh. The owner, who is behind a round counter, responds to it. Something along the lines of "can't find what you're looking for?" I respond with "you must've heard that sigh a lot." She starts asking me about my book preferences so that she can help me out. I tell her that I'll read a lot of things. The last things I've read are fantasy books though. She is a bit uncertain, but finally decides to show me two books. I don't remember the first one (or perhaps the second one). The one that I do remember is a gigantic book. It's got a blue cover. At one point it's open on the very last page and I see a price that says "0.09". I know it's meant to be a price of 9 ... whatever currency. The girl is now back as well and we go through the pages, flipping carefully towards the front. There's no text. It's all paintings. At one point I see a painting of a man's face that a friend of mine made a year ago, only this is much bigger. I'm surprised by this. Did my friend's work get published somehow? Did she just copy paint an existing painting? We continue flipping. Dragon. Some of the pages are torn and the lady says we have to be careful. People have been mishandling this book, causing some tears along the lines of the paint. I like this book, especially considering it's price. There's no way I can take it with me though. I start anticipating a sales pitch from the woman. I anticipate that she will suggest home delivery. Even then, it would take up too much space in my room.
      Tags: bookshop, english, spy
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. #206: Politics

      by , 09-07-2016 at 04:26 AM
      I'm in one room together with my mom and Len, a Dutch friend. My mom is seated on a chair close to a wall. My friend is also seated on a chair. I'm either seated or standing up. I remember there being a window, showing daylight. My mom is talking on the phone in Dutch. I'm talking to my friend. I don't recall how, but we've come to the topic of politics. He asks me for my opinion on a specific aspect of the democratic system. I don't remember the exact question. I explain that I think that direct democracy was probably the best system in the days of the old Greeks, but that right now it can't work. I'm also not satisfied with the current system though. We end up discussing 18th - 19th century philosophers. My mom gets off the phone for a few seconds to say something. Mid sentence I say something like "yes mother, go ahead". I remember being satisfied with my ability to transition that smoothly. I don't remember if I was satisfied switching topics/attention so smoothly or switching languages. My mom says something like that she hopes I won't be discussing this all the time with her. I tell her that I will be on Flores, so not to worry. I focus on my friend again. I tell him that I've never been good at remembering what each philosopher was about. He tells me it's easy for him to remember.
    12. #205: China

      by , 09-06-2016 at 03:13 AM
      I'm in the lobby of a fancy building. I'm together with a woman and her 7 year old son. All I remember is that her son has an Arabic name. Not much later the son is gone and it's just us and some other people. There's a turnstile to enter a certain area of the building and there's an entry fee to be paid.. or actually more like an exit fee. Just like when parking your car. We're here to pick something up or to talk to someone, so I feel like it's unnecessary for both of us to go in and pay the fee. Eventually I go in. There were 2 guys at the turnstiles, one of them some kind of enabler / smooth talker.

      I walk into the 'restricted' area, which is a big Chinese themed establishment, mostly coloured red. I walk around a bit with the smooth talker with me. The woman I was with is nowhere to be seen. The guy thinks I'm here to buy drugs, which I'm not. I forgot my real purpose, but I do tell the guy that I'm not here for drugs. The guy finds it implausible. Eventually I bring my face close to the guy's face to let him know that I'm not looking for drugs, but if he's got stuff, I'm interested to know what he's got. Hopefully he doesn't think I'm a cop. I remember at this point that I had one ring on each hand, two different ones. I walk and see a group of guys and 1 girl from my elementary / high school. I'm quite surprised. Here, in China? These are the people whom you'd expect to amount to nothing, so it's surprising to meet them on the other side of the world. The smooth talker greets them, I kinda awkwardly wave from a distance.

      I continue walking around. I remember the left front tooth on the bottom being slightly loose. I push it back in, but do so a bit too far, pushing it further down than the other. I eventually manage to get them on the same level. I came here for nothing and now my tooth is messed up as well, because I came here. There are some seats which look like airplane seats. I'm holding a blanket which I intent to throw on the seats, but instead just drop on the ground. In the mean time the smooth talker is telling me about how impressive this place is and that it's all a facade for illegitimate business established by his boss, whose name I've forgotten. Even my 'friends' are part of the 'make it look legit'. I walk over to a table and sit down. Meanwhile a man picks up the blanket I've thrown down. I take out my laptop. My background image has the same checkered grey pattern as one of my boxershorts, including the buttons. I ask the man where my girlfriend is. The woman is not actually my girlfriend, but I feel it's easier to state it that way. A sliding door opens, showing a hidden room. The boss, who is some slick dude, is in the room with the woman (who has now changed appearances) and another girl. They're on a bed. Nothing is happening yet, but the woman I was with does look sorta busted. I know the other girl is someone's girlfriend. The guy is holding a big, black smartphone and it seems to be opened on a Whatsapp conversation. He gives "my" girl his phone, I suppose for her to insert her number. They end up making out. Throughout the whole ordeal she looks at my once or twice with a look that tells me she feels sorry for me / guilty, but hey, irresistible rich guy. I keep a straight face throughout.
      Tags: china, laptop, tooth
    13. #204: Row row row your boat...

      by , 09-05-2016 at 07:08 AM
      Iím with my friends Sil and San. Weíre going through an area that is either flooded or that is supposed to be a river. I look at a map on my phone (Google Maps?). Weíve still got quite a distance to cover. It doesnít fully register with me in my dream, but we have several countries to cover. The map is nowhere near reality. I think we're near Italy and we're trying to get to the Netherlands, which is to the south-east on the map. There are two small islands in front of the coastline, near Haarlem. Wauw. Very accurate map.

      Sil and I are sharing an inflatable boat, which doesn't seem that suited to hold 2 persons. I'm not sure anymore what San was doing. Swimming? I've got my backpack with me, with my phone in it. I'm quite afraid that the phone is gonna get drowned, cause this boat really is not dependable. We try to work something out with what little plastic bags we have. Again: not very dependable. At one point my phone does get soaked, but it is still functioning.

      Some time later on, we're running. It seems to be the hash. Sil is ahead of me. We end up inside a house, with my family. Someone tells me that Sil is attempting to fix the phone through applying heat to it. Shit, no, she's gonna fry the inside! I run over before she destroys my phone. I realise then that I still have my phone, so which phone is she fixing? I take a look. I don't know which phone it is, but it seems both ruined and ok at the same time. There's melted plastic stuck to the outside. At this point my family starts speaking in Dutch about Sil, which she doesn't understand. They're tired of her stupidity. It's my mom, aunt, uncle and I think my little brother. I listen for a moment and then my uncle points out that I have an annoyed look on my face, probably cause I'm into her. I tell them that she's a friend and very kind, she's just clumsy. So I don't like that they are talking negatively about her. They agree to stop their conversation.
      Tags: dutch, family, friend, hash
    14. #203: Airport checks

      by , 09-02-2016 at 01:57 AM
      I'm in an airport. I believe it's supposed to be London. I'm going through the security checks right now. I walk through an area, unsure of where exactly to go. There are barely any people. There's different checks for citizens of different countries. I'm not to sure which one is for EU citizens. In my mind I have a British passport. I finally pick where to go and am submitted to another check. I realise then that I need my passport for this check, which is in my bag. I rummage through the pockets of my clothing, pretending to be looking for it, when a display shows that they already have my passport. I am asked to sit off to the side with a white, male security employee. Of course I am. I always am. I lay down on something. I feel as if I'm at a psychologist on the couch. The guy starts talking and asking me questions. He explains that they're just gonna check if I'm really the person who I claim to be. He starts with my birthdate. "So your birthday is on the 20th of December?". No it's not. I give him my real birthdate. I realise this is a check. Why not just take my fingerprints? He continues talking to me and I reply. They're stupid questions and I realise it's more about how nervous I react to being interviewed than anything else. I stay calm, as I'm totally legit. He's carefully paying attention to my speech and asks me to speak up and be really loud. I reply along the lines of: ah of course, if I speak louder you can more easily hear the trembling and such in my voice. I have half a mind to continue talking softly. My explanation for my soft talking would be that I've lived in Indonesia, where people talk softly.
      Tags: airport, english
    15. #201: Intercity

      by , 08-30-2016 at 03:20 AM
      I'm in the Netherlands. It's a sunny day. I'm with my grandma and we're in an intercity train. The train consists out of a single wagon [this never happens in reality] and is taking the route that normally the tram would take. We pass my grandma's house. She doesn't want to get out at the nearest stop. Instead, she wants to continue. We pass another two stops that don't exist in real life. Eventually she lets me know that she wants to go into the city centre, meet up with someone and after that she will go home. Well if that's the case, I'd much rather go to her home straight away, considering I'm on crutches. We say bye and I get out at the next stop. I cross the street to the stop in the other direction. It is now something.54 and the train will be here in 1 minute. There's a woman on a bike who asked me a question about the train, I think about the departure time. There'a a bag of tissues somewhere near and I take a few to blow my nose. I can see the green/yellow snot in the tissue once I'm done. The train arrives and I get in. This one, for whatever reason, won't stop in front of my grandma's place. Great, means I have to walk longer. I consider where I want to get out. I see some car2go cars parked on the route. I'll just take one of those, perfect. It would be even more great if they were autonomous and I could just get one of them to pick me up.
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