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    The elite

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:06 PM (739 Views)
    I'm having a normal dream.. I'm at the park near my house and there is this native indian shindig going on where they have set up some theme park sort of stuff.. I make some enquiries about it all and learn that they are also running a program teaching people how to fight and also how to meditate. I join in with the meditation which was a group of people all sitting down next to each other humming the same tone.

    The dream then takes a different turn and I get involved in a fight with someone who is supposed to be my enemy yet i have no idea who they are. We get to a point where we are on the ground strangling each other and decide to make a truce. We shake hands and are friends again, then the dream takes another different turn.

    We are now at the shops, walking around looking for a fight, we walk out of the shopping mall and see a big building with ninja's in it.. we run inside to take a look, and there were two samarai warriors practicing against each other and I came in at the exact moment they started attacking and I was cut slightly on my arm. It didn't hurt it was only a paper cut and the samarai warrior apologised, and allowed us to stay and watch. From this point on I slowly started gaining lucidity.. I watched the fight but got in the way by accident (again) so I flew up towards the high roof of the building (the place was like a warehouse), and I flew around a bit then got bored of watching these warriors fighting so I flew down and asked someone for a drink.

    He looked similar to the keymaker in "The Matrix" and after I asked for a drink, he said "warriors dont drink alocohol" and I said "sure they do, everyone likes to have a victory drink" and he said "what about pool champions?" now knowing full well he has alcoholic drinks somewhere I say "yes, but even they have a victory drink too".. the guy looked at me and smiled.. as if i had passed some secret test.. he took out a key and suddenly the wall just folds in on itself revealing a secret passage. I would have never known there was a secret passage there.. anyway he guides me down into a basement/dungeon kind of thing and its like a secret mafia basement.

    There is a long rectangular table with a few men sitting around it, all of them wearing this strange headset except for one big fat guy at the end of the table who is obviously the leader - he looks like Tony Soprano. They are all having alcoholic drinks and a waitress guides me to the table asks me to sit and gives me a drink. A feeling of deja vu starts to come, and i'm wondering where i am and why they have these weird things on there heads. I ask the question "what are those things" only to get a very dull response.. I know they are hiding something.. and i have a feeling i know what those things really are, who these people are, and what im doing here.

    I try not to push anything and just go with the flow... trying to keep my mouth shut and gather as much info as i can. It gets to a point where it is the same point I know I had experienced before.. very strong dejavu at this point.. the leader asks me to join his evil cult (at gun point) and I refuse, he blows my head off and I wake up instantly. This is the second time this exact same scene has happened. The first time it happened.. maybe a few weeks ago.. I didn't take much notice of it.. thought it was just a normal dream.. but this is the second time that exact same part has happened.. am i being prepared for something?

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    Tags: gangsta, mafia