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    The Future

    by , 12-22-2010 at 12:58 PM (262 Views)
    This dream I was in the future. I was at a house, and there was this garage or workshop full of these awesome looking cars. They looked really futuristic, sleek and aerodynamic, made out of a cool looking shiny metallic metal. They looked like they could go really fast. I spent almost the whole dream trying to get in one but was unsuccessfull. I decided I should quit trying and fly up and have a look around. I was expecting to see a massive city with lots of skyscapers and stuff i'd never seen before. I flew up and the building I was in was pretty tall and big, probably about 7 stories. But once I got high up enough and could see my surroundings, there was no major city to be seen
    Seemed like I must have been in a small town or something. I flew around a bit, and i did see other buildings that looked quite cool but it wasn't really what i was expecting. The scenary was very impressive though, it was like right by the sea, and there was a big bay that stretched around and almost connected back up with itself, forming an O shape like a lake that joins to the sea. There were also big cliffs and it was a beautiful day so i flew right up into the sky, past the clouds, it took a long time to get that high which is good because i knew it would mean i'd have a good long free-fall which is what i wanted to do next (some dreams i find it doesn't take much time to reach above the clouds). I started free-falling, but was interrupted in my sleep half-way through (dammit) so that was the end of that dream.

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