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    Lucid Fight

    by , 12-22-2010 at 12:58 PM (256 Views)
    It started off as a normal dream, me and a few other people were escaping from some place, I soon realised i was lucid because the surroundings were unfamiliar. It seemed like we were escaping from a science lab that had been conducting experiments on us, psychic type experiments and we had all left with special abilities. I was walking along the beach, and one of the others was trying to kill me by making a giant tidal wave happen. I kept trying to keep the sea calm and stop the waves rising, but it was too difficult. Eventually the wave got so big and close that it almost consumed me and the only thing left i could do was to protect myself with a force field. After the wave passed, I threw all I had at the other guy, I made a funny sort of hand formation and shot out these blasts of red energy at him. Then I started throwing things at him and the things i were throwing at him would appear out of no where. I can remember making a throwing action with my arm, and saying "homing missile", the next thing i know theres a homing missile travelling towards him as if i just threw it at him. Then i did it again but this time said "grenade" and a grenade went flying towards him and exploded on him. It was like this the whole dream, just constantly fighting each other using cool powers, and what was so great about it was that anything i tried would work first time just as expected

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    Tags: superpowers