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    My Subconscious

    by , 12-22-2010 at 12:57 PM (304 Views)
    I was lucid and talking to a DC who said they were my subconscious. It was a beautiful woman who was my age, we had a really interesting conversation and really enjoyed talking to one another, she knew everything about me, everything i've done in my life, and everything i've even thought of in my life. She could even tell what I was thinking at the moment, and what I was about to think of next. At first i was worried that she might find out about something i feel guilty about, I couldn't help but think about what i was feeling guilty over, and she said "oh don't worry about that, there's no need to feel guilty over it, im ok with it" I felt a lot of relief hearing this from my subconscious, to know that my subconscious loves everything about me is a really good thing to know. It was like we were better than best friends, it felt so good just to be around each other. Anyway, while I was around her, I felt I had a lot more conscious control, a higher level of lucidity and was more concreted in the dream, it wasn't fading or anything and the dream lasted a very long time. There was one point in the dream where i really got to shine my powers. There was a car coming very fast towards me, the guy in the car was purposely trying to run me over. I stuck my hand out and stopped the car dead on the spot, i didn't even budge one bit. The man looked very scared and so he should be. I was pissed off, I made him burst into flames by thought alone. The flames incinerated him and I made a huge gust of wind come by to put out the flames, all that was left was his burnt skeleton. I felt very powerfull, and for the rest of the dream I went around feeling like i had 100% full control, everything I tried would work perfectly first time, and didn't even require any effort, if I wanted something to happen all I had to do was think about it.

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