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    My future followers

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:03 PM (265 Views)
    I was in a classroom, one which looked nothing like any classroom i'd ever been in, so i became lucid and walked out of the class and had a look around. Someone came up to me and said "i've been looking everywhere for you... come with me" so i went with him. he took me into a small room, where there were several other people. They started telling me about how they were from the future, and i was their leader. We were fighting a war against robots/AI that were being controlled by the government. I was told that in the future, I had a special ability that allows me to turn off the robots, like an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). The team would help me out by using bombs/guns to destroy the robots. While they were telling me all this, they were also healing me with some sort of chakra device. They were pressing this blue stick thing (which looked like a paint-roller except it felt really soft) against my neck, I didn't stop them because it actually felt like it was healing me, it felt really nice, i could feel healing energy penetrating my skin going through my neck. They didn't tell me why they were healing my neck, I assume it may be because perhaps in the future i become ill or get some sort of throat problem. They only healed the right side of my throat for some reason, and when i woke up, my throat felt really good, like it truly was being healed while i slept.

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