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    Folqueraine's Oniric List

    1. The three Jonas fairy godmothers

      by , 09-17-2010 at 02:07 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      I woke up at 6:54 and went back to sleep.
      I dreamt of St Trinian's 2: Fritton's Gold. I haven't seen the end of the film so imagined it.
      Annabelle and her aunt were in their family house by the sea. The Fritton pirate ship was stranded on the seaside. Because the house sat on a hill, you could only see the top of the middle mast from the window.
      To get to the treasure, the Trinian girls had to find something to replace the missing masts. 3 fairy godmothers appeared. The first one took Annabelle to Nelson's statue. Nelson's sword flew out of its hand and turned into a TV antenna to replace the first mast. Nelson then started moving and flew away like Superman.
      The second fairy godmother helped another girl. Then the 3rd godmother turned out to be one of the Jonas brothers. They were on stage singing, and the Jonas godmother sang a song to his fiancée. She was called Selena Gomez and the song went something like "Elle s'appelle Selena Gomez" and then continued in English with a rhyme in "maze".

      And then my alarm rang at 7:30.
    2. Kids, caves and monsters

      by , 08-07-2010 at 12:53 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      There are several kids (pre-teens and young teens) on an expedition. They've split into several groups, and I'm in one. We are with an adult in a position of authority and wisdom (a Rupert Giles kind of character).
      We are going to pick up someone who's in a cave. But there are also humanoid monsters, sort of lizard people. We spy on them from the cave's entrance, and we watch Giles negotiate with their male leader.
      The females of the species seem to be way less civilized, since we can see on eat some food like an animal in a side tunnel.
    3. The Dream of the Celebrity that Stayed near my Place

      by , 06-29-2010 at 09:02 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      I own a little place by the seaside. In my dream, I had a stroll in the evening on the little footpath and I noticed that one of the plots of land next to mine had been bought. The new owner was getting settled and we chatted a little. It's only later that I learnt that it was actually a celebrity engaged in charities. Possibly Bono.
    4. The Dream of the Girls on Horses and the Gun Fight

      by , 06-26-2010 at 10:21 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      So I was with this other girl who was my little sister, and we left a group to go on a journey on horses. We were in the country. The landscape was pretty, although the sky was cloud-covered: gentle hills covered in grass and moss, and sorts of pine trees.
      At some point I went behind a tree to pee, and I noticed a chain-link fence not too far to my right, and black puffs of smoke rising behind it. I told my sister about it. Suddenly, a man appeared behind the fence, and I recognized him as our enemy. He started to shoot at us with his rifle.
      Me and my sister sort of played hide and seek with him and his mates, hiding in the large trees. While we were doing this, the landscape morphed slowly. A row of low buildings/shops appeared in the distance behind us, and a mini horse-riding centre/sports centre appeared right behind us.
      The guys on the other side of the fence had found a way to cross it and were getting closer to us. We could do nothing but hide. At this point, a friend from the original group (another teenage girl) joined us. She had a gun too and started counter-attacking. Then, more people joined us and the bad guys were defeated.
      All the good guys gathered in the nearby building, which at this point looked like a greenhouse. The building was well developped underground, with a nursery, a cafetaria, etc... (in fact, it looked like a bunker).
      Several people on our side were wounded, among whom a close friend (possibly my sister) who needed blood. So I decided to inject blood in her with a tiny syringe. There was some air in the syringe, so a friend with some medical background warned me against injecting the air in her bloodstream, which could kill her.
      Then, I carried an unconscious girl in my arms. I stopped in the cafetaria to chat with some of the guys, then went on my way, wit the girl in my arms, to find a place to lay her down. I thought of a little train wagon we have near the bunker. Many of our allies were there (some of them were actual soldiers), I think I saw Captain Picard too. I had to ask Robert Downey Jr to move his arm so I could let the girl rest on a train couch.

      - The Mammoth Hunters, by Jean Auel, for the horse-riding journey bit
      - FallOut 3 for the raiders attack and bunker bit
    5. Tidal Wave

      by , 06-25-2010 at 09:28 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      I don't remember much about this dream, except a tidal wave was involved. I was with my mother in our van.
      At some point there was already a flood (waist-high water) and people were seeking shelter, when they suddenly noticed a big wave of muddy water coming towards them and tried to waddle away desperately. Some lady tried to climb on a bin, others tried to climb trees. I could feel the fear.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. The Dream of the Post-Apocalyptic World, the Race and the Closed-Off Town

      by , 06-22-2010 at 09:20 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)


      I was in a post-apocalyptic world, except, shortly after the apocalypse. It was a zone with many shops spread in a desertic land. I knew it was past the apocalypse because: 1) most of the population had disappeared and 2) the country wasn't that desertic normally.
      However, the buildings were still standing and in a good shape.
      In the beginning, I was alone. Soon, I noticed 3 Black men running and I challenged them to a race along the empty shops. Surprisingly, I beat them all so they were in awe. I think one of them offered me ammo.
      Then I was with a group of other survivors, among whom a beautiful woman
      possibly inspired by Lara Croft or Megan Fox. We were looking beyond a highway bridge (definitely inspired by FallOut 3, we haven't got those here) where a giant set of Mikado sticks were. And by giant, I mean, several dozen feet long.
      We even consider using them as spears to defend ourselves.
      Then, Lara-Megan says she knows of a big city where we will be safe. She takes us to the entrance of the city, whose guards have ridiculous uniforms reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.
      We're told that to be let into the city, we need to pass a test of trust that is also a sort of inner conscience journey or stuff.
      Practically, it means being held down flat on a convector belt that takes us through the city and exposes us to different scenes of the city life for a day or two.
      Then we're into the city and I am with 3 childhood friends, twins: Gur (a boy) and Mad (a girl) and their older sister Soa. They're in their early teens again.
      I take them up a road, under a bridge, and up to my house which is on the left side of the road, hanging over a cliff.
      On the door there is a sign saying "Ande" followed by my name, Ande being a deformation of my mother's middle name, Andrée, and her father's name, André. Under it there is my own name.
      We get in the house, which is all in length: an entrance hall, a small kitchen, a tiny living-room and the bedroom.
      In the bedroom there is a big bouncy king-size bed (
      actually my grandmother's former bed) and a small one person bed to its left. I tell my 3 friends I'll take the small bed and they can sleep in the big bed. I start taking blankets for them.
    7. The Dream of the Military Expedition in the Woods

      by , 06-20-2010 at 08:05 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)


      I am part of a military expedition exploring a very dense forest near a railway. At some point, a soldier finds, under some brambles, an old yacht. Soon, anyon who gets close to it loses their bearings and become confused.
      My father goes there, I go looking for him but I forget what I went there for. I find a dog, then I find my father.
      In the evening, back at the base, my father finds me weeping above the sink (I don't know why, maybe because I was worried for him).
    8. The Dream fo the Girl turned Half-Black and Shipped to America

      by , 06-20-2010 at 08:32 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)



      In 19th-century France, I am the daughter of a pretty wealthy family. I have a sister about my age (about 20).
      My family is greatly shocked by the revelation that I am half-black (although, what that reveals about my mother's behaviour is a subject never touched upon) and decides that I should be sent to live with an uncle in America, because it's too shameful to keep a mulatto child where everyone could see her.
      Although I was milky white before, the revelation has triggered a change in me. My skin is getting darker, my lips thicker, etc... I remember, at some point, looking in a mirror and thinking (with my 21st-century mind) that I looked very good, in fact. However, my black hair was still perfectly straight, and I wondered when it would start curling. My sister suggested that only the newly-grown hair would curl, and even so, it wouldn't be very curly since I was only mixed-raced, and not totally black.
      Most of the dream is about the preparation of the journey, in which my sister has to take part too. (our parents are probably afraid she'll start turning black too). I remember packing, choosing what I could take and what should stay.
      My parents explained the journey to us: first we would travel from our home to a place called Fécamp, the harbour, from which we would get on a boat to New York, Maryland.
      (yes, geography can be quite wonky in my dreams. Did I tell you of the dream were Spain was in Africa?)
      Then we would take a coach to my uncle's place.
      I asked my parents if we needed money to pay for an hotel, but they said our uncle lived close enough to New York that we wouldn't need to stop for the night.

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    9. The Dream of the Children stranded on Two Islands

      by , 06-20-2010 at 08:12 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)


      This dream has two distinct parts, but they are definitely related through their themes.
      In the first part, I am one of the inhabitants of two islands. The two islands are pretty small, but high, maybe of volcanic origin. They're pretty preserved, as far as I can see, there aren't many tracesof human settlement.
      Deep on the sea bed, there is a tunnel joining the two islands. The tunnel room closest to West Island is room 2400, the room closest to East Island is room 2100. The workers of the tunnel have decided to go on a strike that day. I work in the tunnel too and I wonder if I should work that day or not.

      There are several children living on both islands, but mainly East Island. A baby is born or has been left on a beach to the north-east of West Island, and a child from East Island comes to pick it up in a little boat. But since he doesn't want to be seen by any of the adults (maybe because they would take the baby), he asks a teen girl to come with him. This teen girl has an identical tween who has a young child, so if they're caught, they can always claim that she is the twin and that it is her child.

      Part two

      The children have all been forced to flee to a beach on the south side of East Island. They all live on the beach, which is closed off the rest of the island by foredunes and cliffs. They've built shelters out of driftwood and seem to have settled quite some time ago.
      I then realize that it is silly that they should be locked off the rest of the island just by a dune, so I decide to fly over it (metaphorically, since I'm not bodily present in the dream) to see the other side of the dune.
      I can see that there's a sort of desert with a few trees and bushes sprouting here and there, and a little pond near the beach. I assume that's were the stranded kids get their drinkable water.
      A caravan is coming. Some of the men are wearing bedouin clothes while others are dressed like Westerners.
      I then decide to embody an adult man. I talk with the head of the caravan. He tells me about the two Westerners, one at the beginning of the caravan, one at the end. The one in front is sick, while the one in the back has a broken arm which needs to be put back together.
      I nominate myself doctor of the stranded children and decide to help the two men while the kids deal with the caravan. I hear the leader of the kids tell the leader of the caravan "Welcome to Thoninnio", so I gather that's the name of the settlement.
      The first man is in his late thirties and has short, light hair with blue eyes. He looks very kind and, while I auscult him, tells me that he broke the other guy's arm. They were previously lovers but they had a row about the children of one of them (I think his, but I am not sure) and in the row he seized the other's arm and accidentally broke it. He wishes he could help but his ex won't let him near him. I'm a bit disappointed because he was so hot and kind, I would have liked to hook up, but too bad!
      I ask if there's anything I can do to help them reconcile, but he explains apologetically that he went too far in the row and that he deserves what he got, and there's probably no way to fix things between them.
      I then move to take care of the second guy. He's younger, late twenties or early thirties, with jaw-length hair, and looks vere bitter. He doesn't want to chat, so I just pull his arm and snap the bone back into place.
      And then I woke up and quickly found a trick to remember the name of the settlement before going back to sleep.

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    10. 3rd person Soap opera

      by , 06-19-2010 at 09:21 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      I feel I missed part of my dream tonight - it seems to start in the middle of itself.

      I am absent from my dream, it's a film-like one. It's night and a young man is accompanying his girlfriend back home. They're in their mid-teens and she's not allowed to go out at night (or maybe she just doesn't want her father to know. She lives with only her father, so he's probably be very protective of her.)
      Tonight they've made love for the first time. The young woman climbs back up to her bedroom window, which she had left open, and her lover goes his separate way after waving her goodbye.
      A few days later, they meet again and she is upset because she is pregnant with him. She apparently had a pregnancy test very quickly after they made love. He wants to be supportive and tries to comfort her, saying that they have plenty of time before deciding what to do. He doesn't say the word, but he means that they have several weeks before deciding whether she should have an abortion or not.
      Another time ellipse. The girl goes to a shop down her street, near the beach, where she meets with friends, basically female characters from Eastenders (a British soap opera) where they had manicure in a shop with a most unusual decoration: rocks, trees and even a spring!
    11. First lucid, sort of

      by , 06-19-2010 at 09:13 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      Around 2006-2007

      I was hiking on the left side of a forest-covered valley, a very deep valley with very steep sides. The trees were absolutely huge, and I remember thinking it was one of the coolest dreams I ever had (hence the "semi"-lucid). The scenery reminded me of Rivendell in the Lord of the Rings films...
      I was in company of many people, among whom my father and one of my aunts, and we admired the landscape whilst walking...
      At one point we saw a very long, thin and fragile looking wood bridge that crossed the valley, like 200 feet above the river.
      It was winter and the top of the valley was covered in snow, but as we walked down the snow disappeared.
      The path was narrow, windy and in some places dangerous, the ground crumbling under our feet. As we walked down, we walked under another bridge, a real, solid bridge made of red bricks, we walked near one of its piles...
      Then the trees became even bigger, their roots were enormous, some bigger than us, and covered in green moss, and I remember thinking the trees had to be centuries old.
      Then the little girl downstairs started to have an argument with her mom and I was forced to wake up.
    12. The Dream of the Prehistoric Village Isolated from Modern World

      by , 06-19-2010 at 09:10 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)

      I am a member of a scientific expedition who regularly goes to a beach, which you can reach only by foot after hours of impossibly hard paths. On this beach is a village where people still live like in the prehistoric times, isolated from our world. For us, paleontologists, historians and so on, this is a treasure, of mine of information.
      I have already been part of this expedition once. I am going back in the hope of meeting a young girl with which I got on very well.
      Unfortunately, we had to admit that our visits had a negative influence on the villagers, since some of them got used to the (rare) modern products we brought along with us, such as cornflakes.
    13. The dream of the Dwarf and the Killer Box

      by , 06-18-2010 at 07:29 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      Weird fragments of dream, although I woke up during it due to a power cut...

      A crime had been committed in my grandparents' house. Sherlock Holmes was investigating.
      There was a weird happening every night in the conservatory. Everyone would sit in the dark, and everyone would feel like someone slapped them across the face, but when the light was turned on there was nothing.
      In fact the guilty party was a dwarf. His weapon was a box which released a killer insect when you pressed the bottom in a special manner.
    14. WW2, the elections, the Japanese underground and the cruise ship

      by , 06-17-2010 at 10:14 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)

      At the beginning, I was a nun, in the 1930s-1940s and for some reason, me and the mother superior had to hide from other people. She guided me down some staircase that went very deep underground. The walls and the stairs were made of a beige stone. At some point I noticed a room, to the West of the stairs, that was strangely light for something so deep. Then I somehow got separated from the older nun and decided to go back up to the world of the living.
      I somehow turned into a young, typically post-war looking young lady. I was in a city that looked like Paris, and I was reunited with a young man I had tender feelings for and whom I hadn't seen for a very long time (because he was a soldier?). He looked like one of my mates from high school, Vincent. Vincent and me went for a ride in his (or mine?) car, a coupé from the 1940s too.
      We started to discuss the result of the upcoming (actual) French presidential elections, being worried that Sarkozy would be elected. I worked in England and was back in France for a short time only. I wondered if he would accept to come and live with me in England if Sarko was elected.
      Then we went back to were we came from, except that for some reason we were driving on a railway now. We arrived at a station where he disappeared and I hooked up with 2 older male friends. We went in the underground part of the station, which happened to be in Tokyo. There were all sorts of little shops selling pointless gadgets such as only the Japanese can make! Among other, I was amazed to find little porn figurines with the face of Emma Watson! But my mates were delighted.
      Then we took a corridor to go upstairs and the station turned into a ferry, and I was with my parents. It was a very luxury cruise ship, the kind we couldn't afford anyway. We saw that restaurant which looked very expensive, and had a French name which I have forgotten, except that there was "jeudi" (Thursday) in it. We asked if we could have a table, and the waiter ask if we'd booked, to which we said yes, even if it wasn't true. He gave us a table someone else had booked. Unfortunately, the cuisine was pretty poor, and I protested, he said there were some sort of restrictions. What's more my parents and I were worried the people who had rightfully booked the table would come and we would be uncovered.
    15. The dream of the flooded valley and of the drowned boy

      by , 06-17-2010 at 10:03 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      Date unsure, before or around 2002.

      One of the longest and most detailed dreams I have ever had.

      My name is Marion and I am antarcticologist. It's night-time and with my friends François and Elodie* aboard our ship, I am en route to the South Pole. We "park" near the ice cap, and François and I take to measure the thickness of the ice cap while Elodie, hands in her pockets, is observing us from far away. The ice cap is 3 metres (10 ft) thick. We then decide to go back to the closest harbour: Cape Town in South Africa (we can already see the lights from Antarctica). Once in Cape Town, we must navigate between the wharves to find a place to park our ship.
      When it is done, I stroll a little in the docks. There are stacks of wooden boxes everywhere, on which you can climb like on a mountain. While I am having my little walk, I see a young man** hiding in one of the empty boxes, the side of which is missing. People are looking for him, calling him a thief. He hasn't seen me and, feeling some sort of sympathy towards him, I do not denounce him.
      Later, my dog and my cat*** go to the hotel to prepare the rooms we had booked. (yes, they can talk). When my friends and I join them, the hotel manager gives us a tour of the hotel. It is built on the side of a valley, near what looks like a big lake, and it also is a camp park. But there is not pitch whose number is under 26, because all these pitches were flooded when a dam broke, and the valley has been flooded since then: there was no lake before. There is also a football field (soccer, for you Americans), which is half flooded too (it is not plane). We are told that 10 years ago, a child tragically drowned there.
      Back inside the hotel. While walking in the corridor, I see a door which is ajar. Inside, the thief is negotiating with a babushka for an expensive object. When the deal is done, I see the old lady putting her money in her shoes' heels. It is a very well known technique among thieves (although I have no idea of how I know that). The thief sees me and kind of wink at me, and I wonder if he may have seen me the first time.
      Then I go back to the football pitch and I have a flash-back of the little boy's death. There was a match between two children's teams on the pitch, although half of it was under water. In the "deep end", there was up to one metre of water (3ft). After the match, one of the boys, the goal, went looking for the ball, under water**** He knew the ball was on the other side of the fence, so he bent under water, slipped his hand between the (how do you call that ???) lozenges of the fence to pull the ball towards him, and his glove got stuck in the fence, and he drowned. When people realized he was missing, it was too late.
      Back to present time. I am leaning on the concrete rail with Olivier Atton*****, thinking about this drama. Oliver is positive, it is a murder disguised in accident. How could the football be behind the fence? It was too high for the ball to get there.
      Another flashback of my own childhood : I was on a train stopped in the middle of a flooded nowhere. There was water up until the wheels. It was raining. The train was empty, except for me.

      *who do not really exist. Exceptionally in this dream, original characters have names.
      **looking like Sidney Bristow's fair haired friend in Alias.
      ***original characters again. I don't have a dog, and none of my cats can speak anyway
      **** Yes, I know. But in that world, footballs don't float. (I should have seen it as a dream sign, just like the talking dog and cat, or seeing Cape Town's lights from Antarctica, but I didn't even know about LD at the time)
      ***** the French name of Captain Tsubasa, a manga football player.
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