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    2 cats, 3 transtitions, 1 WILD

    , 12-01-2014 at 08:42 PM (131 Views)

    Last night bed 10:20pm - 7:40am

    Back to bed 8am-10:40

    I put an extra pillow under my 2 and propped it against the dresser. So I was on my back, with head raised a bit. I was daydreaming and felt the falling asleep sensation few times and surprised me that it came that soon.

    I got into a transition, which consisted of a mild wierd head sensation, as if falling forward or backwards, but very mild. More just a head sensation. And at that exact moment my cat jumped on my bed. The other cat was already asleep by my left arm. So this one took up position on my right, plopping her body on me and purring up a storm.

    I continued falling asleep, but when he changed position third time, I turned to my right side so he is behind me, rather than on me.

    Very soon I got into another transition. Again, just a wierd feeling in the head. I tried to make it bigger by pushing my head backwards. Then decided to start getting up, even I knew that transition is not finished yet.

    It was very hard to get up. I couldn't. I could barely sit up, but I was almost like held down by gravity or something. I tried to levitate up desperately, while also trying to sit up. I finally levitated out over some guy asleep in red shirt. I stood up and started walking away in what looked like a large warehouse. I saw my steel ring on the ground but walked by, didn't want to waste time. But ofc I couldn't leave it there, I turned back and picked it up. I looked at the inscription as I always do before putting it on. There were some pictographs on it, instead of word.

    That's when my cat behind me moved again and I got out of it.

    Had one more transition within minutes, but nothing came of it.
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    1. Tiny's Avatar
      damn cats
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    2. Tihiti's Avatar
      Cats are my dream sign!
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