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    March TOTM - Keep on growing

    , 03-09-2017 at 01:23 PM (284 Views)
    Last night bed 10 pm - 3am

    3 am - 2x300 GPC

    set my alarm to 4 am for a WBTB

    LUCID before WBTB and galantamine

    The alarm woke me up from a lucid. I just had to giggle as I had no idea why the alarm is beeping since I'm in a lucid already and it was awesome.

    LUCID - TOTM bonus - Grow Big - didn't finish it coz alarm

    I don't know how I realized I'm dreaming. But I start walking through some rooms. They are well lit, but no exit. Looking through medial cabinets to find a flashlight and maybe something to open the locks with. Finally there is a window. I get out.

    Walking on a street, trying to remember the TOTM, but I didn't read them yet, because I didnt do the WBTB yet. I see a beautiful cat. Long hair, stripes of brown and black, white socks. It's playing with a tennis ball size ball of same color as he is. I rejoice, yeey, a cat in my dream! I start calling it and as I'm getting closer, I realize that the ball is another cat, perfectly round ball, with a face on it, blinking at me. Haha.

    I'm still walking but now there are buildings on both sides of me. Now I remember one of the TOTMs - Grow yourself big, above the clouds, step on the moon.

    I look up, but buildings have overhanging roofs, so I keep walking till I see the skies. Looks like buildings are trying to close in to take the access away from me, but I'm having none of it. I think "grow big" and I'm starting to grow.

    I'm past the roofs now and the view I get is INCREDIBLY beautiful. I see distant rolling hills, rocky, orange soil, like in american southwest. I see an Arch, and another one, much bigger one closer to me. They are incredible. They skies are getting dark, clouds are gathering. I see wind turbulences on the bottom of clouds, wind whipping them like mad. Wind is picking up, now it's getting strong and I see pine trees getting bent and branches flying off. All this time I'm saying 'Keep on growing". And I'm growing.

    Now I have reached the clouds. It's dark grey in there and warm. I realize that's how it's suppose to be. I see small particles flying by. I realize that usually when flying high up, that's where I lose lucidity, because I lose view of the dream scene. So I figure quickly, I will have to look at my hands to not lose reference as to what I'm doing. I keep saying "keep on growing" when my alarm wakes me.

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    Tags: cat, totm