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    May TOTMs; Flying in rain; Persistent world; Insect HH

    , 05-01-2017 at 08:08 PM (261 Views)
    Last night, this was on april 27, not last night. It auto posted on 1st, because it had future task of the month spoilers which I didn't want to reveal till supposed to.

    bed - 9:42 pm
    GPC (600mgs) - 2:56 am
    WBTB - 4 am
    Galantamine (8mgs) - 4:43 am

    Still heard my 5 am chime, fell asleep shortly after.
    LD estimate - 20min long

    5:47 am - Woke up from lucids on purpose, so I can write them down. Then went back to sleep, coz I wanted moar.

    Didn't have any transitions at all. No head rush. No falling backwards, nothing. I just realized I'm dreaming and stood up.

    1. HH - Insect
    Oh lol ok, I guess I had a transition. As falling asleep, I hear a HUGE insect flying in the room. I try to move so hard, but can't at all. I realize how bad it must be for those, that see really scary things and can't move away, lol. I'm just waiting for it to get me, haha. But it doesn't.

    2. Needles
    There I realize I'm dreaming, and I find myself laying on the carpet in some unknown room. 2-3 kids are around me and sticking sowing needles in me. They spilled a bunch of them on the floor and I try to yell at them to pick them up.

    I try to move away, but I can't move at all. I try to yell at them to stop, but I can't make a sound. I keep trying, and it almost feels like I can make some sounds from corner of my paralyzed mouth. I try to wiggle tips of my fingers, because I feel like those are moving. I finally roll away from them.

    3. Flying in rain
    Still in a same room, I hear how it started to rain outside. As I'm listening to it, it rains harder and harder. I'm starting to think that it's maybe happening IWL.

    I remember I wanted to suggest this for a TOTM again, and how I loved doing it last time and it's my goal. So I phase through the wall to the outside and fly in the rain. It's awesome. I can feel cold drops hitting my whole body.

    4. Empty rooms
    At the beginning, while still in the house. I want to get out, as usually. But I decide to open the door to a room instead. I'm scared of what I'll find. But I tell myself why would I find something bad? It's all in my head. I open the white door in a white wall. The room behind it is white and empty. I open another door from this room, and same. White, and completely empty. Some kind of a wall feature under the window, but that's it. I'm kinda anxious to get out anyway, so I get out.

    5. Persistent world, only not
    I'm in a town. Walking towards a marketplace that's under a roof. I realize I already been there and change direction. I also realize that this is my persistent world. But I also realize, that it's not true, because I don't have it in my other dreams, or at least I don't remember it being there. But in my mind, I see the layout of the town.

    6. TOTM - Put on glasses and describe how they change your vision. - fail
    I remember this TOTM. I start looking for my glasses while walking through some rooms, but can't find them anywhere. Not even in my pocket.

    7. TOTM - Make your phone ring, answer it and tell us who it is and what he wants. - fail
    Same area, some kind of indoor marketplace. I remember the phone TOTM. I reach for my phone in my pants leg pocket and I know it's there, because it's always there. I search a bit and I find it between some papers. Same as it is IWL every day.

    I think "ring, ring". But it doesn't. I look at the screen, and I see what looks like missed calls, because there are 3 callers. All start with lover case i. One is ijii⁶, rest are very similar.

    8. TOTM - Put on glasses and describe how they change your vision. - success
    As I'm walking by an opened door to some room, I see my glasses on a cabinet. I walk backwards, lol, to get back to the door, and there they are. I get in, pick them up and put them on. I'm standing by a grapefruit tree. Fruit is beautiful yellow, all sizes.

    I look with glasses and I'm paying attention to difference in vision. Without glasses, I can see them very clearly and in great detail. With glasses, the image gets blurry. It surprises me. I lift the glasses up and down and keep comparing. Yup, blurry with glasses.

    To make sure, I turn around and start looking at all kinds of pottery. Jugs, plates, cups. All ceramic, beautiful, white with blue flowers and design. I'm trying to see the difference, and again, image gets blurry with glasses. I'm like this can't be the only difference. So I notice how some blue's change into purple with glasses on.

    There is a sign on one of the jugs. It says "msmgi's BBQ". I read it as Mismagius's BBQ, haha.

    9. Hands - missing ring
    I decide to see if I have my ring on. (Just before bed, I decided to put it back on IWL as soon as I get up in the morning, even if I lose more stones. I will replace them. But the ring has a special meaning to me and I I don't want to lose that.)

    I lift my hands up. They look just like my real hands. Same shape, size, color. There is no ring, only an indent where it used to be. I reinforce my intent to put it back on in the morning.

    10. Airplanes
    I look at the skies through some window and opened doors. Some futuristic looking fighter planes are flying by on some late evening, dark stormy cloudy skies. I think (wish) they could be space ships, and I decide to go outside and fly with them. But I feel waking up and I decide to wake up and write down the dreams.

    Oh yeah, before that, there was a dude leaning against a wall. I walk up to him and ask him if he wants to do it. He got surprised and is like "what, me"? I'm like yup. He didn't have a problem with that.

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