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    Turquoise Dreams


    , 06-09-2017 at 03:22 AM (449 Views)
    This was on tuesday, 6/06/17

    The regular WBTB with alpha GPC and GM

    38 min WBTB, sofa at 5:38

    Upon waking up, I didn't write anything down. There was lot's of darkness, not much coherent stuff going on.

    I did the Recall task again, was easy and I remembered pretty much everything I practiced before bed, so I lost interest in it soon.

    Lots of hover flying again.

    Looking for a rope for another personal goal - to grab it and be pulled up to space, or just to swing on it for fun. I desperately wanted to find it, but no luck.

    Had a cool non-LD at 4 am, when alarm woke me for Alpha GPC.

    I'm in my childhood room, looking out the balcony door. The skies are getting really dark. Black swirling clouds are ominous looking. To the left high up, on the black clouds there is about 5 flags. All in full color, all of what look like real country flags. I'm not sure now if I recognized any of them, even if in WL I do know flags.

    I ran to grab my camera and I open the balcony door to get a better picture from the outside. I immediately regret it, because a tornado force wind start to push the door open against me. I try my hardest to close it and we wrestle for a bit. I have to drop my camera to use 2 hands.

    While this is happening, to the right, over a house, black smoke like cloud is taking a shape of head of that octopus dude from Pirates of the Caribbean. It's taking shape and losing it, as the small particles in the cloud are shifting and blowing around. Another shape is taking form in another cloud and I realize it's not really a cloud.

    ( seeing images in the skies does happen in my dreams. I think I like seeing them, even if they weird me out.)
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    lucid , non-lucid


    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      hey there, too bad it was not the clearest lucid but i bet you had your fun anyways

      i really like clouds too in waking life. in some of my dreams they do crazy shit also, like on acid. (i even might dream of some this night?! but not sure )
      might be a interesting goal to lay down and look in the sky and go for some nice cloud morphing. one could actually slightly push it in specific directions and build up something of the clouds. but this is not a very specific goal and i often lack motivation for this kind of goals... you kind of dont accomplish anything with it and when do you consider it done? kind of sad but yea.
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    2. gab's Avatar
      I do like clouds in WL as well!

      I will be replying to your PM and this comment in more detail shortly. Rushing off to work right now.