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    Waking life memory?

    , 08-24-2014 at 05:15 AM (293 Views)

    had dreams, and good feeling from them, but no recall.

    Something interesting happened today at work though.

    [20:45] <@gab> have you had past life regression done, omkar ?
    [20:46] <OmkAR> no, but i asked to see my past lives in a lucid dream once
    [20:46] <@gab> have you?
    [20:46] <OmkAR> and i was about to teleport to my past life . . and some guy grabbed me out of nowhere and said "YOU DOn'T WANT TO DO THAT YOURSELF RIGHT NOW MIKE"
    [20:46] <OmkAR> and then i was all spooked out ever since
    [20:46] <OmkAR> er do that too youreslf
    [20:46] <@gab> oh lol, damn DC
    [20:47] <@gab> or was he?!?
    [20:47] <OmkAR> it was a strange vibe though, i was thinking maybe . .. geeze, what happend to me in my past life
    [20:47] == OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVLounge
    [20:47] == mode/#DVLounge [+o OpheliaBlue] by DreamBot
    [20:47] <@gab> hey OpheliaBlue
    [20:47] <@gab> I'm sure you had good ones and bad ones
    [20:48] <OmkAR> maybe i was gangbanged in medieval times
    [20:48] <OmkAR> u never know
    [20:49] <@gab> would that be a good one or the bad one?
    [20:49] <@gab> 0_0
    [20:49] <OmkAR> in medieval times .. probably bad
    [20:49] <OmkAR> lol
    [20:49] <@gab> hehe
    [20:49] <OmkAR> oh OpheliaBlue is here
    [20:49] <@gab> I just had a weird experience at work today
    [20:49] <OmkAR> we were just discussing being gangbanged in our past lives
    [20:50] <@gab> she not talking, so maybe she is not here
    [20:50] <OmkAR> did you get a de ja vu
    [20:50] <@OpheliaBlue> sorry, comp ran out of juice while I was watching Divergent
    [20:50] <@gab> I got more than that
    [20:50] <@OpheliaBlue> some big lucid and shared dreaming themes in that movie
    [20:50] <OmkAR> Divergent is out
    [20:50] <@gab> oh she is here
    [20:50] <@gab> so I'll tell you some other times omkar
    [20:50] <@OpheliaBlue> almost over, brb
    [20:50] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
    [20:50] == OpheliaBlue has changed nick to OpheliaBlue|BRB
    [20:50] <OmkAR> oh ya DIVERGENT
    [20:50] <OmkAR> i watched that
    [20:51] <OmkAR> it was 100x better than hunger games
    [20:51] <@gab> didn't see either
    [20:52] <@gab> so omkar, you gonna be here for 5 more mins?
    [20:52] <OmkAR> ya
    [20:52] <@gab> I was at work and doing my stuff and thinking about this japanese warrior female mismagius told me about
    [20:52] <@gab> tomoe gozen
    [20:53] <@gab> and why I kinda identify with her
    [20:53] <@gab> and with my sig picture of a warrior
    [20:53] <@gab> and decided to change my usertitle so something reflecting the worrior thing
    [20:54] <@gab> and that moment I just started crying out of the blue
    [20:54] <@gab> I had to leave the room to collect myself
    [20:54] <@gab> just the strongest feeling of something with past life warrior
    [20:55] <@gab> no clue what to make of it
    [20:55] <@gab> and add my frequent dreams of being a leader of some freedom fighters
    [20:55] <OmkAR> oh weird
    [20:56] <@gab> I never felt anything like it
    [20:56] <@gab> as if I just connected with something
    [20:56] <OmkAR> could be legit, u should try a TELEPORT to your old 'home'
    [20:56] <@gab> I will do that
    [20:56] <@gab> I wanna know so bad
    [20:56] <OmkAR> i had these weird experience in the astral once, i saw this old log house, looked like it was from medival times
    [20:57] <OmkAR> there was straw beds
    [20:57] <OmkAR> and the feeeelings i got being there were sooooo strong
    [20:57] <OmkAR> i USED to LIVE THERE
    [20:57] <OmkAR> sleep there everynight
    [20:57] <@gab> oh wow
    [20:57] <OmkAR> kinda feeeling, it was reallly intense
    [20:57] <OmkAR> and scary too
    [20:57] <@gab> this feeling was so strong, not preceded by any warning or thought
    [20:57] <OmkAR> trying to imagine how . .. it was . .. just a straw bed like that, stone/wooden walls
    [20:57] <OmkAR> i mean, no books or computers
    [20:58] <OmkAR> just RAW
    [20:58] <OmkAR> raw living
    [20:58] <OmkAR> nostalgic feeeelings
    [20:58] <PKJacker> Sounds pretty interesting
    [20:58] <@gab> I now what you mean, omkar
    [20:58] <@gab> since today, I do
    [20:58] <OmkAR> ya i never had that in waking life though
    [20:58] <@gab> I see
    [20:58] <OmkAR> that's interesting you did
    [20:58] <OmkAR> ive only had that on the other side
    [20:59] <@gab> I was cutting strawberries at work, like a ton of them, so my mind kinda wandered away
    [20:59] <@gab> and the thought of tomoe gozen, spartan warrior and MAKING IT MY NAME
    [20:59] <@gab> something clicked
    [21:00] <@gab> started crying and I'm like "wth"?
    [21:01] <@gab> insane

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    1. CHiLLEN's Avatar
      That's some deep stuff gab. I hope you find what you're seeking.

      Keep us updated on your journey
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