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    Turquoise Dreams


    , 08-05-2018 at 02:18 PM (364 Views)
    Former classmate says she is going for a stroll with another person. I ask if I can go with them, because all I have been doing last few days is just watching TV and being mad at myself for not going outside.

    So we go and I'm standing on a bank of a river in my hometown. It's really muddy, carrying lots of downed trees and branches and going super fast. I comment on it and watch it for a while. My friend decides to go for a swim and with a few backstrokes, she gets close to the middle where the current is very fast. I yell that to her, but too late, she is getting swept.

    Next thing I see, is two bodies bobbing up next to her, biting her and dragging her down. She comes up few more times with more bodies around her. Finally she gets to the shore, I grab her hand and pull her out.

    We start running and a zombie is chasing us. We get to the house and I'm about to slam the door in zombies face, when I realize she is closer than I thought and she bites me in my left shoulder.

    We get to the main room. Everybody is calm, and more zombies are coming in, but they are all acting human. We have an option to clean the wounds by burning them or something else. I chose burning, so I grab matches, light them and I touch them to the wounds on this main zombie. He is showing me all the tiny scratches. Someone is burning my wounds.

    DREAM 2
    Some candy has gone missing at my workplace which doesn't look like my real world work. Trying to find out who did it, then it turns out it was one of the guys.

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