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    hrm, what to call this

    , 08-12-2018 at 01:39 AM (380 Views)
    I had this bad dream last night and when I woke up from it, I was cold.

    Very detailed.

    I'm looking out the window and on the other side of the river, I see women walking at about 10 steps distances from each other. About 20 of them. I wonder what they are doing. Then i see a black SUV and I realize it's a funeral procession.

    Later we are going towards the river bank and I see a building which I had no idea was there. It looks like a memorial home. It's all gray and gothic, I don't like it and I'm trying to not go near it.

    But somehow I end up inside and I follow this girl. I watch her from 3rd person view. So she could be me? She walks into the office of the director. She is shorter than the desk and while the director is talking to her, she sneaks out. He looks down and I ask him who is he looking for. But I don't think he sees me. I know the girl is running away and all that was a distraction she did so she can give herself a head start.

    Now I'm following this young woman, still as a 3rd person view. We go from that office to another room. When i realize that it has dead bodies in it, all bloodied and wrapped in thick plastic, I tell to myself that I don't really want to see this, so I better close my eyes. She wants to escape by hiding under those bodies.

    Day before:
    I'm an astronaut in a space outpost on an alien planet. Someone is coming so I'm in a hurry to put on my helmet so I can get out of there. (was watching The Martian few days ago)
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