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    Rape scene and broken carpet cleaner

    by , 10-20-2018 at 04:50 AM (255 Views)
    I'm watching a movie and at is at a rape scene. The background was black. There is a woman getting forced to do sexual things with some man. It showed him hunched over the top of her with his naked ass pointed towards me, then it showed them standing up with his dick inside her cat then her sucking him off. When they got finished she was looking at his cock as it hung from inbetween his legs. it was a small pink color, slumped down not looking satisfied.

    After that I was up and then go into a new five minute dream

    I'm in a bathroom and was about to use the toilet but then I see mass amounts of water in the bathtub. There is a vacuum/ rug cleaner there and it was turn over on it's side with water coming out from the canister inside. It looked like it was cracked or damaged. I get up and ask mom about it and she tells me that she is draining out all of that water so that it don't sit inside and get stagnant. I was slightly afraid of the amount of water in the tub and it seems to be filling up and I pulled up my pants and got out of there.

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