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    Night 5 Spring 2024 Night 4/2

    by , 04-04-2024 at 07:21 AM (48 Views)
    My dream before involved using magic and powers, so it transitioned pretty smoothly between that and training in the swamp. While there were a couple around me, Gejoh from last time was the one directly training me this time. He showed that it was possible to control and shoot streams of water without needing fish to do it. I needed to bring it up from a body of water, and he explained there was still use in getting fish to jump out to shoot from different angles. Looking back this isnít really true since the streams could curve in the air, but having extra streams of attack isnít too bad.

    Gejoh was pitch black with a glowing blue mouth and eyes similar to his profile picture, and was able to get water blasts to shoot out of those parts of his face. I and Passenger were training with different people, and after enough training we faced another large alligator together again. We did not need the both of us to block attacks from the alligator anymore, but it was still difficult to land a hit that seemed to truly hurt the alligator. Passenger told me the stomach was its weakest area but I did not find that helpful since it was flat on the ground.

    Passenger then showed me what heís learned and stuck his hand in the ground to flip the ground with the alligator on it. I was then able to show him what Iíve learned as well and shot streams at its stomach, successfully cutting into it. With the alligator still stunned by being flipped over, I was able to cut its stomach open and Passenger was able to shoot a pillar of earth into it, killing the alligator. With this one killed on land, we were able to collect from its body afterwards.

    We gained a new set of armor and weapons made from its scales and claws, and we had a feast with the whole village around the body as it continued to be carved. Kappa reunited with us and brought up that maybe we should try returning home. He was happy to have his peopleís homes saved and did not want to keep us from trying to find our way out. Passenger conflicted since we had been there for so long and was still afraid of whatever threw the logs when we flew over, but I convinced him that it was worth checking out the wreckage again.

    We headed back and on the way there he found out how to use his ground control to surf on the ground and I followed in learning how to use water to shoot myself forward. We taught each other how to use each otherís abilities and although we learned a bit we stayed specialized in what each of us learned first. Once at the wrecked plane we decided to turn it on and check its radar again, now ready in case a fight came to us. Passenger stayed inside to continue checking the screens and I was on the outside trying to move the receivers in different directions. He told me if I should stay pointed in any directions and I heard him trying to use the radio.

    He was finally able to communicate with someone and told me to hold still. I stood still up on the plane for a while until I heard something loud in the distance. Although we were now confident in our abilities, if it was the same opponent we would still be getting a tree thrown at us. Passenger was able to close up his conversation over the radio and told me to hide in the distance with him. Nothing came, but we were able to learn the directions of other people and of possibly the enemy from the first dream. Since the sound was relatively near, we rushed in that direction silently.

    Once we got close enough we headed over more slowly and finally saw a massive figure holding a log. Itís getting difficult describing size with how big the enemies are getting. It would be simple enough to say it was obviously inspired by the Tetranadon from Monster Hunter, but about 4 times the size. There was no question that this was the King Gator, who I mistakenly thought of as King Croc in the dream. His head was way over the trees, and after staying still for a bit he threw the tree in his hand to the side as if it were weightless.

    I wanted to leave the fight until the next dream so I could dedicate all of it to the fight, so I convinced Passenger that we should go back for now. It was not hard convincing him since he believed we needed more training before facing King Gator, so we went back to the town and told them the situation. With that description they agreed that he was known as King Gator and the leaders of the village wanted to help with our training to ensure our victory. The dream ended in the middle of the training.
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