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    Winter 2024 Night 1/16

    by , 01-18-2024 at 01:28 PM (80 Views)
    Attack on titan spoilers! The lucid dream originally had me exploring different museums, and the world’s different vehicles, history, and creatures really made it interesting to look around. When it was finally time to get to the world of attack on titan I wanted to try the advanced flying task. I flew all the way to space and crashed back down into where I left off. It was cool seeing the walls come into view and very fitting considering I was thrown there at the end of the last competition dream. Allowing the crystals to disappear away almost like ice melting at high speed, I walked away from the wreckage caused by my casing crashing into several buildings. The warhammer titan came with the ability to create anything from a white armored material that appears as strips on the titan’s form. I used that ability to partially disguise myself, creating long white hair and covering some of my clothing with the white armor. It can flex like cloth, so it did not stand out any more than a white shirt would. Some of the military arrived on the scene but it would take at least an hour for my now two man squad to reach where I was.

    Several of the soldiers that arrived took control of the scene, ensuring everyone’s safety, saving some people from the wrecked buildings, and asking witnesses for information. I was also stopped and told them I just saw the buildings explode and that I wanted to leave out of fear for any other destruction that might happen. After leaving the scene I headed straight for one of the titan hideouts. The memories of the previous warhammer titan have been extremely useful for adjusting to the titan team. I did not have the maneuver gear on anymore, so I ran through alleys and streets at high speeds to reach the base in a reasonable amount of time. Their base was a warehouse, and in the past they’ve ran or hid whenever someone tried breaching through the doors. To enter while catching them off guard, I went through the wall on a side where there was no doorway or window to enter regularly.

    There was a meeting taking place with six of the titan shifters, and they all were shocked and clearly ready to attack when they noticed me in the building. I could tell one of them was Lucid Wannabe due to looking like his profile picture and another of the seven was Oneirin. No explanation for him, just dreams sometimes identifying people. The other four were unidentified whether they were regular dream characters or somewhat competition teammates. Looking back my memories should have identified them all but this is how it played out. I tried calming them saying that I was one of them, showing that I still had scars under my eye due to the recent transformation. They were still uneasy, saying they were sure they knew all the titans. Some tried to prevent others from giving away too much information and several were talking at once. Since they were still reasonably on edge, I agreed to sit down and tell them everything I know.

    I told them about the village outside the walls, the titans near it and within the woods, the shifters being kept safe in the town, and the squad that was sent there. As I told them my side with some revisions and answered their questions they got a bit less tense. One of them asked about the other titan shifters there, which alerted me to the fact that the member likely knew the titans personally after I tried presenting the story as if I was one of them. Since that member would get in the way of my integration into the team, I manipulated their memories so they would forget about the appearance of the warhammer titan. I then told about the other members that were in the village and answered another question they had, which was the type of titan I had. I told them I was the warhammer titan, and it luckily turned out that the member whose mind I manipulated was the only one who had seen the warhammer titan before. They discussed only a little of their plans to take down the survey corps before another member came in through some stairs that reached the roof saying soldiers were headed our way.

    I chose to head out since the soldiers likely were tracking me down, and both Oneirin and the member from the roof joined me. The member that was the lookout told me they heard everything and also expressed their frustration at not catching me before I entered. We entered a small cafe nearby and the other members explained that appearing to meet in a public place made soldiers lose suspicion of a base being nearby even if they were caught. Two soldiers walked in and as they walked to our table they clearly looked in my direction. They asked if I was at the collapse nearby and I acted as if I only heard it in the distance. In the middle of our conversation, the lookout member transformed and they were able to grab and cover us as several soldiers came crashing through the windows. The lookout appeared as a regular titan, and Oneirin said he would cause way too much damage if he transformed. Leaving it up to the lookout and me, he gave one piece of advice right before I transformed. Since the warhammer titan was capable of moving and forming its hardening and body anywhere, I was also able to move my human body throughout the titan body rather than keeping it in the ground attached by an obvious line similar to the show.

    Transforming, I followed his advice and put my body into the chest of the titan to keep it covered while avoiding the obvious weak spots of the nape or an external casing. There were soldiers swinging in from all directions, attacking the lookout and slicing at my titan’s body even as it formed. Oneirin was kept safe in one of the lookout’s hands. Among the soldiers was the captain, Hukif, and one or two other squads which featured Harlequin and Cookino. Cookino somewhat resembled their avatar and Harlequin appeared with reddish hair. Since most soldiers would aim for the nape, I paid extra attention to attacks right as they landed there and grew spikes immediately to take down any soldier that attacked. Growing out a sword to cut at the cords of incoming soldiers was also incredibly effective, as they would be unable to save themselves from falling at that height if both of their cords were cut. Some that lost one cord even stayed in the air long enough to get their other cord cut. The lookout was effective at grabbing and slamming some of the soldiers but had to keep one hand back to protect his neck.

    Once all soldiers were dead, escaped, or unable to fight any more, we went over a few blocks and transformed back. There was no point in hiding our identities from the soldiers that just saw us turn into titans, but they were unable to follow us in their state. Once we regrouped in a different building, the titans excitedly told the others how we fought and I explained how I needed somewhere to stay now as my house was definitely not safe to return to. One of the other unidentified members allowed me to stay at their place, so we both headed there and I figured it would be a good place to leave off. Once we got there, they said they only had one bed so back to the couch it is.

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