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    Winter 2024 Night 1/19

    by , 01-23-2024 at 03:50 AM (112 Views)
    Forgot by now what the original lucid dream was about exactly, but it was another thing where only I could do something. Not sure why that type of dream appeared two nights in a row. I left into the attack on titan world for the final day of the challenge through making the city fold up from the ground. It was already cool seeing every building rise into view but seeing the walls go even higher than expected was impressive to see. Even after all the other dreams I could not get used to how huge they are. I almost began destroying the city from the start, but I was able to remember about the whole deal of only destroying more if the survey corps attempted to evacuate. I headed straight for the barracks, preparing a sword out of the long hair-like strands of hardening I had on me.

    As I neared the barracks, I noticed one of the titan team members waiting by a building. I went with them and we entered a building where I met many more team members than in any other dream. I could tell this was supposed to be everyone on the titan team for the competition along with several dream characters. I was already confident with the few from before but this seemed like overkill. We strategized a bit and when the meeting ended we headed towards the barracks in groups. Each of the members had swords with them from my ability to defend themselves in human form. Since the survey corps did not know of our full numbers we had a group with all known titans, with the others splitting to spread across to cover more ground.

    We could see that training was still going on, so it appeared they listened to our demands from the last dream. My group walked up to the front gate, seeing some of the survey corps already standing there waiting. They tried to convince us to turn back as our last chance before the attack happened, with their swords already out. In the middle of conversation one of them rushed at me and tried cutting my head off. Quick enough to call it instinct, I was able to stop the blade with my hand and shattered it. Seeing the risk to the other teammates and wanting to add impact, I used mass telekinesis to shatter all the other swords pointed at us in what appeared to the characters as a result of the impact. Our group transformed and the fight began. With our appearance several of the buildings in and out of the base had their windows shattered as countless survey corps attempted to end the fight before we could cause any destruction.

    With all the soldiers coming out, some were slicing at legs and other at arms but I noticed they were not aiming for the nape for some reason. Since the colossal titan already transformed, he ran into the center of the base to completely crush everything there. I was trying to defend myself by flinging the people attached to my arms and stomping at those near my legs, but the amount of people was much higher than in any other fight. Looking to check on the other titan, he was already on the ground with no limbs left. Even without aiming for the weak spot, disabling the titan brought him down and made the nape much easier to hit for the kill. It was too late for me to save them, but their strategy was now clear. The other titans surrounding the base started transforming in an attempt to overwhelm the survey corps, but I could see countless soldiers come out the buildings near them as well. This was clearly meant to be a fight between the entirety of both teams.

    I restricted my dream control to only what my titan could reasonably do, as I wanted it to be a fair fight. With each group rushing at the barracks, there were three other titans that were very quickly cut down by all the soldiers slicing at their limbs. I started trying something similar to my titan sized sword in a past dream through spinning blades around my limbs to cut the cords off the soldiers surrounding me. Even if they were not killed by the blades, they would eventually lose both cords and either fall to their deaths or be unable to come back up. The colossal titan is capable of releasing a ton of superheated steam at once for a massive explosion, so we got him to do that even if it hit other titans. Although some titans were hurt by the blast, it terribly burnt and even killed some of the survey corps surrounding the titans. Between the blasts of heat, one of the soldiers were able to launch themselves up at the colossal titanís nape and take it down.

    Even if we were able to take down most of the survey corps, about half of the titans have already been killed. I began forming spikes and blades from the ground near the other titans to defend them, and that brought the soldiersí attention to me. To end the fight, getting them all to attack me would prevent me from needing to run at every single soldier. Once every soldier was on me, I formed walls in all directions to close them in with me. Having it close off as a dome, they were unable to escape. With their teamwork they were able to cut my body down and even decapitate my titan form, but my ability to move my human body within kept those attacks from finishing me off. Reforming limbs and spikes with the hardening as they kept fighting eventually brought me to not even resemble a humanoid shape anymore.

    It was difficult to get the last few survey corps as they continued dodging and cutting at my endless spikes but eventually they were worn down along with their equipment through running out of swords or gas. Once I finally got to one soldier left, I took down the titan form to fight them one on one as a human. Bringing out my own blade against their last sword, we were able to talk as we fought. Complimenting each otherís strategies and skill, we somewhat bonded even as clear enemies. Our swords finally snapped, and we were able to come to an agreement. Although we had the plan to wipe all the survey corps out, I would want to fight this soldier again. We chose to end the fight as a draw, and I made a way for them to leave the walls I formed without the other titans noticing. On pulling down the walls, the rest of the titans saw there was no one left and claimed victory. Those of us left were able to gather for a celebration in a successful ending to the pr. I doubt I would return to this specific pr but there is enough left over for the pr to continue developing if I were to come back.

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