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    The world of Lyseno

    Friday June 9th 2023

    by , 06-12-2023 at 05:01 AM (219 Views)
    Ah, too many people here.

    Am walking around, become lucid while going the corner of the street and then see a lot of dogs come by. That scares me and then they start barking at me. My ex-phobia doesn’t helps but thankfully it’s a dream so just crush them with gravity and once they start to whimper let go and look at them run away.

    Teleport out of the way and end up on a city, I don’t like cities. Jump down and fall on the ground forgetting cities at night are filled with people, and everyone is now looking at me since I am completely fine unlike the concrete around me… damn.

    People start screaming and some cops come and point their guns at me, what? So when someone falls from the sky and may be hurt, your first reaction is to point your guns at them? I look at them in disappointment and then they start opening fire… yeah no. Stop the bullets with gravity making them all go down to the ground, take the guns with TK and then push everyone back with wind blades.

    That kind of kills them, but it’s ok they started attacking first. Some more cars are coming my way a few kilometres from where I am at so crush them also with gravity before waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking around the street, become lucid… once lucid get mad, I am still mad about yesterday. Want to kill so many people right now. Keep walking to cool down and let off some steam, while doing so end up finding some people so just teleport to another quieter street.

    While walking realize there is a huge wall, so this seems to not be a street… people are coming out, a lot of people. This is a “vecindad”, it seems. Meaning that I will get even further annoyed. Teleport to the roof before people realize I am there and just jump through a few roofs until I reach the end of town.

    Jump and then do an air jump, this time hitting harder so I can reach further up, over to a forest and just sit down to relax and meditate before I wake up.
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