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    The world of Lyseno

    Wednesday June 7th 2023

    by , 06-12-2023 at 05:01 AM (234 Views)
    Reading is fun.

    Am on the phone, become lucid because it has 0 weight and then just decide to browse for future mangas that are upcoming… but then decide against it. Toss the phone aside and start flying towards a volcano that is close to our house. That guys been giving trouble so far and I want to go watch it.

    End up getting blurry vision while flying over there and start to fall down… damn I really am weak right now. Settle down on the ground and start to meditate, once I am feeling better get up and then something comes down crashing.

    It is an airplane, it crashes in front of me but manage to grab its head and stop it. Don’t do much besides that before waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    Am walking on the street.

    Become lucid while walking and decide I shall be doing something else, so prepare to leave when something catches my eye.

    There is nobody outside! Start to try and scan and apparently it is like 3am right now in this world and people are all asleep. And yet I see some sun light?

    This is strange. Look up and surely there is some small star circling around, check with Scan and apparently this small star is moving around a bigger one, binary star system? Well that makes sense but we shouldn’t be receiving star light… oh, but there is also several moons ok that makes sense.

    End up finding that to most people this current light is toxic so literally nobody stays up this late or even works at this hour, so I can just take my sweet time exploring.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking around the street, become lucid while doing so and once lucid decide I will explore to the centre of the town. End up finding a library, so teleport inside and then use Scan to find interesting books.

    There are a few on occult stuff but right now feeling like reading something about adventure, which is exactly what I do. The story isn’t all that good but the whole series is like 9 books long and they are relatively short so should be able to find them in a day or so.

    Towards half the book, where I learn that the main protagonist was actually not real, realize that even if I can finish quickly that doesn’t means I can finish fast enough inside of a dream… damn. Teleport outside and instead start flying towards space while reading to try and stay longer in the dream and plan to make time be mine, but wake up due to my alarm going off.
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