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    1. Spirit world - Day 28

      by , 04-28-2018 at 10:19 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday April 28th 2018

      Been a while since I saw earth creatures!

      A lot of dreams tonight, so just jounraling the end.

      After searching again for a password, got taken towards a small town with a lot of small buildings and a lot of people. Couldn't find what I was saerching for in there but instead found that there was some creature here who hosted the spirits in here to grow stronger in power.

      It was some kind of witch that would make the people or spirits in miserable to the point of making them cry, then she would absorb those negative thoughts and tears and become stronger, while the desire to die and fear would be absrobed by her mate or in this case the clown from "It" both were apparently born from the sadness of a single spirit and they took conciousness of their own and then used the spirits to stay alive.

      I start to make the other spirits happy and they realize this and start to search for the one in fault of liberating spirits. I count their feeding on just one spirit at a time and also find that they are already strong enough with just that.

      It feels weird having to fight like this, the world seems real similar but it works differently. Try not to think too deep about the whole situation and instead start summoning a few meds to take off the effects of depression from the other spirits. The witch is the one searching around for me and I end up getting discovered while injecting the medicine to one of the creatures, I mean spirits...

      I have to run and she starts to chase me and orders everyone to find me, make sure I can actually function like I used to and then start to absorb the illness from one of the spirits, which does give me that negative strenght I used to have before, FINALLY!

      Quickly run to the main garden and everyone starts to surround me. The witch appears and she commands them to hunt me down. When the first man comes next to me I grab him and start to eat his ill energy, he starts to lose his human signals and becomes a white-shaped shadow, I let him fall down and tell her I am not just any kind of food, but rather a hunter too.

      She gets mad and orders them to move away then she casts something and makes lightning strike down. I manage to evade and then trap her inside of a magic circle, then prepare to eat her when the other one who looks like "It" comes forth and tries to bite off my arm. Make my arm catch on fire and he lets go, then they start to absorb everyone themselves.

      THey finish absorbing everyone and then jump at me. I grab a hold of the energy and shoot everyone down with the building itself then jump on top of IT and then bite off its arm. Its head turns towards me and he bites at me so I vomit fire inside his mouth and then feel trapped. There is ice all around me. Make myself catch on fire again and it starts to melt, then take control of the water and shot ice spikes outwards like a porcupine.

      The witch stops it and thinks they won't be able to defeat me this way, so instead they absorb each other and then come at me. I jump high onto the sky and then make the clouds next to us come to my aid, they make them turn black and I make the ice trap them, they make it go by manipulating all energy around and then grab a hold of me, they hug me tightly and I can't move.

      I start to struggle and then see them opening up their mouth so I take my chance and start to absorb their negative energy, they stop and toss me to the ground then remembering about how I used such energy to my benefit before allow all of my depression to come forth and then use it as a kind of spell. THey let down more lightning and I let up a wall of earth then start to chant to myself and the lightning goes to them.

      They teleport elsewhere and I fly towards them, shot them with a giant fireball and then make the buildings come to me and use htem as a shield when they are close enough, then create giant mouts to try and eat them. THey manage to evade the attack and then find themselves trapped inside of a giant wall of flames which they try to put out just to find themselves in a place void of everything. THey form a small coccoon that I then eat and just fly down, quite content with myself.
    2. Spirit world - Day 27

      by , 04-28-2018 at 09:54 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday April 27th 2018

      All of them are there to protect, it seems?

      The first thing I remember is been at home. I hate been at home... prefer so much more to be elsewhere. There were a lot of people outside so go up the stairs and figure I should go somewhere else. Try to teleport and it kind of works but it isn't the teleportation I enjoy so much.

      Talk to some people about food and end up making them the food, eat before leaving and then find a good place in top of a mountain where I'm flying towards, but wake up before arriving.

      Back to sleep.

      Reading something on the house... get lucid and go over to the bathroom. Not sure what to do now. I remember my goal of talking to someone... no, it was something different. Teleport with that goal and the person in my head and end up in a big area full of grass, nothing else can be seen in the horizon.

      When looking around remember about hte goal to get the password and then raise my hand, use the spirit energy of the dream and force it to show me what the password is. Two enormous buildings start to come from within the grassfields and things start to feel weird, a quaking comes forth and once the two buildings finish coming through, they start to sprout feathers like crazy.

      At some point the feathers start to fall down as if they were snow towards the ground, I quickly make a wind-blade and cut the buildings in two to see if the password is inside, however there is nothing in there. All I can see is a hollow shell of feathers from the inside too, what is the password then? End up waking up without been able to find anything about it.

      Back to sleep.

      I am reading inside my home again... put it down and realize the weight is wrong. Stand up and go to the kitchen to eat something, once I am done go to the bathroom and then think about hte dream from before.

      I have to go ahead and search for head, but where to? I try to teleport to him again and to figure out the meaning of the password at the same time. When I arrive find myself in front of a giant waterfall and nothing else is there.

      What does this mean? A persons aura shows up but there is nothing in there. Why. Start searching around but there is only the waterfall. At some point it starts to fill something and once its filled I can see fish start to show up and swim around, salmon? They look normal and the aura gets stronger, then the fish start to become flashy, their scales! From the inside they have nothing like the buildings but the scales are shiny like the feathers... why? I try to think of something but can't really get anything down. Just keep playing with the fish until it is time to wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am in the bathroom. Get lucid while in the water but then realize I am not in the bathrom, but rather I am in the waterfall from before and then it leads me towards a city? I am in the top of a building and then see something on the distance.

      The fishes were gone, so assume this is a third tip towards the password. When I continue walking find the sphere hides itself, it was flying and unlike the other two this one had movement? ALRIGHT! Fly towards it before it can completely conceal itself and then find it in a supermarket.

      The thing starts to fly when I spot it and tries to get away, so I pursue and end up chasing it all the way down to a cristal made building, where I manage to grab it and crush it down against the place, but the thing as well as the other 3 was void, GAH!
    3. Spirit world - Day 7 - 26

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:59 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday April 7th 2018 - Thursday 26th 2018

      Didn't do much during that time other than explore and try to get stronger.
      Found some place far away from the gate with some mountain range and next to it a small city, settled down there and now whenever I go to sleep find myself in there at the first dream of the night, seems useful at least.
    4. Spirit world - Day 6

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:52 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday 6th April 2018

      After much practice, figured I needed to try with more materialistic worlds from the other vengeful spirits that leaved outside my area.

      And so went back to the place with the gate, asked hte person in charge and she said that if I could go back through the trial she would let me go back to my previous life, but she did not understand such a decision.

      I took the trial when she saw that the other people were coming here to get rid of me, or in other words to destroy my soul. Finished the trial as quickly as possible and once it was done took my sweet time creating much better weapons and shooting everyone down with ice spikes, then using the leeches by controlling my own energy and making them suck on their energy then shooting them upwards, making their bodies explode to try and open up a hole so that I could leave the spirit place.

      That did not work properly, since I ended up getting back down and oculd not maintain the door for long enough to leave. Whatever.
    5. Spirit world - Day 5

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:44 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Thursday 5th April 2018

      I did a lot of experiments to try and make a new body for me and leave this place, but they were all too weak. I wanted to make something strong enough to take my revenge on the elven kid and the ferdinand idiot as well as travel to the new world I had wanted t ogo to first of all.

      Things became complicated, because the quality of living beings was so low that I needed an incredible amount of power to make something like what I wanted, power I did not yet have. Decided instead to just train.
    6. Spirit World - Day 4

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:39 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday APril 4th 2018

      So much to do! Ended up having a lot of issues with the people again, fighting them and having to make a house for myself. My control got much better of the spirit energy and I could make a stalemate but they kept on getting more and more numbers which made it difficult for me to work with it.

      Also made some experiments with the whole situation and learnt how to condense spirit energy to such a degree, mix it in with my revenge as they call it and make it into solid matter from the other realm. It does dissapear as it gets sent back to the normal world but there isn't an issue with that. Woke up while experimenting
    7. Spirit World - Day 3

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:36 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday April 3rd 2018

      In this one, I was mostly fighting the guys who already stablished themselves in the spirit energy area who wanted to make me leave since I was dangeorus. They were much stronger than me in controlling the energy and I learned that outside it was much like physical reality because of creatures like me who refused to let go of their revenge.

      I agreed that I should leave, but didn't know how and kept on fighting them for the rest of hte night.
    8. Spirit world - Day 2

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:30 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday April 2nd 2018

      I was getting bored, since I could get food and water easily and was mostly just doing nothing.
      Started training a bit and found out that I could do simple magic by manipulating the spirit force present within me, but it was so slight and so meaningless that it was like I got back to square one.

      At the very least, I could use basic magic and basic elemental manipulation. Kept working on that and discovered that in this world the framing of matter was based off of thoughts from the spirits themselves and where I was at was basically an area of just energy and that is why I had such a hard time manipulating elements.

      Got to process the energy and what not, but that made others come closer, woke up before they got anything out of me thouhg
    9. Spirit world - Day 1

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:23 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday April 1st 2018

      It was a difficult thing to get to the spirit world.

      To begin with, I was dropped somewhere in front of a giant gate. The gate was kind of beatiful with brown sculptures at the top, small ones but sculptures none the less.

      I tried to go back where I came from but had lost a lot of the powers I had gained from the adventures with the elven kid which made things complicated. Eventually found that after the gate I could talk to someone who was in charge of the spirit world and wanted me to enter some kind of "resting" area for spirits so we would lose our revengeful self. I had to go there in order to stay well since this place had no food and I was not a spirit per se.

      Had to go through some stupid trial where I got attacked by some weird leech specimen and it was disgusting... there was a pond also. Had to stay in a weird pond place and hunt my own food.
    10. The hell you doing boy...

      by , 04-28-2018 at 06:22 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      March 31st 2018

      In this one, I was going on a normal expedition for work. When the elven kid and I finished he told me he wanted to go back to the place where his dad dissapeared at was.

      When we were there, he was making some kind of memorial thing, didn't pay it much attention since that was something special for him. Before he finished however he mentioned how he thought that I was a spirit again moved by vengeful thoughts and that I should go to the spirit realm.

      I laughed a bit and told him that he was obviously wrong and there was no reason for him to think that way for me, but then he finished the thing he had on the sand and I was absorbed there as well as a spirit and trapped inside the spirit world of that place before I knew what to do, DAMN. Will also kill the elven kid once I am out.
    11. Comp day 14 - Ah, you have a father

      by , 04-28-2018 at 06:12 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday March 30st 2018

      The only thing I remember is the layout of the dream.

      SO basically, I was going adventures with the elven kid because we were asked to go someplace and discovered a crazy scientist doing experiments nearby.

      The elven kid had some friends I didn't know about who were also helping with tracking down the person, I felt a bit weird about that but whatever. We took to pusuing the weird guy.

      Finally after searching for the guy for a long time, we managed to find and trap him in a small room with some sand. The elven kid then said that it was his father and he wanted to fight him.

      I tried to let the elven kid fight the guy but he lost and was on the floor quickly. I take over and use water on the guy to turn the tables, but he seems immune. Use then an exploding earth trick I learnt sometime ago and start to do some damage, the guy says it is dangerous with a smile and dissipates through the vents of sand and then dissapears as a spirit. The kid I think gets the wrong idea from that and stays silent, whatever.
    12. Comp Day 8 - 13 SO sad

      by , 04-02-2018 at 05:07 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Not been able to sleep for such a long time, was time wasting. On the bright side might be a good start to a great job, on the bad side couldn't do much and the elven kid started to get more and more ideas as time went on in regards to my origins.

      Can't tell he was wrong, to some degree in the current dream body I am nothing more than a spirit or soul, and he thought ofm e as a kind of soul that was lost and was jumping from body to body searching for something. But whatever.

      From 24th to 29th march 2018
    13. Comp Day 7 - Of curses and angels

      by , 03-30-2018 at 04:59 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday March 23rd 2018

      I was walking around the street, became lucid while walking and it seemed like the kid was about to buy something when he realized that I was there and told me the boss was looking for me.

      He started by saying something about a curse that we had to cure in an important building, I was bored by the history and wasn't that happy at all, so just told him I would be going soon and woke up.

      Back to sleep.

      Sitting in front of a desk, someone passes me over something that is heavy and become lucid because of that... ok? The boss says she already realized that I get stronger when something heavy comes my way so that is why she passed it over. oh well damn how clever of her!

      So she is saying that we have this new job about protecting a super ancient structure of a weird religious cult and make sure that nothing bad happens to it.

      I am forced into the building and nothing is done for a long time. All I do is phase through the walls and people in order to scare them thinking I am some kind of evil spirit and that's about it.

      Back to sleep.

      Waiting for something to happen, become lucid while waiting and... oh, damn. Get bored right away and someone walks from the outside and throws something at us. I stop it with TK and place it down to which they answer that this place is really cursed.

      I hear some music from outside so try to phase and suddenly the angel statues start moving and attacking me! I grab them and kick them some, but for some reason my powers are blocked? Destroy one of the statues then fly outside and find that they are doing some kind of ritual with a doll.

      Go over to them, grab the doll, break it and scream at them for making me angry then phase back to the building and apparently I can use all my powers again yay!... no wait, destroyed one of the statues myself. So get it all together again using TK and then paste it with earht bending powers and pretend nothing ever happened before waking up and letting all the blame fall on the elven kid yes.
    14. Comp Day 6 - No jobs today

      by , 03-30-2018 at 04:28 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Thursday March 22nd

      I was home with the elven kid, became lucid while he was trying to cook. Spend most of the time in the dreams with the kid trying to cook something decent but he really does suck at it.

      Eventually took over AGAIN and taught him how to cook at least some rice and eggs, then gave him the food to taste and ate with him, we were taking turns on using the body. I think he appriciated that, asked if there was anything the boss told him to do but it seemed that no, there was no job for us today.
    15. Day 5 Comp - Cause I hate you

      by , 03-23-2018 at 04:42 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday March 21st 2018

      It was a short night, but still fun.

      Walking around a park, seems to be a day off? Become lucid midway and ask the kid why he is in a park, he seems to be super depressed about last night. He is sad that I was frustrated about his weakness and wants to become stronger, he also believes I hate him.

      Explain to him that I do not hate him and then ask him if he knows how to read. Take him to a library and he seems to be able to read just fine, so we choose something from there that can be read quickly since I will be waking up.

      He chooses a manga about vampires oddly similar to Noblesse and I find that super cute, so tell him I will give him something special today because I hate him.

      Back to sleep.

      Reading a manga, become lucid while flipping the pages due to the weight; once I am lucid tell the kid which character he liked the most and then we teleport inside of the manga using the power I stole from the guy at the lab the other day.

      Once inside, he gets hyper and does not realize that we are right now playing the role of a powerless creature so we end up going in circles and getting tired...

      Back to sleep.

      Going up some stairs, I feel super afraid for some reason and have to go back down. Become lucid once I'm at the bottom and then realize that the character is afraid of heights. The kid is still having fun.

      We get attacked by some people and we punch them, then move to another location and the kid starts explaining to me that in a few minutes a vampire will come and bite us, oh how fun! I in the meantime tell him will wake up and take off the alarm.

      Back to sleep.

      Looking at a pond, become lucid while standing up. The vampire does come and bites us, then he sends 3 dogs to attack us. We are supposed to wait for one of hte good vampires to come and save the day but I like fighting too much.

      Make a bow and arrow with magic and shot one dog, jump to the left and stab another with the bow then shot the last one with my bow again on the head and done, the other vampire is scared because the good guy arrived.

      In the meantime let the kid take control and use my new vampire powers to create another limb to stop the vampire blood from advancing further into their body so he now has two hearts. Everyone seems to be amazed by that and I just lay low and let the kid have fun, because I hate him.
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