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    The world of Lyseno

    Monday June 5th 2023

    by , 06-12-2023 at 05:00 AM (219 Views)
    Not much done, galaxy jump.

    I was eating something, became lucid while doing so and go outside. Look around and donít see much of anything to do, fly outside of the planet and end up looking at the moon. A few rocks pass me by and it actually looks good so just watch all of that and do nothing else.

    Back to sleep.

    Reading something online, become lucid while scrolling down and get out of the room, go eat something from the fridge then get outside and jump over to another world and back to DW.

    End up in the middle of space so not much is done other than watching space. I am feeling tired in waking life and also tired in dreams to some extent so just make sure to clean myself taking advantage of the void of space.

    Clean my body, take out any impurities, make sure my web of dimensions is still tattooed in my cells and that I am still using my training skill.

    Back to sleep.

    Was talking to myself, become lucid while doing so and decide to leave. I liked the view from before and so teleport back to the space location was on. Could see a few galaxies really far away from me so teleport on the event horizon of one and then use the force generated to create a fake foothold and jump as far out as I could.

    The event horizon didnít give much and nearly destroyed the galaxy while jumpingÖ this time just create the foothold myself and keep on jumping like that. At first I only get as far as a few light years but with enough practice, and protecting the structure of each galaxy and creating the footholds with TK so that nothing breaks down allow myself to jump far enough that I can travel between galaxies while jumping. Thatís so much fun actually, that keep doing it before waking up.
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    1. DorianMask's Avatar
      Makes me think of No Man's Sky, is your 'scan' a similar ability to the POI locater there?