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    Destiny - First Contact

    , 03-05-2012 at 03:24 AM (3477 Views)
    "Destiny" is a recurring dream scenario.
    It is the name of the first faster than light spaceship, on a controversial mission to investigate a signal that can only be of alien origin.
    Here's a summary of current events:
    Recurring dream about a spaceship mission to find extraterrestrial life. - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

    I have had a few more dreams about Destiny, but none of them drove the plot further.
    I always find myself in the cockpit starting at instruments, but nothing ever happens.
    Tonight something did happen.

    We're all strapped tightly into our seats.
    It is time.
    A female computer voice is counting down to zero.
    Once the countdown runs out we will begin the breaking maneuver to get out of ftl.
    It will last approximately 20 minutes, which will most likely be rather unpleasant.
    The artificial gravity system will compensate most of the g-forces, but if the acceleration maneuver was any indication
    then there will be a considerable amount of vibrations.

    My assumptions weren't off.
    The first few minutes of deceleration weren't too bad, If I had to venture I guess I'd estimate that we are experiencing about 2 g's right now.
    However, after more than 10 minutes, this gets tiring and stressful.
    The skin on your face feels like it is trying to peel itself off.
    And that's the time when the vibrations start.

    The hyperdrive is designed to operate at a specific speed, and it turns out that it does so surprisingly well.
    However during the acceleration and deceleration phase, when the ship is still at ftl but far below the optimal operation speed,
    saying that it is running sloppy would be putting it mildly.
    Imagine an old car engine with a rough idle and a piston not firing properly.
    Now imagine that engine having enough power to propel 400 tons with ease.

    It's not just the vibrations, it's being shaken around what really wears you down.
    The noise of the ftl drive is phenomenal though.
    It is the sound of raw power; The sound of a thousand lions roaring over the echo of a thunderstorm.

    I can barely appreciate the view. My eyes are focused on the main console, expecting a warning light to go off any second.
    I miss most of the spectacle right in front of me. Slowing down to the speed of light, the view gradually shifts through the color spectrum, producing all sorts of fractal patterns.
    But no alarm goes off. No warning light. Not even a check light.
    As we drop below the speed of light, we are shortly blinded by a flash of light.

    The vibrations and the g-forces gradually decrease.
    We are back in normal space, coming to a stop.
    Finally! Those 20 minutes felt like an eternity.

    "Initiating hyperdrive cool down phase."
    "Hyperdrive will be available in approximately 20 hours."

    We'd better hope so.
    Without the hyperdrive it would take a few thousand years to get back home.
    It is safe to say that without it, we are screwed.

    Everyone's pretty nervous. Nobody knew what to expect, but we were all expecting something.
    We find ourselves not too far from a blue gas giant.
    It doesn't seem to have any moons.
    I find this a bit disappointing though I have no idea what I had in mind.
    An inhabited planet? That would have been a bit ridiculous I guess.

    But then a vague beep catches my attention.
    The most important beep I will ever hear in my entire life.
    The HUD highlights a location close to the gas station and has it marked as "UNK_00000"
    UNK stands for unknown artificial object.
    Non-artificial objects are marked with AST for asteroid instead.
    UNK can be anything from an unofficial or military satellite to space debris.
    But this time it is none of those.

    It is in fact an alien space station orbiting the gas giant.
    This is the only time where calling something alien is not premature.
    Who else could have built an artificial structure orbiting a planet hundreds of light years away from earth?
    We plot an interception course and point all of our sensors at the structures.

    Catching up with the planet doesn't take very long, but synchronizing the orbit is a more time consuming task.
    You can't just point the ship into the general direction of the space station and hit the throttle.
    If you go too slow you get caught by the gravity of the planet, if you go too fast your orbit becomes elliptic.

    The wait is painful. There are so many questions.
    Is there anyone there? If so, how are we going to communicate? How will we make contact? ...

    ... We sit in front of the station for a prolonged period of time, trying to find out all sorts of things with the on-board scanning devices.
    The station has begun to light a path towards what appears to be some sort of hangar bay.
    It is clearly inviting us in...

    ... We have landed inside of the hangar, which surprisingly seems to be pressurized.
    There must be some sort of force field in place keeping the air inside.
    The air mixture is mostly nitrogen / oxygen... just like on earth.
    A single hallway leads out of the hangar.
    It is again lit by lights inviting us to step inside...

    ... I am walking through the corridor in a pressure suit, accompanied by our language and culture specialist.
    We're not wearing the suits because the air isn't breathable, we're just afraid that if we do encounter any other living organism in here,
    we might be contaminated by potentially dangerous bacteria.
    The atmospheric scanners on the ship found the air to be sterile though...

    ... We enter a big, well lit room.
    It is divided into two by a transparent wall...

    ... We are not alone ...

    On the other side of the wall, a humanoid being is waiting.
    I become so incredibly nervous that the feeling becomes so intense that I can no longer feel it.
    I just walk forward.
    Thousands of questions answered within a split second.
    Are we alone? Is there other intelligent life?
    But those are immediately replaced by an identical amount of new questions.
    Why would other intelligent life be humanoid? Why do they look so similar?
    The odds for that are so insanely low.
    Anyone who knows the basics of evolution would tell you that the likelihood of extraterrestrial life being similar to us is so low it is ridiculous.

    Yet here I am, approaching this woman who looks more similar to humans with every step I take.
    Eyes, eyebrows, a nose, a mouth, teeth, ears, two hands with 5 fingers each, thumbs.
    Her hair is very different, it looks very organic, almost plantlike.
    Her skin texture is also slightly different, but the only thing that is really obvious at first glance are her hair and her clothes.

    She smiles.
    I am so close now.
    I look into her eyes, without any plans on what to do.
    I just follow my curiosity.

    Her eyes... they remind me of something.
    They are so vivid. So detailed.
    I need to see them more clearly.

    I unlock my helmet and take it off.
    I don't worry about the consequences, I don't even think of them.
    I have to see.

    I approach the transparent wall until I am nearly touching it with my face.
    I take of my right gauntlet and press my hand against the wall.
    She does the same with her left hand.
    Our hands would be touching if there was no wall separating us now.

    I can now see her eyes clearly.
    I know those eyes.
    Those eyes so vibrant and colorful that they defy the capabilities of human vision.
    Those eyes with an unlimited amount of detail.
    The deeper you stare into them, the more details you can see.
    It would be so easy to get lost in them.

    I have only met three woman with such eyes in my life.
    One is Yuya, another is the "hibiscus girl". http://www.dreamviews.org/blogs/hyu/...verload-23438/

    The last is a mysterious woman from the future. A "twinner" as MoSh would say... http://www.dreamviews.org/blogs/hyu/...s-women-15610/

    Is is her...
    Those eyes I wouldn't forget in a million years. They are so unique and the memory of them so powerful.
    It is her, in the form of an extraterrestrial being.

    This leads me to the obvious and only possible conclusion.
    I am dreaming.
    This is a dream.

    I am not sure whether to be sad or amazed about this.
    I feel both, so strong that I cannot distinguish between them.

    She whispers something, but her voice cannot penetrate the wall.
    My desire to know what she said is so incredibly strong I can only barely bear it.

    The wall slides away and she hugs me tightly.
    I am so confused, so full of joy, so ultimately sad.
    My hands are shaking, I can barely stand. I have no control over my body.
    She whispers in my hear with the most gentle voice I have ever heard:


    The dream fades away.

    I wake up still full of confusing emotions.
    I can't decide whether I am overwhelmed by this amazing experience or by the sadness of the feeling that this "story" might have come to an end.
    I think "This is why I dream"
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    1. bust113's Avatar

      What did she mean by "Soon"? Was it about the dream ending or something else?
      Hyu likes this.
    2. Voidwalker's Avatar
      Wow, this left me hanging on edge.
      Hyu likes this.
    3. Hyu's Avatar

      What did she mean by "Soon"? Was it about the dream ending or something else?
      I don't know. It wasn't about the dream ending, she said in in a way suggesting that a major event was about to occur.
      Apart from that, I really have no idea.
    4. fOrceez's Avatar
      Almost a reply to my thread, eh? Great dream, Hyu, thanks for sharing! Might I ask- do you have natural recall, or do you have to work for it?
      Hyu likes this.
    5. Yomi's Avatar
      Its like I'm reading the best DJ ever!

      Its so wonderful...
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    6. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      This is incredible.
      Hyu likes this.
    7. Marlowe's Avatar
      Once again, another amazing dream Hyu. Thanks for sharing!
      Hyu likes this.
    8. Coolb3rt's Avatar
      I almost cried.. wait... *sniff* alright I cried.
      Hyu likes this.
    9. Hyu's Avatar
      Almost a reply to my thread, eh? Great dream, Hyu, thanks for sharing! Might I ask- do you have natural recall, or do you have to work for it?
      I used to have really good recall as a child.
      Nowadays I have to work for it though. If I don't my dream recall quickly drops to near zero.
      fOrceez likes this.
    10. Dark_Merlin's Avatar
      I... wow. I've been wondering where the story of the Destiny was going to end up! I can't imagine how strangely confused and intrigued you must have been when you woke up from this dream - it's hard to even think about and elaborate on the story - the strange mix of just a certain few points in time where Yuya seems to be a common theme and very important. I really hope you have another of these dreams so you can finish off the story for yourself or find some answers!
      Hyu, Coolb3rt and MadMonkey like this.
    11. MadMonkey's Avatar
      One of the most beautiful things I have ever read. You had me right on the edge of my seat when you saw the alien. I could feel your emotions and confusion when you realized that it was a dream.
      Hyu likes this.