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    First lesson in time dilation

    , 04-20-2012 at 09:17 PM (1395 Views)
    A similar music track played during the training part of this dream:

    I'm some sort of private investigator, and I'm searching for evidence with 2 coworkers in an apartment.
    I quickly realize that I don't seem to have any gloves on me and ask one of my friends to give me some.
    After putting on the gloves I go to the kitchen and start opening all the cabinets.
    I wonder what I'm looking for...

    "Hey, what are we looking for again?"
    "Are you serious?"
    "Uuh... yeah..."
    "*sigh* we're looking for a quantum accelerated pipe."

    ... wait what?

    "Like, for smoking?"
    "For smoking weed, yes."

    A quantum accelerated... wtf?
    I keep searching and end up finding the most glorious of smoking devices I have ever seen.
    It seems to be made out of some sort of glass and it glows in all kinds of colors, depending on how you angle it against the light.
    But then finally it dawns on me... a quantum accelerated pipe... yeah... right...

    I rub my hands and further investigate the pipe.
    I am sad to find out that it isn't loaded. I would have loved to smoke some weed.

    I remember that Yuya told me that I should break out of the dream plot when I become lucid.
    Oh! And she wanted to teach me about time dilation!
    I become very excited and quickly teleport myself to Teraluna.

    I end up in a flower garden. Yuya is attending to some flowers right in front of me.

    "Yuya Yuya Yuya"
    "Hi! Time dilation and stuff!"

    She grins.

    "Calm down! You're going to wake up."

    After attempting to get myself into a calmer state I take a look at my surroundings.
    The flower garden is beautiful. All of the flowers are very colorful and they smell great.
    I touch and smell some of them until I decide that the dream is perfectly stable.

    "So... the thing you call time dilation."
    "Well, for starters it isn't really time dilation."
    "I guess. I couldn't think of a better word to describe it."
    "Right. So, there's quite a few ways to approach this."
    "I'm pretty sure I know which way works best for you, but first of all we need to work on something else."

    "Well, it's sort of directly related."
    "Sure, what is it?"
    "Your awareness in dreams."
    "I've noticed that you sometimes are extremely aware when you're here, but only for short periods of time."
    "You experience awareness in short bursts rather than continuously"

    I quickly realize that she's spot on about that.

    "Yeah, now that you mention it, it's pretty bad."
    "Good, so first of all I am going to show you a technique to hold a certain level of awareness."

    She drops the flowers.

    "Let's go for a walk!"

    We walk through the flower garden and talk some more about time dilation.

    "Alright, stop!"
    "I want you to tell me the color of each flower on the plant we just passed, without looking."
    "Err, sure? Let's see... it was green, yellow, blue, yellow..."
    "No, you're cheating."
    "I am?"
    "You're using your sense of global awareness to tell what color they are without looking, what I need you to do is to remember what color they are."
    "What? All of them?"
    "Yes! I want you to remember every single detail of what you experience."
    "Let's keep walking and pay attention."

    This is going to be hard... like, really hard.
    Is it even possible to do this?

    "Sure it is, especially since you're dreaming. Remember when I told you the difference between focusing on something in waking life and in dreams?"
    "Oh yeah, that's right."

    I focus really hard on everything I see, even the smallest of details, and try to take mental note of them.
    We walk past a similar plant, with approximately 50 flowers on it.

    "From top to bottom, go!"

    I try to remember and surprisingly, accessing my memories feels natural and easy.

    "Red, red, yellow, blue, yellow... err, ultraviolet?, red, blue, blue..."

    I keep going through about 20 of them until Yuya stops me.

    "Hey hey, awareness!"
    "What? Was I wrong?"
    "No, but you're neglecting your awareness. Have you noted the details of the things we just passed?"
    "Oh... oops. Wow, this is hard."
    "Haha, see, just memorizing and remembering is easy."
    "What I want to teach you is to remain aware of your surroundings, even if you are focusing on something else."
    "If you can do that you should be able to continuously remain aware much more easily."

    This makes so much sense!
    Yuya is so amazing, why haven't I asked her about this before?

    We keep doing this. I memorize all the flowers including other details and try to recite them from memory without loosing awareness of the new surroundings I encounter through walking.
    It's really hard at first, but then it becomes surprisingly easy.
    I feel like a genius, having such amazing memory all of a sudden.

    Since I focus so hard on my vision, it becomes more and more intense.
    I can see beyond the color spectrum visible to the human eye.
    Ultraviolet and infrared, I can see them so clearly.
    They aren't red or violet at all, they are entirely different colors.
    The now 5 base colors start merging together to form new ones.
    Everything is so beautiful.

    It is so hard not to get distracted by this beauty. I have to remain aware of everything.
    But it works! I can quite literally feel my awareness leveling out and remaining strong as I go along.

    Yuya keeps asking me more and more difficult questions.

    "How did this plant smell like?"

    I can no longer answer these question with words, so I project my memories towards her, showing that I remember clearly.
    We go on like this for some more minutes.
    I feel like I have just achieved something major.
    I have never ever experienced such an amount of focus.

    We finally reach the end of the flower garden.

    "And stop!"
    "Yep, time to relax, you cannot possibly keep this up much longer."
    "Oh, I can't? It started to feel natural some moments ago."
    "Still, if you keep that level of focus up for too long your brain will just spontaneously break out of it."
    "You'll either loose all your awareness or even wake up."

    "So it would be a bad idea to try and do this all the time?"
    "Yes. You can do it for a limited period of time, for example during a battle where you need the extra focus."
    "What I'm teaching you is to remain at a constant level of awareness."
    "The important part here is that it is constant, not that it is on a level where you have surreal perception and memory."
    "The goal is to never let it drift below a certain threshold, this way dream stability should remain high."

    I understand her so well, her explanations are perfect.

    "It's just more efficient for you to learn it this way."
    "Not everyone is capable of achieving such a level of focus."
    "It's something you often find in dreamers that are experienced with dream battles."

    Dream battling has so many uses, how amazing.

    "So dream stability is directly related to your level of awareness?"
    "Well, yes, sort of. It's complicated."
    "It always is."
    "Actually, it is really simple... like most things."
    "Yeah right."
    "It's the painfully simple things the human mind cannot comprehend."
    "After all your mind is trained to understand the complexity of the waking world, not the simplicity of the dream world."

    Wow. That is deep.
    I have never thought of it this way.
    Yuya never ceases to amaze me.
    She just drops these mind blowing ideas on me, as if they were the most obvious things in existence.

    "Should I try to do this awareness technique in waking life?"
    "No. At least not right now. You said you have constant headaches."
    "Yeah, probably a bad idea."

    She smiles and gives me a big hug.

    "We'll continue this next time."
    "Wake up and write this down so you don't forget it."
    "I will! Until next time!"

    Wake up... Have I ever tried waking up from a dream that wasn't a nightmare?
    Heck, even a nightmare I haven't tried to wake up from in forever.
    I close my eyes and command myself to wake up with my inner voice.
    I feel a tingling sensation all over my body.

    I open my eyes.
    A quick nose plug RC confirms that I am awake and I start taking notes, excited to have taken my first step towards properly long dreams.

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    1. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      Great dream. I wonder where this is going with regards to time dilation!
      Hyu likes this.
    2. angie746's Avatar
      This dream is cool, I take it Yuya is your dream guide then?
      Hyu likes this.
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      This dream is cool, I take it Yuya is your dream guide then?
      I guess most people would say she's a spirit guide, but she personally doesn't like to be labeled as such.
      She says she's a spirit and a friend that has been in my dreams since my early childhood.
    4. Yomi's Avatar

      Do you practice WBTB?
      Hyu likes this.
    5. fOrceez's Avatar
      Sounds brilliant, hyu! Again, thanks for sharing!
      Hyu likes this.
    6. Hyu's Avatar

      Do you practice WBTB?
      Yeah, I WBTB whenever I have the time to spare because it helps my dream recall a lot.
    7. Coolb3rt's Avatar
      That was awesome!!

      When you were like, I want to start with time dilation I was thinking that I could just read a ton from your DJ every night.. But you still have to type it out LOL!
      Hyu likes this.
    8. Morten's Avatar
      It's the painfully simple things the human mind cannot comprehend.
      After all your mind is trained to understand the complexity of the waking world, not the simplicity of the dream world.
      That quote is so beautiful! I'm subscribing to your DJ right now.
      Hyu likes this.
    9. fOrceez's Avatar
      Hey again,
      Have you begun to practice this continuous awareness in waking life? How has this affected your dreams and/or lucidity?
      Hyu likes this.
    10. Hyu's Avatar
      I tried this extreme awareness thing in waking life once.
      It did not work at all.

      I only did it 3 times in dreams anyways.
      It was sort of a first step towards longer and more vivid dreams according to Yuya.
      And that's exactly what happened.
      My lucid dreams are gradually becoming more vivid and remain stable for longer periods of time without me worrying about it at all. (on average that is)

      I guess the awareness thing still sort of happens naturally during dream battles or similarly intense situations,
      and I really like to increase my vision so that colors become very vibrant.
    11. Spyyko's Avatar
      I am extremely impressed with the vividness of your subconscious dialogue, if not your spirit guide's. Do you have any advice on dream recall? You seem adept at it and I can't tell if it is a natural or learned ability. I have tried that dilation/awareness tactic in waking life also, and it is difficult, but I'd imagine it is healthy in making new connections in your brain corresponding with lucid dreaming and multitasking. Thank you for your response
      Hyu likes this.
    12. Hyu's Avatar
      I used to have natural recall, but that sort of vanished during my late teens.
      I had (and still have) to work for this level of recall.

      A big part of it is normal journaling. Whenever you wake up, close your eyes, recall your dreams, write everything down.
      If you don't have the time, just take quick notes to help you recall later when you have time.
      Back when I found DV and started to LD again I didn't have this level of recall though, even with regular journaling.
      What really helped was to challenge myself to remember more details every night.
      I started to take mental notes of things I encountered in my dreams in the hopes of better remembering them after waking up, and that actually helped a bunch.

      At some point I moved to conversations which I found a lot more difficult to remember.
      What really helped here were recurring dream characters.
      After some time you get to know them, the way they behave and speak, and it becomes much easier to remember their dialogues.

      The whole dilation thing (which is a really bad term, I call it "deep dreams" now) resulted from my urge to have longer and more vivid dreams.
      And that's exactly what it is, long and vivid dreams.
      I feel that vividness and length of dreams isn't really related to the quality of your recall... at least not once you reach a certain level of recall.
      If you have good recall you can remember entire dreams from beginning to end, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the dreams are vivid.
      At least that's my personal opinion on that, I'm not sure what other people think.

      In a really vivid or "deep" dream, everything is so surreal that the thought that you are in a world created by your own mind feels utterly ridiculous.
      You can't help but think "this is real!"
      I want to experience that feeling as often as I can.
      Spyyko likes this.
    13. Spyyko's Avatar
      I used to have fantastic recall in my childhood as well, and had multiple DC's that recurred throughout my previous dreamscapes.
      I am nearly 17 though, and I've noticed that as the past couple years have progressed, dream recall has become much more difficult.

      I still have the occasional weekly/semi-monthly lucid dream, but my recollection and overall vividness has been dramatically affected.

      But reading your DJ's has inspired me to overcome whatever is restricting my recall, and I hope to find my dream guides once more, and hopefully a spirit guide
      Hyu likes this.
    14. Hyu's Avatar
      Sounds a lot like me.
      My recall greatly decreased around that age and nearly completely vanished.
      It went down to maybe a dream a month, possibly 1-2 lucids a year all the way until I discovered DV and that LD'ing was a thing at the age of 25. -_-

      Reading through some DJ's here on DV gave me the motivation to work on my recall so that I could experience similarly amazing things.
      And I'd say it paid off.

      Good luck with your recall!
      Spyyko likes this.
    15. Spyyko's Avatar
      I can tell it has! And thank you
      Hyu likes this.