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    Lucid Lesson: Managing Emotions

    by , 06-16-2015 at 11:59 PM (301 Views)
    It's sunset and I'm with some generated DCs in a white, mid-90s model van. We're all happy and hanging out. One of us, a guy, is driving us into the parking lot of a strip mall. Somewhere in here I become lucid and get outside of the van. Not sure what my intentions are, but I run and get in a car that looks like my car from waking life. I just get in, not intending on driving. I'm planning on getting back out, but I know the van is driving around this way and will park next to me and I worry that they'll park too close so I won't be able to open my door. But, the van pulls around and parks a couple spaces off to my left, facing the other way. The people spill out of the vehicle, gabbing cheerily, and I observe them.

    I start to notice that two of them, a guy and girl with light brown hair, are pretty attractive. I mull this over in my mind, trying to decide whether to initiate anything or not. It would be fun but would damage my lucidity. So, I slowly get out of the car and start walking over to them, still not completely decided. Suddenly, another girl from the group walks in front of me, in between me and the others around the van. She says something in a very loud, whiny voice and this grates on my nerves. I begin to get really angry, then I suddenly realize something. These DCs have been using my emotions to toy with me! I stop and calm myself, then look the DCs right in the eyes. They give me very powerful eye contact and their somewhat amused/excited faces seem to say, "Oohhh she gets it!" I smile back at them.

    I stand there in my awareness, feeling it and thinking, "What should I do?" I go to one of the group members, the brown-haired female, and ask her. She says, "You see that store over there? I want you to imagine what it feels like on a Sunday at Easter, like it is right now. Then I want you to imagine somebody in that store, then go in and talk to them." I say, "Okay," then sit there on the hood of the van, thinking, "Who should I put in the store?" As I think, a few seconds go by and people bustle in and out of the store front. Even a big, bay horse comes out, all on its own with no saddle or anything, though I don't pay much attention to this. Suddenly, LI is standing next to me and I ask him, "Who should I put in that store?" He says excitedly, "Maya Punjar!" and it seems like he really looks up to her. We're now standing very near the entrance to the store, off to the right of it. I stand there thinking, trying to remember who Maya Punjar even is, then some Indian actress pops up in my head and I say, "Ohh! I know who that is." Of course, I don't know of any Maya Punjar in waking life. I consider summoning her, then say, "Well that's not personal enough, what else you thinkin'?" LI replies as he turns and walks inside, but I don't catch what he says.

    I follow him into what now looks like a large house. There is no one else inside and it's kind of dim. He goes into a laundry room and floats up to the top right where the machines for some reason are. I float up next to him and ask him nicely to repeat what he said. He ignores me entirely, going about his business of switching laundry from washer to dryer. I get a little upset and ask him again, even nicer. Still no reply, but I'm determined to keep talking to him.
    Things get a little less lucid here and one of us (can't remember now) starts a conversation about some movie I watched or something. We talk for a minute or two, sitting on some green pleather bench in the laundry room, then I suddenly hear a car horn from outside. This shocks me into "remembering" that C, LU and LN are all waiting for me in a van (maroon this time) outside. I feel instantly bad for "forgetting" and I leap up to go. I tell LI bye as I'm leaving and give him a cock-eyed "eek"/"ohcrap" face.

    I run into the other room, grab my purse and head towards the door. A brown-haired lady cuts me off and it seems like she was coming back in to get me. I preempt her by saying, "I had to take a shit." I don't want everyone to know I was just sitting there talking to LI and forgetting about them. The lady says, "Okay, come on," and gets behind me as I walk towards the front door. I pass through another room, LU and LN's living room, and see them sleeping on the couches on there, close to the door. As I open it to go out, it wakes them and I turn and say bye. They blearily return my farewell and we exchange waves as I go out the door.

    I go to the van which is pulled up at the edge of the yard. There are trees all around and we seem to be in a semi-rural area or an underdeveloped part of town. LU is in the driver's seat, C is in the passenger seat and LN is asleep in the back behind him. I go the passenger door and just try to open it like normal, but my intention is to get into the back seat. C notices this and says, "What're you doin' tryin' to get in one side?" I realize my folly and get in the back seat where Sestma was and is no longer, then I wake up.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Congratulations on the lucid! Nice job turning things around on the DCs toying with you and having them play out your script for a while. Good work arresting the emotional spiral, too... for me, irritation, fear, etc. are much more challenging to get a handle on in dreams than in waking life!

      I preempt her by saying, "I had to take a shit."
      LOL. Ideal way to shut down anyone's urge to ask you a bunch of questions about "what were you doing in there for so long?"
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    2. imazu's Avatar
      Thanks! Yeah, dem emotions are so much more intense in dreams.

      And yeah, it seemed like the right thing to say
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