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    3 August - Unwanted Magician

    by , 08-05-2021 at 07:52 PM (462 Views)
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    I walked down the street, looked around and thought - "could this be a dream?" Everything seems normal. In the 1st split-second, I think clearly not, just like with reality questioning in reality, but then I think "it could very well be" and as I raise my hand to RC I already know the outcome.
    DC, who is walking towards me, looks at me as if he recognizes what I am doing and smiles. Meanwhile, I inwardly celebrate - "Yes!", but tone down my enthusiasm. I feel like enjoying the dream as it is, as long as possible, having fun, nothing complicated.
    Something is happening in front of me, something fantasy. Some sort of battle preparation or perhaps a LARP? I arrive in town and there are more people around. I come to a bush that has brittle dry branches and break off a large branch with the goal of turning it into a sword. But as I break it off, someone attacks me with a staff, and I block the attack. Turns out he just wanted to practice, and we try different attacks and parries.
    I'll keep my staff as a magician's staff. I'll remind myself it's a dream so I don't lose my lucidity. I go to a nearby building and there's someone in charge of battle preparations and wants my help with a little something. I'll help. Then he goes out that he needs to pick capable people and heroes. I say I'm happy to help with that (I mostly want him to pick me), but he doesn't really want my help and doesn't take me seriously.
    Everything out there now is a mix of fantasy and modern and there's quite a crowd. To my right, I hear some talk about lucidity and I turn around and there are two girls giggling. I ask if they're lucid dreaming too. They say they do, and they look happy. I congratulate them.
    I say to myself, that was a good reminder. And I think it's probably not true, since it's my dream and I don't believe in shared dreaming. But I suppress such thoughts - I don't want higher lucidity and I don't want to stir up a fuss or disturb the story with the truth. This dream is fully about the suspension of disbelief.
    I'm looking at some dresses on a rack outside a shop. Then I go inside where they have decorative cushions. I wonder when the dream will end, but I know I have plenty of time and there's no reason for it to end. I walk down the street away from the crowds and the shops.
    Then I want to go back again and notice I don't have my staff. I try "Accio staff!" and try to imagine it in my hand, including the feel of the wood. Nothing. I'm disappointed. Maybe it's because I can't see it. But if I could see it, I could use telekinesis. I decided that when I see it, I'll use TK. I want to go back to the commander and convince him to test me to show him I'm a mage.
    As I'm going back, I'm suddenly in a wheelchair and moving awfully slowly. It takes ages to get back...
    I start thinking about how I'm going to write the beginning of my lucidity in my DJ, and I think of the best wording in English, and how I'm going to post it on DV
    . And as the balance between me and the dream collapses, I wake up.

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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Since I'm a non-native speaker of the English language, I am now curious, do you typically dream in your own language or perhaps a mix?

      Myself, for the most part I think my dream characters usually either speak in the native language I expect them to speak or otherwise in English if they are not characters from waking life; I also almost always speak and think in English in dreams, but then that's not too different from waking life for me.
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    2. IndigoRose's Avatar
      I've been living in the UK for 7 years, so I think about it in this pattern: my native language - for friends from my home country and family, English - for everyone else, unless I am back in my home country.
      I think in English a lot, mostly about topics/activities I learned in English. In dreams, it is a weird mix. The biggest part happens through telepathy, the rest is a mix, with my native language being still dominant. In LDs, I use English more, because I often think about my goals or intentions in English (because I read about LDing exclusively in English) and this reflects in my choice of words. But I still mix it a lot.
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