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    Paper airplane

    by , 05-27-2021 at 10:04 AM (221 Views)
    I'm on a light green field with another boy that is maybe 6 years younger than me. He has some kind of drone and a controller and I have a paper airplane. I throw the airplane and I am being taken with it. I keep on flying and look down, I'm a bit scared I'm gonna fall. I see a forest with really tall trees and aim to fly over them. I succeed and a new landscape opens up. I look down between the tree tops and try to keep my height. I have to fly down in order to gain speed and aim for the boy from before. The flight is controlled and never goes faster than that you are able to acknowledge everything around you. I fly past the boy and touch his chin in order to show him that I'm here. He becomes annoyed in a playful way and I keep on flying until the dream is gone.

    Notes: I talked about drones with my family yesterday.
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