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    The Cat and the Murderer

    by , 03-06-2014 at 12:07 PM (469 Views)
    The dream starts with me arriving at "my home" somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Apparently it is a house we recently acquired, and by we in this dream I mean my father and me, although my father is only there briefly at the beginning of the dream. The house is very old and will need significant repair work. There also is no furniture in it yet I think in this first scene.

    When we arrive it is raining heavily, and my father expresses concern that the home's drains may not be good enough to handle it. And in fact in that moment, the rain is even heavier and the house starts to flood.

    Suddenly we notice a cat in our house. It is a very sad looking starved black cat. It eagerly hops into my arms to get away from the water. At some point while I am holding it, it no longer has fur, and is a naked cat with an almost human expression of suffering on its face. Later in the dream the cat has fur again though. I vaguely notice that the cat has a collar, but I ignore it, because I want this to be my cat.

    Another scene: there is no more rain, and a woman whom I know from church is in my house visiting, and I explain about the cat but that we have no cat food. She offers to go buy some. I request she buy two kinds for variety.

    I am walking on what appears to be a large stretch of land belonging to my home. I am holding the cat in my arms. And we are both content. I feel remorse though over still not having checked the collar, so I do. The cat's name is Sheri, and the names and address and phone number of her owners are listed. I am surprised that she is from the other side of the bay.

    I call the number. A teenager answers and she is delighted that the cat has been found. I give her my address and she will pick the cat up with her parents. After I hang up the cat seems to have an expression of delight on her face. Then a man appears who seems friendly at first but with a bit of creepy soon appearing. He fisrst appears outside.

    Then I am inside. The home now is fully furnished as it may have been in the scene when the friend visited (not sure) but unlike the first scene. Also unlike the first scene no mention of my father and I am living in this home alone now. I sit down on the couch. Suddenly the man appears and sits down across the coffee table from me. He wonders why my crochet stuff is not here. I wonder how he knows I crochet. I notice the cat is not with me, and I think she disappeared to hide from the man. I have the sense that he is dangerous maybe even a murderer. He gets up and starts going up the stairs to look for the cat I think.

    I realize that I never invited him inside the house. I have an image of him sneaking upstairs with a knife but I don't think he had a knife before. Not sure but maybe this is what happened in the house where the cat disappeared from, the man with a knife, maybe he killed someone there. But I don't know that and I don't know how I suspect that. All I do know is there is a creepy man in my house. I go outside to the car and dial 511, hoping to reach the non emergency police number. Because in my dream I think that having a strange man in my house uninvited does not wore want an emergency call! I explain to the police that I would appreciate an officer coming by my house to check this man out, but I sound defensive, like I know I don't have enough to go on to call the police. After all I do not know that he is a murderer, have no way of knowing.

    Meanwhile the cat's family arrive. I explain about the man. They say to call the emergency police number because if it is the man they think it is, he killed grandma, the night the cat disappeared, and is wanted by the police.

    I woke up before the police arrived or before the cat or man were seen again.

    Fragment: I remember going to a restaurant to meet my husband I think. I thought he said the restaurant was walking distance but when I start going there, I search for directions and discovered I would need to drive there.
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    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      Yay! Some nice recall there!
    2. JoannaB's Avatar
      Indeed. I am pleased about having gone from a dry spell to such nice recall in so short a time. I now feel more ready for the competition.