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    Disaster planning huge ship (with public potty scene)

    by , 05-30-2013 at 11:44 AM (430 Views)
    In is long and complicated dream, I seemed to be in charge or at least deeply involved in disaster planning a huge ship. (In hindsight I wonder, The Titanic? But it was in modern times.)

    So as part of this effort I had to write this huge manual on contingency planning, and for this I needed input from a White House staffer. While our project had a White House liaison, but I thought that this one would not do, so I contacted someone else (who happened to be a bearded black man) and persuaded him to give me contact info for someone in the White House. I reached the woman on the phone. She was in the backseat of a car or limo. (Interestingly enough whenever I talked on the phone with someone in this dream, my perspective changed, and I was seeing them during the conversation.) The woman said that this was her time off, and that she had other plans, but I asked her "Do you want this contingency planning done or not? And we are supposed to get help from the White House." So, given these persuasive arguments she of course changed her plans, and came to study the documentation with me.

    Meanwhile my coworker (who was the only person in this dream whom I know in waking life) would demo for us what looked like a huge contraption with words and sets of large lights. On the left it would say something like requirement xyz or test abc, and then there were those huge lights that were lit if that requirement or test was completed. I remember noticing that this took up most of the little room and only covered a few requirements and tests thus far. my next thought was, "It is good then that this ship is so huge."

    The next scene, still on the ship, is an integration of someone else's dream I read on DV yesterday into my own! (With some changes of course.) I was about to pee on e potty, and so I found a chair and an attachable potty, sort of like one my kid used to have, but a grown up version. One of the people on the disaster recovery team or maybe a White House liaison commented that he always found it kind of embarrassing whenever someone peed in public. I responded that whenever you are on the phone while peeing, which surely you do all the time (no, I don't!), it's like peeing in public, and he should just get over his embarrassment. After all we need to get this work done, and there is notice for frivolous privacy.

    Toward the end of the dream I remember being dissatisfied with the effort be ause the quality of writing did not seem good enough to me, sort of assessing disaster recovery documents literary merit, and finding them lacking (shocker!). Another person reassured me that whenever he wrote an abstract (very short as opposed to the work written in this dream,which was a volume larger than a phone book, much larger), he would be dissatisfied, but then put the abstract to the side for a while, and return to it after a while, and then the writing seemed much better that he originally feared.
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