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    Exposure at Work

    by , 01-24-2014 at 09:49 AM (326 Views)
    I dreamed that through work I got exposed to some radioactive foam and some pathogen as well. My boss was arguing with some scientist colleagues as to how much or how little to tell me, and they were using a foreign language I could not understand. But I got a sense that it had to do with some secret millitary eperiments. I asked, what are the symptoms, and was told not to worry about it because we will get immunized for one and treated for the other, no problem. Then I caughed. My boss said, except you can't caugh, if you caugh three times in front of them, they will read us the riot act. I said that I have a cold and cough because of sinus issues. He said, doesn't matter, just don't caugh. Some kids came in to the room we were in to show us some sea shells. When they left I asked whether the shells could be dangerous. My boss said to not worry the shells are harmless, and even if they are not, the kids can be treated, and they will be fine.

    In reality the only thing I get exposed to at work, aside from common respiratory issues through coworkers, usually I get exposed to stress.

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