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    1. Don't throw away transparent Legos, and why present out before Christmas

      by , 12-22-2013 at 05:11 PM
      The fragment had to do with Christmas anxiety: in this dream my mom asked me whether something could be thrown away, and I looked, and they were transparent Legos, and I said "no! These are part of the kids' Christmas gift. What are they doing out here anyway before Christmas. Should be hidden, and not on display."
      dream fragment
    2. 3 fragments: gloves to handle keyboard, hidden restrooms, knowledge sharing

      by , 12-19-2013 at 12:56 PM
      Our Database admin said that she always puts on gloves before she handles the keyboard to work on our database.

      I was in some sort of complex with lots of corridors and doors trying to find a restroom. I asked someone who works there and was told that one has to remove a fake wall to access the restroom. It is hidden because the restrooms are for residents only, not for tourists.

      [i did not get much sleep because I staid up learning more about SQL Server's memory usage and performance.] In my dream I called my father to tell him what I learned. Also told one boss of mine that I would email him what I learned. Then I found myself in the home of another boss of mine telling him a bit of what I learned.
    3. Quarantine, flat tires, emergency room

      by , 12-18-2013 at 12:11 PM
      I was in my car and leaving a town which I belatedly realized was under quarantine, and I should not have left. I do not know whether due to this, but my car suddenly got flat tires. I decided to turn around and return to this town I had left. First I tried driving on flat tires, but when that did not work well, I started propelling my car with my feet sticking out the bottom. I was also not feeling well. When I reached the town, I got informed that the emergency room was too busy. I asked if it would make a difference if I walked into emergency room, and they said it was worth a try. There was no mention of fixing the car's tires - unless that was what I expected from the emergency room?
    4. Shirt-Pants, Wild Boar Attack

      by , 12-17-2013 at 12:14 PM
      Went to bed close to 11pm
      Woke up before 5am and failed to fall back asleep

      Dream 1: Shirt-Pants to Church and Polish

      My older son felt like wearing a shirt on his legs instead of pants to go to church, and I let him! Hoped that it was not too obvious. The shirt seemed to be more of a girl's blouse with puffy sleeves, which he had put his legs through. Even though we were in an English speaking country, in my dream my sons spoke only Polish, and they were older than they are now. As one of them was heading into church on his own, a man addressed him in English, my son responded in Polish, the man switched to Polish, and he asked my son something, and my son responded, and I was proud to find out he responded correctly. (In waking life my sons do not speak Polish, or rather just a few words.)

      Dream 2: Wild Boar (Rhino) Attack in the Garden

      I was going to grow vegetables and fruit in a garden to sell to make additional money, and another woman was teaching me how to plant them. Suddenly a wild boar ran out of the bushes and charged me (the other woman was not in sight at this moment). The boar had a horn more like a rhino though, a boar sized rhino? I managed to hold it in a way so that I was pushing it away with all my strength, but it did gorge my belly somewhat and bit me there too. As I was being gorged, I cried out for help "Mama!" And then I woke up!
    5. Son needs to learn to tie shoes

      by , 12-16-2013 at 12:46 PM
      I remember a dream fragment in which the only shoes available to my son had laces, and he does not yet know how to tie his hoes so that was an issue.
    6. Weird mixed coffee drink, Indians?

      by , 12-14-2013 at 09:26 AM
      To bed (Close to 9:30 maybe)

      Woke up 3:15am Weird mixed coffee drink

      A man who in this dream fragment was supposedly from church but upon waking I recognized him as someone I sometimes have to deal with at work (in waking life he is not very nice, but in dream he was). In the dream he and his wife were standing on an upper ledge of a building looking down, and he was dictating to me the recipe for a weird mixed coffee drink. There appeared to be rules to what kind of stuff one had to include, but within those rules one could substitute somewhat to make different variations on this drink. He was telling me the variation he liked best. Upon leaving I remembered I had another question for him, so I came back to ask it. Then I was on my way: I don't remember any more, but I think I was on some tort of quest or scavanger hunt?

      Fragment 2: something about infidelity of a man I do not know in waking life, but who in my dream was someone I think also from church but not same guy as in previous dream. The infidelity seemed to be one incident rather than an affair.


      I remember there were Indians in this dream, some powerful shamans. And me and others were traveling, and I think flying on either eagles or some other way (there were eagles somewhere in this dream). There was also magic. As we were about to fall in the water, we transformed our animals (or Pokemon?) into a creature that could swim and carry us. I remember being surprised by its weird shape that seemed better designed for floating than for swimming. There was an Indian woman who accompanied us part of the way, and she may have been a ghost, we asked whether she would stay with us but had somewhere else to go. Something about a class in magic or shamanic practice that an Indian was about to start, and we were taking. I remember the name of the class was weird, but I forgot it now, and it was also weird that the first quiz was on the second day.

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    7. Car Inappropriate Naming

      by , 12-13-2013 at 12:14 PM
      Dec 12 2013
      To bed at 10pm

      4:00am Car Inappropriate Naming:

      My mum and stepfather and my husband and I and our boys were on vacation somewhere and had three cars with us out of some reason, and all three were in a shop getting repaired. I was going to pick the first of them up to see if it was fixed, and then we were going to pick up the other ones soon. I had the sense that our vacation was ending.

      Out of some reason my mum jokingly referred to the car I was picking up using my stepmother's name. It bothered me, but I said nothing at first. Then I thought about it, and thought I better explain that it bothered me, but how to phrase it without overreacting and not being mean to my mom? I wound up saying "If you have to nickname a car after my stepmother, could it be somebody else's car? It bothered me when you referred to my car using her name." My mother was apologetic, and I was not sure whether I had prased that well.


      All I remember of another fragment was that I was telling to someone that there are worse things in life than this.

      I returned to bed around 4:20 hoping to WBTB, tried to WILD, and failed to really fall asleep again, though I was close to drifting off at some point.

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    8. About to throw away chocolates?!

      by , 12-12-2013 at 10:15 AM
      My husband was about to throw away a box of chocolates my mom brought. "No, these chocolates are my favorites!" I objected and stopped him.
      nightmare , dream fragment
    9. Pet goat? Saving the pet fish

      by , 12-12-2013 at 10:13 AM
      DC woman: You won't believe what pet we got our daughter?

      She was going to say a goat - I just knew it, but she did not get to say it because someone else guessed "A fish?"

      "No, how could it be a fish? We keep it in our front yard. Actually we did have a fish, but it was sad, it was a matter of time: when we got it, we kept it in our front yard in warm weather, and all was well, but then it got cold, and the fish died. My daughter was devastated?"

      I suggested "Why not move the fish inside for the winter?"

      DC woman was shocked, hadn't thought of it before. All of a sudden the fish was not dead after all, and DC woman was able to move it inside for the winter based on my recommendation.

      There was no more mention of getting a goat as a pet. I assume no longer needed since fish survived.
    10. Father in Law Visit with Dresser

      by , 12-11-2013 at 11:46 AM
      We were visiting my father in law, and strangely we had brought a dresser with us. The dresser had a mirror attached to the top of it. When we came back from an outing, we discovered that the dresser no longer had the mirror attached to it. My father in law had been alone with the dresser, but he did not admit to breaking it, and we decided it would be impolite of us to mention it. However, much later my father in law did admit to breaking it and also admitted that he did not admit to it before because he could not afford to pay to get it fixed - in this dream the idea was that this would be expensive to fix.
    11. Buffet Trouble

      by , 12-10-2013 at 01:03 PM
      When we first arrived it seemed like perhaps a train compartment, and there was not enough room, so we found a bench and a half or so with grumpy neighbors. Did not have kids with us, and frankly I do not even recall who was with me, just seemed like a group of people and a whole bunch of stuff.

      I was hungry, and there seemed to be lots of buffet tables with many kinds of food. Part of the challenge was that my arms were already full of my stuff. Another issue was that I could not find a plate for the longest amount of time. The buffet was almost over and they had run out of clean plates. They only had huge unwieldy serving plates and tiny elongated appetizer plates. I took an appetizer plate thinking I could carry it easier and could do more than one trip.

      Somewhere in this dream there was a woman worried about getting back to her daughter. She had left the kid at a library in the care of a librarian and had paid $1,000 for baby sitting. I had a vision of a whole bunch of kids overwhelming a helpless librarian who could not control the roudy bunch.

      Back at the buffet, I put some food on my tiny plate, but then the stuff I was carrying shifted in my arms and I lost my plate and it fell to the ground and all the food got off the plate. At that moment the staff started clearing the buffet food except for deserts.

      That's when I had a mental breakdown. Sobbing I explained I was hungry, had arrived late, the lack of adequate plates, and my wanting food other than desert. A manager or several started helping me and got together a bigger plate filled with food.

      Then they wanted to know where my table was, and I explained that I was just sharing that bench, and there seemed to be no way to really eat there. So they found me a table.

      The end of the dream, I do not know whether all if it happened while I was asleep or whether I continued the story daydreaming after mostly waking up.
    12. Moving out of state and issues with my mother

      by , 12-08-2013 at 11:53 AM
      I was talking with my mother in person about our move out of state (in dream only), about how I don't know whether we would get jobs right away, but that costs were heaped there.

      At some point my mother wanted to know why my phone number was not listed (also not real). It seemed she thought it was because I wanted to be unhelpful, and I said that it was because of my work secrets.

      At another point in the conversation my mom also attacked the fact that we have so many board games.
    13. Lay offs and take over attempt

      by , 12-07-2013 at 01:04 PM
      I dreamed that due to budget cuts two people I deal with the most at another organization were to be laid off. I asked in vain for the name of the guy who was calling on the phone to announce this, so I had to hand the phone to my boss before finding out who was calling. After the call my boss was surprised to hear that I actually work with these guys every day because he only occasionally does. Then I suggested whether we could hire them, but no budget. I had been a bit worried that if hired I would be demoted because they are more qualified than me, but I thought it would be in best interest of our project. Thus I was both disappointed and relieved by the lack of budget. I already thought this was a lost cause when I heard that one of them was challenging the CEO or director or whatever her title was for the control of the entire organization now. Informally I wished him well, though I did not not whether he was qualitified for that position, formally our organization had to appear impartial because we would have to work with whoever won the conflict.

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    14. Fight strangers only

      by , 12-06-2013 at 11:27 AM
      A young man wanted to get back into boxing, but decided to wait when he found out he would know the people he would fight because he wanted to fight strangers only.
    15. Work evaluations dream

      by , 12-05-2013 at 05:18 PM
      I dreamed that two of my coworkers were evaluating new emplyees performance, and they completed one. I asked, how did he do, did he pass or fail? My coworker looked at me funny, and said, failed of course. That's when I rembered that this new coworker never showed up for work.
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