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    1. No lights or no brake

      by , 12-04-2013 at 03:49 PM
      I was driving in heavy fog without headlights. When I turned on the headlights finally, the brake pedal disappeared.

      Do you think my having a fender bender yesterday had something to do with this dream? :p
    2. Interviews, mechanical cockroach, mice

      by , 12-03-2013 at 11:46 PM

      I was interviewing people for se kind of position that the candidates seemed to think had the potential to save the world.

      It was surprising to me how many of the candidates for this position knew Polish, somehow knew I knew it too, and addressed me in Polish so that the first part of the interview would be generally in Polish. I would then switch us to English mostly because we were not alone in the room.

      My husband was there too. His role seemed to be to give me guidance on how to conduct the interview and to critique it and bring it back if he felt it went off track. At first he seemed to confine his criticisms for in between interviews, but then he started interfering in interviews which I resented.

      I remember there was at least one woman. She was not a native Polish speaker, but quite good. I remember she was tall with short blond hair. That's all I remember, other than that she was not a strong candidate for this position.

      The final interview was with a young man who was quite confident and very good. We started in Polish. When we switched to English (due to my pointing out that we were not alone in the room and the interview needed to be understood by everyone), that's when the trouble started.

      My first English question was why he wanted this job. My husband interjected that this was not a good question. The candidate defended me that i was the one running the interview not him. I told my husband that I resented this, and I would appreciate it if he did not undermine my authority with the candidates - although in actual dream sequence this came here, but I think I told him this once we were on our own again, whereas now the dream continued.

      The young man said he wanted this job because he wanted to save the world from bugs. He produced a prop of a large robotic cockroach. I was impressed. None of the other candidates seemed to know this was what this job was about, in fact up to this moment I was not aware of it either. My next question was, why did he feel he was uniquely qualified for this job. While I do not remember the answer, I know it was good.

      After the interview I told my husband that we have a different interviewing style but as long as I am running the show during the interview, he should not interfere. After his interference earlier, while he did not interfere verbally again, but his body language implied he was sulking.

      Later I also had a false awakening in a hotel room, and there were mice going up and down a wall - a lot of mice. I tried to wake my husband, but he was too sleepy, so he missed the mice. I was disturbed about having mice there, but didn't know what to do about it.

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    3. Smuggling

      by , 12-01-2013 at 04:47 PM
      Smuggling people and smuggling cheese. A man who did a bit of both expects the dream character that I am to meet him at the train station to get smuggled, but I do not intend to. Another man got rich smuggling cheese only. His wife says that his friend is pathetically idealistic, he disagrees that there is anything wrong with idealism. A scene on the train, the man sleeps, while his wife gently strokes his hair, and there is a thin layer of cheese in his luggage.
      dream fragment
    4. Must Edit Dreams of Snap peas and Sex

      by , 11-30-2013 at 11:51 AM
      I just remember a fragment: basically that I must edit my dream journal or change the way I record dreams of snap peas and of sex because the snap peas are bigger and juicier than they used to be.
      dream fragment
    5. Racing

      by , 11-26-2013 at 11:39 AM
      Dream fragment: I remember racing around an unfamiliar office and I was kind of sliding on air at high speed past some coworkers, but at one point I seemed to loose momentum in front of someone near a piano. I also remember something about going around the world, but that was more cartoony, like in a Wii game I have called Exerbeat, where going around the world is used to track one's progress. Some women said that they did not know one could go only partially around the world and did not need to do it all at once.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Politics fragment

      by , 11-25-2013 at 12:11 PM
      A fragment about benign dictatorships and grassroots movemts.
      dream fragment
    7. Jerkish?

      by , 11-24-2013 at 10:57 PM
      Ok, in this dream both me and my husband were totally out of character.

      During nap I dreamed we had expected our house keeper to just come pick something up or drop something off, and instead we came home to a half cleaned house.

      We said she could not stay and finish and that I would may her for the work done.

      Then my husband and I had a fight over how much to pay her. I suggested a price about half as much as usual (since it was half the work). At first I did not understand what my husband was saying, and it sounded like it was 10 times as much, but then he said, the other way around, ten times less. I said something like that is below the minimum wage, and seriously for three hours of work (she had not been there three hours but in my dream at this point I said she had). Then I said that my husband was being kind of "jerkish", not appreciating her work - and that's totally out of character in waking life. So then I suggested, why don't we suggest that she stay and finish the work around us, and my husband and the kids need to go somewhere soon anyway.

      I also remember remembering something else earlier from a separate dream, but forgot.
    8. My squirreling (cleptonania?) issue

      by , 11-21-2013 at 12:11 PM
      I dreamed that I had all kinds of mental issues, but I was not really disturbed by that in the dream. The worst was my habit to squirrel things away into my various hiding places: dens in the wall, hidden compartments in furniture. My parents (who in this dream were still together) got me to a therapist, and I admitted to the therapist and my parents where my largest hiding place was with the most stuff, but I admitted that of course it was not the only one: there were others hidden away throughout the house with more stuff. I seemed almost proud of that. In this dream I don't know what age I was, but I think I was a teenager, or at least my maturity level was not that of a grown up - and frankly not even of a teen, but I had mental issues. The house we lived in was not like any house I have lived in in waking life.
    9. Fragments mostly gone

      by , 11-18-2013 at 12:36 PM
      frustration connected with Insufficient maintenance but in my dream the frustration is less mine than someone else's

      Several other fragments remembered but then gone

      Mostly fragments about issues - more like brainstorming not overanalyzing though
    10. Fragment: daycare price sensitivity

      by , 11-17-2013 at 08:55 PM
      During nap dreamed that we were going to drop our boys at our former daycare provider's who is still a close family friend and also babysits our kids at times.

      As we were coming to drop kids off, we met up with another father who was coming to drop off his kids, except he needed to establish the price first because he doubted whether he could afford as many hours as he needed.

      I remember that even though it was clearly our daycare provider, but in the dream her home was different and she lived upstairs, but I did not notice this.

      I woke up confused thinking it was morning not remembering this has been an afternoon nap.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    11. Life is a Dream

      by , 11-15-2013 at 12:27 PM
      Alas I just remember a fragment, but I know that in my dream I became more and more convinced that life is all a dream. Now this does not mean that I became lucid, my actual awareness was low or non existent, but I finally had proof that life must be a dream ... In a dream ... Without realizing that this meant I was dreaming. LOL
    12. Huge feast

      by , 11-14-2013 at 10:56 AM
      I was preparing a huge feast. In part I had prepared food for it but also I ordered some from a restaurant. I think the occasion of the feast was my mother's birthday (which actually is in February).

      I had set out this huge tray, and had put it in the center of the table. I arranged some fruit and vegetables on it. My plan was to add the meet that I ordered from the restaurant to it.

      The owner of the restaurant surprised me by delivering the food himself. I had expected to go pick it up. He came in and proceeded to rearrange the table. While I was not looking he took the vegetables and fruit I had carefully set out and he had put them in a bowl out of sight under the table. I said what are you doing?! He said I moved this stuff to make room for the new dish. I assumed that was left over from your lunch. I needed space for the dinner. I said, this was not left over. I prepared it to go with this food you brought, and there was plenty of room on the tray for both. He was very sceptical, saying that would only work if your food and my food happened to go together well. I said, they will, I prepared and ordered food specifically so they would go together well.

      I believe I woke up soon after, so the conflict was not resolved.

      When I woke up, I know I recalled a dream fragment too, but now it alas is gone.

      6:42am After the successful dream recall above, I kind of drifted in and out of sleep until alarm woke me for good. I tried to WILD and even got to some HI but that's it. The HI I recall there was a ball or maybe a grape with a section missing, rotating in space and then it propelled away from me toward a bright light, but after seeing that I woke up rather than fall asleep.

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    13. Fragment: Politics, trouble with log

      by , 11-07-2013 at 11:26 AM
      This dream was about some young man involved in revolutionary politics, but he had trouble accessing a log, and that needed to be troubleshot, because it might have negative impact on the revolution?
    14. Triathlon

      by , 11-05-2013 at 10:57 AM
      In my dream I signed up for a class that was training for a triathlon, organized by our church. I thought it would be too tough for me, but signed up anyway.

      The first part involved jogging. The second part involved an obstacle course with tall obsticles. The third part involved sex.
    15. New House Establishing What We Get to Keep

      by , 11-04-2013 at 10:21 AM
      My family was moving into a new house, and this dream was all about ambiguities as to what came with the new house and what did not.

      For example, when we first move in, the previous owner's teenaged or young adult son is still there. Are we expected to live with him or not? He seemed friendly enough, mostly watching TV. We though it was an awkward situation, and thought it might not be appropriate to ask the previous owner to clarify.

      Then there were the bunk beds and lots of other furniture and other stuff. Would those remain in the house? The bunk beds would be convenient because even though we do have our own, but these are hard to disassemble and reassemble, so it would be convenient to keep the previous owner's bunk bed. The same is not true though of most of the stuff, since we have a lot of our own, and need space to move in. The previous owner arrived (at first it had been just her son), and her first answer was that everything stays, but then she said she might pick everything up to take with her tomorrow, even the bunk beds. But if something stays we are welcome to use it. I said "As if it were our own?" That ruffled her feathers apparently because no, it appeared the stuff would remain hers even if any staid, and should be treated as such.

      Then there were the kids. At some point the living room was full of kids tumbling with each other, mock fighting, and having a great time. My own were included, but lots more. I said to the previous owner. Your kids and my kids appear to get along well. She said that those were not her kids. They were the neighbor's kids. I said, oh good, so we get to keep them. The answer was no, though, apparently the neighbors were moving too, and the ambiguity there was whether the previous owner and neighbor would be moving together or independently.
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