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    1. Backseat driving

      by , 04-06-2014 at 12:05 PM
      I just remember one disturbing scene:

      I was in the backseat of a car behind driver's seat and there was no driver. I had my foot stretched under the driver's seat somehow and was keeping my foot on the break pedal, lest I run into something if I let go. I was in a parking garage. I was trying to persuade the parking attendant to briefly get in the driver's seat and put the car into park, so that I could let go of the break pedal, but that then I would be fine and could take over driving. He seemed reluctant.
    2. Fragment about programming dishwasher

      by , 04-03-2014 at 11:51 AM
      Something about programming a dishwasher to verify that no dirty dishes were missing.
    3. A Counting (Accounting?) to Become a Government Employee

      by , 04-02-2014 at 12:11 PM
      In my dream I figured out that I could become a government employee. A coworker helped me figure this out. She told me that to become a govie, I had to count all I had ever done in my career: the number of web pages, the number of fields, the number of publications, the number of tests performed, etc.. I had thought I count not do that until years from now, but she said that as long as my numbers were high enough that's what mattered. My boss helped me prepare. Would I have to accept a lower wage? Yes. Would I need to leave my current position? Probably.
    4. Fragment about spending

      by , 04-01-2014 at 11:29 AM
      Football league was in financial trouble and I told my husband to not spend a fortune trying to bail them out, that he had already spent enough on football. Then I realized that I had just spent $20 on two pounds of coffee, and that I needed to watch my own spending.

      EDIT: I am excited! I figured out what this dream was about. My husband is really into football spectator sport, that's his hobby. Right now what I am really excited hobby wise is bread baking. I have bought a few things for it already and was concerned about my spending on hobbies. I was thinking to buy a Britta filter pitcher to have filtered water for feeding sourdough starter, but the cost was over $20. This morning after this dream, I looked at my coffee machine, and remembered that it has a water filter part to it. I just needed to buy replacement filter cartridges and I can use it to filter water, and I spend less. I bet that's the solution my dreaming mind was pointing me toward.

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    5. Fragments of mystery and danger

      by , 03-31-2014 at 11:14 AM
      One fragment of a dream there was se totalitarian state that used chips to keep track of their citizens and also to listen in on them. I was looking for my brother or a friend, and I suspected he had been there, but did not know for sure. I infiltrated the country pretending to be sepne else and had se excuse for the authorities. I was shocked when they added the chips to me.

      In anothe fragment I was traveling by train, and someone got killed. It was clear one of the passengers was not who they pretended to be. Was it one of the passangers who were important people? My boss incestigated the murder. He came to one passangers and asked him to adjust a wall clock. It turned out he asked that to figure out whether he was left handed. Upon figuring that out my boss called him sinister, joking, but it was clear thisade him more of a suspect in my boss's mind. I thought he was just prejudiced against lefties, started defending the guy, and revealed that I am a leftie. Only then did I remembers boss was a physicist, and the murder weapon was a knife, and he must have figured out that the murderer was left handed based on the knife's position. And I had just put myself higher on the suspect list.
    6. Cabbage does not cause flatulance, it's snowing inside, can't paint

      by , 03-29-2014 at 11:41 AM
      Our friend George called to ask whether we could come over and help with painting the rooms in his home. I said I would need to talk with my husband once he got home and we would get back to him.

      Meanwhile George commented on my status on Facebook about cabbage flatulance (FYI, I do not actually have such a status). He replied that latest scientific research shows cabbage does not actually cause flatulance. I replied to him on Facebook that I was aware of that, but as a kid my mother and grandmother and nanny all told me this, and such habits are hard to break. What was especially difficult during my reply was that some keys on my keyboard were missing, so I had to choose words that did not use those letters.

      Meanwhile my husband returned, and I asked him about the room painting at George's. He said that he could not come, and given the weather conditions, he would rather we not get separated. I looked out the window and suddenly there was a heavy snow storm outside. Actually it was even snowing inside our home, but dream me did not consider that weird. I replied to George giving these reasons why we could not help, plus I assured him that he would not want my help anyway because I was not good at all at wall painting and I know how particular his wife (my friend) is and thus she would not approve of walls painted by me.
    7. Short LUCID: why van parked in mid street, caught RC fail but not FA

      by , 03-24-2014 at 09:20 AM
      So there I was out for a walk, when I noticed that I must have parked our van in the middle of the street. Why would I do that? And I could not even move it now because I only had the other car's key on me. Was this even our van? As I thought that the van started to drive off. I thought, ah good, not ours. Then it occurred to me to check whether it was a dream. I tried finger through palm and it would not go through (I should stop trying this RC, it never work for me). But then I thought, I think it is a dream. I became aware of my physical body lying in bed. I alas started to lose dream. I managed to still notice that it was a beautiful day in my dream: sunny and the blossoms were already in bloom in my dream unlike in reality. I tried spinning to stabilize, but I lost the dream.

      Upon waking up I tried to immediately write down my dream on my iPhone, but my husband tried to take my phone from me. I kept insisting that it was important that I write down this dream, but he would not listen to me.

      And that is when I really woke up. Yikes, false awakening opportunity missed. And then I almost forgot to RC to check whether this was another FA! I started writing the dream, but then remembered to RC. I looked at the time twice. It continues to be 4:23, and I am pretty confident that now I am awake.

      Oh and this lucid was a result of a WBTB: I got up and got a cup of warm milk around 2:30. I almost had not gotten up, but I thought might as well get up to increase chance of WBTB.

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    8. 2 fragments: database access, skin issue

      by , 03-21-2014 at 11:03 AM
      Fragment 1: someone wanted to know whether two people could simultaneously do a certain thing on database, and the answer was yes.

      Fragment 2: I had some sort of marks on my arm, and my husband asked "how did you get those burns?", and I explained those were not burns but skretches
      dream fragment
    9. Escaping from prison + research paper on alien abductions

      by , 03-20-2014 at 10:47 AM
      I was notyself. I was however famale. I was put in prison for political descent. The prison was located on the other side of a high mountain. My father (not my real father but in the dream he was) he came to helpe escape. Luckily he was a skilled mountain climber. The mountain had impossible cliffs and yet somehow we did it. On the other side of the mountain though there was some sort of man made structure that we found ourselves on and jumping from that would be too high, it would kill me my father informed me. Then my father was no longer there and my dream self did not notice. I looked for a solution, and finally saw something I could not believe I had missed before: there was a staircase, and while there was no direct access to it, but I could climb over a railing am swing from that railing onto the staircase, and it was not hard compared to the maintain climbing. So I did it.

      On the other side there was a quiet town. I staid there anonymously for a while. There were kind people there. Then I think I went abroad. At some point I tried to arrange the release of the other political prosoners in that prison.

      Ultimately I could go back to my people. They were amazed how did I escape from that prison.

      Fragment: something about a research paper on alien abductions.
    10. Fragments: driving without a license, choosing ice cream

      by , 03-19-2014 at 10:41 AM
      I was driving without a drivers license. I think I was still a teenager. I would tale the highway but exit at the next exit, and I think I did that a few times. At some point I was getting into a parking garage when I felt jolted because another car had bumped me from behind. I wondered whether there was any damage but decided to not get out and to ignore it because getting out I would have been expected to show a license.

      I was choosing ice cream at an ice cream store, and I chose vanilla with chocolate fudge and vanilla with Carmel.
    11. Fragment: have upper respiratory issue

      by , 03-18-2014 at 11:29 AM
      All I remember is that in a dream I had upper respiratory issue. In waking life I have sinus issues so yes.
    12. Fragment: set in the times of Downton Abbey

      by , 03-16-2014 at 12:02 PM
      After watching Downton Abbey last night, my dream was set during those times.

      There was some sort of gathering, and I was one of two younger adults there. One of the older women during the gathering kept talking about how times are changing and how people need to pitch in and not act entitled. When it was time to leave, she just left though, and only we two younger adults were left and there were no servants, and someone needed to clean up some, and also to pack up and carry some of her stuff out of there. I grumbled how she talked about not acting entitled, but then she did act entitled herself, why should we be packing up her stuff. Besides we did not know which of the stuff lying around was hers and what belonged in this place, so how were we going to decide that and pack up. Someone else suggested, when in doubt, leave it here. However, I somehow was not satisfied with that, didn't want to leave any of her stuff behind.

      There was also something during the gathering where the more important people were not supposed to be there, so someone was standing in front of them as if to hide them. Not effective at all, but apparently needed for forms sake. And the less important people would not acknowledge that the more important ones were there. As they were leaving, one of the gentlemen had the idea that they would sign their names to show they had been there, so the other less important people would later see the names and feel bad they had not acknowledged them. The pen was almost out of ink, but everyone signed anyway, and there was even a sense that it was good the pen was almost out of ink, though I do not know why.
    13. Fragment: lost while hiking, our lost cups?

      by , 03-15-2014 at 09:07 AM
      My sons and I had been lost while hiking. We finally reached civilization after dark, and we encountered a couple of campers and got something to drink from them. Then we said, hey, these are our cups that we lost, did you find these cups?

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    14. Fragment: "Yellow Guy" does amazing graphics

      by , 03-14-2014 at 11:06 AM
      So I was at work, and we had a very informal staff meeting, not in a conference room but sitting around the front office of our work. A former coworker of mine, Graciela, was there, and also two complete strangers. I asked to see the resumes of the two new guys because I had been away from my job when they were hired, and wanted to find out what they can do.

      After the meeting one of the two guys said that he quits based on something said in the meeting. I decided to look at the resume of the other guy. To my surprise, we did not even know his name because no one could understand when he pronounced it with heavy accent, and he was just being referred to as "Yellow Guy" because he was Asian! Instead of a resume I found a note by Graciella explaining that she found him at some fast food place. How was it possible he was working for us?

      Then I looked at the monitor at what he was doing and understood. He was substituting pixel by pixel in a graphic. Extremely focused and detail oriented, and the resulting graphic was amazing!
    15. The Warrior Queen

      by , 03-13-2014 at 10:54 AM
      This dream was about a worrier queen. In the early part of the dream she was not a worrier yet. There was something about her being emotionless. One of her subjects kissed her and said that he could do that because she had no emotions and this would not care. She replied "while I may have no emotions now, but I still have a brain, and know what you did was wrong."

      There was another scene where the queen was lying down with two young men who apparently were musicians, and their idea of foreplay had to do with drumming on her using their drumsticks. She did not like that. Afterwards her teacher commented that she was wise because while they were good as musicians but as young men they were not.

      A woman passed the queen on a stair case and felt attraction to her, and decided to approach her about it.

      There was a man starting a martial arts school, and she was interested in leading it with him. He turned out to be weak in martial arts, while she was superb. So he recognized that and suggested she be the leader of the school, and he would be a student. She agreed.

      Some worriers were going to hold a warriors meeting, and their leader said "All men meet in this room for a war council, while all women meet in this other room to discuss women's matters." The queen steamed with anger but joined the women. The worrier leader came to seek her out and asked "what are you doing here?" And she said "you said all women are to gathered here." He said "I did not mean you." She "you said 'all women'" He in a put upon voice "Fine, from now on I will specify 'all women except you'." She "No, you won't. Do not generalize about gender like that."
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