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    Stabbing Murder Believe to Have Been an Accident or Suicide

    by , 03-04-2013 at 09:17 AM (389 Views)
    In this dream I was not myself. In fact, I saw it kind of from a distance most of the time like watching a movie, though I vaguely identified with one of the participants.

    The dream starts with the watching of a movie, a documentary prepared by a company about a valued employee of theirs who died a while ago in something that was either believed to be an accident or a suicide. On the anniversary of his death, they were gathered outdoors on a mountain. The weather was nice and sunny. Lots of greenery. The person whom I sort of identified as was the man's sister, and after the movie she/I speak(s) up and says that this was neither an accident nor suicide, but murder.

    One of the men pulls her aside and asks how do you know it was murder. He does not wait for an explanation, but proceeds to attempt to kill her/me. His attempts though are completely ineffective and harmless, like he can't touch her/me. So he proceeds to account how he killed her brother in this very spot. (During the retelling I could see the murder happening as clearly as any other part of the dream.) The motive was that the brother had discovered something he should not have, and would have told those who should not know. The murder weapon seemed to be glass tubes, the kind used by scientists for chemical experiments. The murderer broke them, and proceeded to stab his victim repeatedly, but the man refused to die for a while so there was a lot of stabbing needed until he finally did. While being stabbed so many times, the victim did not struggle, or try to defend himself, or even cry out in pain. He just kind of took it.

    I have no idea how anyone could interpret or cover up such a murder as an accident or suicide. This was not a nightmare. Even though I vaguely identified with the sister, and the murder did in effectively try to kill me too, but I was throughout this dream watching it like a movie and ai had no emotional response to it - I was not committed not judgmental. It kind of was, even when what it was was a gruesome murder.

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    1. JoannaB's Avatar
      In hindsight it occurred to me that this dream most likely is about my desire to be a whistle blower on the online forum that I just left. The public face of that forum is that it is the "nicest" forum of its kind. My "brother" who was "murdered" was my favorite buddy who got banned from that forum. Part of me wants to go back and post a "goodbye" thread in which I would say that I am leaving because this forum is too restrictive, and that I think the banning of this guy who was a member for four years, and provided an important alternative point of view, has made that forum much poorer. However, part of me is concerned that all I could gain would va brief moment of having my say, and then either the thread would just be deleted followed by a private message to me saying that if I have problems with moderator practices I need to address them in private messages to moderators only, or I might get banned too. This is what the ineffective attempt to kill me is about. And I know at this point that they could not really hurt me with any of that. And yet, I hesitate because what is the point: those who find that place oppressive will hopefully realize what's going one and leave, and those who do not, why shatter their illusion that they are part of the nicest forum of its kind?