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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Sign of Death

      by , 04-10-2017 at 10:28 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I was in a house with three floors. Agent from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was looking after some captured monsters. First I was just an observer in this world. I was invisible to others, but had a physical form. I was wearing headphones and believed I was seeing an episode of the tv show I mentioned earlier. Through my headphones I heard Cryaotic. He made me pay attention to the shadows of the characters in this house. I saw a knife appear in the shadow of the agent. Cry said it was a sign of death. Seeing that knife meant the agent was going to die and there was nothing that could stop it. I threw my headphones off, I didn't want spoilers, but I kept hearing Cry even without wearing them. No one in the house saw or heard the headphones, I was like a ghost.

      I saw the monsters upstairs. They somehow got free from their shackles. One of them was a fit looking blonde haired woman with a long row of sharp teeth. They started sneaking down the stairs. I got flashes of shadows. Knives slowly appeared from everyone's shadow. I felt intense fear. Whatever was creeping behind these shadows was something powerful. The monsters found knives and the agent sleeping downstairs. I woke up before they killed him.
      Tags: monsters, shadows
    2. Archdevil Aboroth and other bright and happy dreams from last night

      by , 04-08-2017 at 04:45 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      21 - 22:30

      Covered in Oil and Fire
      I was with an inventor in a dark room. Computers and other gear provided some blue light. I wanted to help him, but got distracted. I was on my way to the bathroom and picked up a dirty piece of paper. It was night and the hallway looked like army barracks. A group wearing masks was covering all the doors with a massive blanket. They didn't notice me walking in the middle until later. I saw them throwing buckets of oil on sleeping people, throwing a torch in the mix and sealing the door with the blanket so everyone burned to death inside. The screaming started. The bad guys noticed me and threw oil on me. Before I was lit on fire I used the dirty paper to clean some of the oil off my face and arms. I decided to play dead. I fell down burning. The bad guys finished setting the place on fire and half of my body looked like charcoal.

      I got up and looked for survivors. I found some, about ten of us were alive. Somehow there were fleshy pink wolves in the building now. They tried to bite me and I had to fight them off. I got false memories of were I was. The bad guys called this "Dev Shack H" A building made completely from wood and in the middle of a vast forest. We had built this place on our own and it was all just a trap. I found a dying woman while exploring the place for survivors. She was too far gone, I had to leave her.

      We found a room that was still somehow in one piece and decided to rest there for at least the rest of the night. Two cats had appeared out of no where, one of the survivors stopped them from fighting each other. The cats had all the colors of a rainbow, odd. A woman asked if we should move the corpses. I told her that the bad guys might return and we shouldn't go outside yet or move anything.

      22:45 - 1:15

      Archdevil Aboroth
      I'm a DO floating over a massive golden table in a large hall. The table is probably 15 meters in diameter. The place looks regal. I don't know where I am, but it's probably not Earth. There are people around the table and I recognize some of them. Asgardian gods Loki and Thor are there. Apparently this is some sort of auction. A woman announces a new arrival as "The Archdevil Aboroth". One god near Loki grabs his stuff and gets up. He seems scared of Aboroth. Aboroth has the appearance of a 50 year old man with short brown hair and well-kept beard. He wears a dark suit. As one of the gods left, the announcer lady says to Aboroth "You may join. I do hope you're more fun than the last one." Aboroth sits down and answers "I'll try." His voice is deep and he speaks very formally. He looks at a man with gray hair and mustache across the table. "Haven't seen you at the factory." he says. The mustache guy looks terrified and says nothing.

      Scene changes. I'm inside the first level of a small lighthouse. I can see the ocean through small windows, the room is round and the walls are white. Dean from Supernatural is in the room and on the other side of the room, looking out the window is Aboroth. Aboroth's shadow is unnatural, it's climbing up the wall and there's a small creature next to Aboroth in the shadow that's not visible in the room. "How did you get here." Dean asks. He seems tense. "I'm sure you know...there's only one way for me: a Witness Angel. If I'm brought here, you know it's BAD. A war is coming." Aboroth says while smiling.


      Nine Hells
      Group of adventurers that call themselves Vox Machina leave the Nine Hells with plane shift. Vax stays behind for some reason. A contract with a devil maybe. He walks through a city where the dominant color is red. He walks through an empty square. The ground has weird markings and messages all over it. Vax walks into a house and finds a small bedroom. Through the window I can see a dim, blue hue fighting the dark red sky. Green lights are scattered across the red city, I have no idea what those are. Some devils nearly discover Vax, but he appears to be protected. Maybe his god, the Raven Queen, keeps him hidden. Vax falls asleep.

      Dream changes. I'm playing Diablo 3 now. I know nothing of this game, but my brother is helping me. I haven't even killed Diablo, but it's apparently not needed. We enter an area that was just released in an expansion pack. We dive into the depths of hell and the final boss is none other than Aboroth. We kill him. I have a feeling he won't stay dead.
    3. Corruption of Thrones

      by , 03-19-2017 at 12:36 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm in the world of Game of Thrones. I'm a young girl with very long blonde hair. I follow Ned Stark. We are on an island and some weird cult is giving us a tour. There's a place of worship, some sort of crypt. We are not allowed to go underground into the crypt, since their goddess is buried there. We pray outside, or the cult people do. The group moves on, but I stay behind with Ned. Ned takes his sword and hits a small effigy. It violently bursts into flames when Ned's greatsword, Ice, strikes it. This confirms Ned's fears. His sword burns the unholy and corrupt. Ned gently touches the banners of the cult that are on the side of the path. They burn away too.

      We join the other group at a large building. We are led into a building. I'm starting to panic a bit. We have to get out of there somehow, and fast. The building is full of guards and we are ordered to strip and go into cages. I can barely fit into the cage. I feel extremely uncomfortable and I know I'm walking to my death, but there doesn't seem to be any way out at the moment.

      Scene changes. I'm in a city that reminds me of Aladdin. The cult's guards ambush me and my friends. They are massive dark blue constructs. Their entire bodies are metal, puppets of some necromancer maybe? They spin incredibly fast and hit us with their bodies. I barely avoid their attacks. My friends have no way to fight. A sword breaks against their armor. I want to fight and alter the dream to make it possible. Armor appears around me. I make it durable, but elastic so it can absorb hits from these guards. Small spikes appear on the armor. I think about the power fist in Fallout games and give my armor similar gas powered punches. Time to fight. I throw a punch and the armor works. It protects me, but the spinning construct doesn't seem hurt. More guards show up. These are just normal men, but they have lightning spears. I don't have time to adapt and they take me down.

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    4. Paralysis

      by , 03-18-2017 at 09:38 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm inside a game that seems like Smite or Dota. Two teams fight with a set of magical abilities and items. I first see my character from 3rd person. I'm a gray alien or machine. The dream turns 1st person. I fight the other team. I'm way better than anyone attacking me. I kill them over and over again. Different hand movements cast different skills. Each of them devastate the attacking characters. The other team calls for help. A native american girl appears and walks towards me. I try to cast something big, but nothing seems to affect her. She comes close to me and fires a white pulse of energy at me. It hits and feels horrible. Like something cold crawling under my skin, making my arms stiff. I look at my hands. I can't move my arms at all. The other team moves closer. They are no longer scared of me. Without my arms, I can't attack. "I guess it's over." I say calmly. "I'm sorry." the girl says. They don't attack me, there's no need.
      Tags: games, paralysis
    5. Two new alien planets and a fight

      by , 03-17-2017 at 07:22 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Outpost on an alien planet
      I see two soldiers walking through a desert on an alien planet. They pass by an old human outpost. My vision goes to the outpost. Looks like no one has been here in centuries. There are two black pods on the yard. Looks like they dropped from space. Lights on one of the pods is blinking. Something inside is still alive and trying to get out. The female soldier passing by notices this too. "I hope they make it out. Fight." she says without stopping.

      Forest of Giants
      I see a group of humanoids traveling through an alien forest. The trees look like redwood trees, but they are over 160 meters tall and fairly wide. I recognize two of the DCs: Storm from the X-men movies (Halle Berry) and Jason Momoa. The group is trying to sleep when a T-rex appears from the forest. Storm wakes Jason up and asks him to help. He looks groggy, but gets up without a word and walks to his own dinosaur pet, a raptor that's only slightly taller than him. He takes a dagger made of dinosaur claw from his bag and rips two large metal pieces from an abandoned car to work as weapons. The T-Rex has transformed into a giant man with a greatsword. The 80 meter tall man looks like Yondu from GotG. Jason drops the metal pieces, won't be of use against a giant sword.

      I become Jason and the dream turns first person. I jump away from Yondu. I go to the nearest tree with my superhuman jumps and with two more jumps I climb 100 meters. Yondu misses his first swing at me while I jump up. Seeing the sword up close is terrifying. It looks like Frostmourne without the blue glow. I jump off the tree and try to land on Yondu. He swings the sword again and barely misses. My heart nearly stops, but I land on Yondu and my poisoned dagger sinks into him. He is paralyzed and falls down. I make several long cuts on him with the dagger, making sure he won't get up ever again. I walk back to the group. Storm thanks me.
    6. A Queen

      by , 03-11-2017 at 07:23 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm someone else, a wandering adventurer, and I'm in a medieval world. A Queen that I was close with a long time ago is on a war path. Her army is massive and arrives to the small town where I'm staying. I walk out of a tavern to see the thousands of soldiers waiting. Their orders are to bring me to the Queen and they are ready to fight. Scared villagers are behind me, also surrounded by soldiers. A fight here would end in a lot of collateral damage. "I'll come with you, if you promise these villagers won't be hurt." A knight steps forward and swears they won't be harmed.

      They escort me to the castle, where I meet the young commander of this army, the Queen. She couldn't have been older than 30. False memories told me I was very close with her once. We had differences now, due to the wars she started, but she still respected me. I stood in front of her desk, where she was doing some paperwork. The room was majestic looking. Red was clearly the theme. Warm red wooden tables and pillars with red fabrics etc. I can't recall the end of our discussion, but we talked about my imprisonment. I guess I tried to talk her out of it.
      Tags: medieval, queen
    7. Closing the Game

      by , 02-27-2017 at 08:04 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Dark, Diablo-like RPG world. I was just a disembodied observer, watching my brother play. It looked like Diablo based on the UI, but there were some changes. The dungeons and quests were not familiar. You could change your class in the inventory screen. There were colored buttons for Hunter, Necromancer and Legion. Only these were visible because my brother had some gear for each class. When you clicked one of the classes, the game automatically equipped the proper gear and skills if you had them. It didn't work perfectly.

      My brother was in a dungeon killing a ton of skeletons while he had a buff active. The buff improved loot for a short time. When it was ending, a golden skeleton spawned and dropped a ton of good stuff. My brother had trouble managing his inventory and unequipped his gear by accident. He was playing Hunter and Necromancer. The button for Legion was red so I assume it was a warrior-type class. I did not see it in action though.

      My brother teleported to a statue inside a cave. The statue was like a dragon's head. It started glowing and speaking. It told my brother about a magical tree. My brother wanted to cut the tree down, because he knew what would happen if he did. I hadn't gotten to this point in the game and didn't want spoilers. I tried to close the game. First attempt just made me jump back in time. I tried again, focusing on pressing Esc that didn't exist. The game slowly closed. A windows desktop was revealed. It was full of shortcuts. Bunch of black and red icons in the middle. Video files, for youtube maybe? This desktop was not familiar. I woke up shortly after. I think this is the first time I've closed a game in a dream. I have paused the dream before, believing I was watching a video on my computer and jumped out of the dream that way. I guess that's pretty close.
      Tags: games, monsters
    8. The Nightmare and Ghost Girl in the Kitchen

      by , 02-23-2017 at 11:00 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      The Nightmare
      I find myself in another MMORPG. Reminds me of Night Elf starting area from WoW. It's night and some plants glow in the distance. We are next to a small stone path near some river. I'm just observing as my brother is logged in with my account and switches between characters. I see names above their heads. Immolation and Rohan were two of them. Rohan was some sort of lizard person.

      There's an npc next to us. My brother talks with the NPC, asking about "the Nightmare". Apparently it's like a red magical fog that spreads around this world. Everyone's experience in the fog is unique, but they all see demons. My vision wanders away from my brother. I find the Nightmare and step in, manifesting a physical form for myself as I do. It's not actually fog: air just seems to be deeply red/orange inside it. It's hard to see far away, a wall of red blocks the view. I see the outline of a massive demon emerging from the wall of red. Two horns, fur, hooves and a tail. The demon talks to me. Can't recall what he said, something intimidating I'm sure.

      I decide it's too early to face demons. I teleport to an area I can level in. I'm back in the Night Elf area. I follow the path and grab quests from NPCs along the way. I'm apparently level 4. I can get level 5 quests but level 6 ones are still invisible to me. I do the quest closest to me. It involves a lost letter. I find it a few steps off the path. I pick it up and put it in a mailbox. Some NPC sees this and advises me to leave a message in the letter so I get a reward. I take the letter and sit down on a bench. It starts to rain as I write the note. A baseball cap materializes on my head so I have some cover while writing. After that I wander in the nearby forest and overhear NPCs talking about dressing up in silly costumes.

      Ghost Girl in the Kitchen
      I'm at a friends house having dinner. The scene is not stable, at some point it looks like my parents' place, but then transforms into an apartment on the third floor and back to my parents' place. I put macaroni casserole and mandarin oranges on my plate. There was a third food item, but I can't recall what it was. Some of the people in the room I know. There was a black girl who talked to her friends in Swedish. I took a wild guess that she would understand English, when I chatted with her, and I was right.

      People were talking about the first three God of War games being free downloads, since they were so old. I focused on listening and my mind wandered into another scene. The new scene is a game. The room is full of pillars with needles sticking out of them. Some of the pillars have safe spots to stand on, but they are small. I jump from pillar to pillar without shoes. Landing on the needles hurts, but I can will the pain to be minimal. I reach the end of the pillars and land on a couch. It's a familiar blue couch. There's a cat sleeping on it. I'm at my parents' house. I walk into the kitchen.

      My parents and a couple of unfamiliar DCs are sitting around the table and trying to solve some young girl's problem. The girl claims there's an evil spirit linked to her. I notice some chocolate on the table and grab some. I walk around the table and see a dark haired girl with red eyes and a massive head lying on the ground. "You talking about her?" I ask. A lady, who I assume is the medium, sitting next to the cursed girl replies "You can see her?" "Yeah" I answer and approach the spirit. I pat her on the head. The spirit gets up. When she moves fast, part of her separates, like she's liquid. She quickly reformed though. I wanted her to look less scary. She transformed into a normal looking girl with long dirty blond hair and a big smile. She's not scary at all! We invented a secret handshake on the spot.

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    9. Banshee Trouble

      by , 02-20-2017 at 07:32 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I was exploring a dark, empty hospital or something. I checked the room, put my flashlight on the table and scavenged some ammo and what not. I didn't have a lot of time before a group of 5 enemies found me. One of them was a massive muscular zombie. He was like a small car, barely fit through doors. The other monster I focused on was a banshee: blue ethereal woman flying through walls and wailing. I had a bunch of guns. I can't recall which weapon I had out first. Pistol or rifle? Something like that. I switched to a flamethrower but I didn't have enough space to back away from them. I was trapped in a corner and died.

      Dream continued from a previous save, like in a game. This time I knew where they would be coming from. I took out my shotgun and walked to the door they came from previously. In a small dark bathroom they were dormant and waiting. I shone my flashlight on the zombie man and he slowly turned to look at me. Then I started backing up and shooting. They were really durable. I regretted starting with a shotgun. Should've used a grenade launcher or something. I couldn't kite the banshee. She phased through the floor and grabbed my leg. I was done, again.

      That "monsters" tag gets a lot of use in my DJ Most consistent dream sign of mine, for sure.
    10. Do not make your mantra "If I'm scared, I will RC"

      by , 02-19-2017 at 08:34 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Four nightmares last night. I blame the new mantra that I decided to try after a bad dream I had recently.

      Here's Johnny!
      I see a crude, black and white character creation screen and a small bedroom behind it. The "graphics" of the bedroom are life-like. I have to play a female character, but I get to choose an adjective that will determine her background, starting items and the story I experience. The prompt is "I am ______ ." First I write "I am holy." and I see the small bedroom change. Everything is white, golden and shiny, like some royal bedroom. But then I get an idea. What if my character got it on with all the NPCs? That would help me in the game for sure, and would be entertaining for me. So I write "I am dirty." and hit enter. The room instantly transforms. Everything looks worn, colorless and dirty. I manifest in the game as a teenage girl wearing a colorless dress and long blond hair. No shoes, no starting items, nothing.

      There's a brand new door in the room. I didn't see that in the previous version of the room. The door has a large window and I can see that it leads downstairs to a mansion. The house beyond the door is in good condition, unlike my room. I go down the stairs, looking for the first NPC. I feel like I'm trespassing. I turn right after the stairs and the house starts to remind me of Resident Evil 7. I feel a person approaching behind me and I hide behind a cabinet. I remind myself that I want to meet NPCs, why would I be scared of this first one? I step forward and meet the stranger. It turns out to be Jack from RE7...well shit.

      I attempt to talk, but he just wants to kill me. I run and meet a young man with a weapon. He tries to protect me, but Jack makes short work of him. I find an exercise machine with a saw blade and some chainsaw chains stuck in it. I pick up the whole thing and try to hit the saw part into Jack. I succeed and Jack informs me that I dealt 63 dmg, while he pulls the blade out of his body. "Unfortunately, you would need to hit me 40 times with that!" he continues. Jack gathers the chain around his fist and tries to punch me. I summon a bucket out of thin air and block the attack. He's way stronger than me. There's no hope of winning this fight. So I peace out...by waking up.

      Don't Fall
      I'm back in army. For whatever reason I'm on top of a six floor building. It's windy and I lose my footing. I slide off the edge, but manage to hang on. However, the roof is smooth, there's nothing to grab and I can't hold on forever, I'm bound to fall. I am scared. And so I peace out again, by waking up.

      LD 90 - Gravity Manipulation
      I'm in army AGAIN. This time I'm in the building, on fifth floor or something. I'm just observing two anime characters having a dialogue. They disappear and I notice the hallway I'm in has toilets. My roommate appears from one room and asks "Where do they keep the lawn mowers here?" I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but I see a cleaning lady and ask her about it. "Each barracks has a storage on the first floor." "Right, you heard her." I tell my roommate and he wanders off.

      Scene changes. I'm on the roof again. This time there's two DCs with me. Wind takes me off my feet again and I slide off the edge. I manage to hold on with both arms, but there still isn't anything to grab. I hope one of the DCs would help me. They see me, but don't act. I feel fear and become lucid. "I'm not falling. Calm down." I tell myself, but I can't shake the fear. I focus on feeling lighter and that works. I decide to flip gravity all together. I want to feel gravity pulling me from the opposite direction. Free fall into space. That would be a new one. I start to feel being pulled into the sky. I see a light on the roof. It's the tractor beam of a spaceship! Then everything becomes blurry and I go blind. I fail to bring visuals back before I'm pulled out of the dream completely and wake up.

      Then the last dream was some rich kids having an orgy in my grandma's house while she was gone. Also my hair looked terrible in that dream. I consider that one a bad dream too.
    11. Museum Rave, Mom's death, Mass Effect

      by , 02-18-2017 at 06:53 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I usually just share one dream per night, but this time all of them were somewhat interesting.

      Rave inside a museum
      There was a party in a massive museum. The museum was like a city in itself and nothing looked familiar. It was dark, techno music played in a distant dance floor, flashing colored lights occasionally shone some light where I was. People were doing drugs. There were disoriented cats around. Looked like the pets had done drugs too. After I had wandered far enough, I found a throne room full of people. There was a ceremony going on. No one minded me checking the place out. I saw some military people, generals and what not. There was confusing item with flags on it. European flags that changed every time I looked at it. DCs thought it was weird too, but they tried to explain it.

      Mother's death
      I was a small child, about 10 years old. My mom had straight long brown hair and a wide striped top. We lived in a rural area, though my mom was not always around, since she was a time traveler.

      I was in the forest with a man with short dark hair. It was a summer night, so we could still see outside. He wrapped a magic spell in his jacket so he could move it around without harming himself. The spell was a tar-like mass that was writhing like it was alive. It was dissolving the jacket. I followed him back to our house. Young birch trees were growing near it. Behind our house, next to the forest, my mom was lying on the ground. There was another DC, a woman watching over her.

      "Do you have to do this?" I asked. The man said "Yes, in order to preserve the timeline we have to kill her. She doesn't belong here." I was sad, but I believed him. I don't think my mom was forced into this, she realized it was necessary. The man placed the tar on my mom and it consumed her body. Nothing was left of the spell or my mom.

      The dream them skips to certain scenes of my future. Due to her ability, I met my mom years later. This was a younger version of her, one that I hadn't met before. I didn't mention her death. Last scene of the dream is a far future where I'm old and alone. I wake up in a boat and see a storm outside. I realize that I won't see my mom again, she never traveled further than this. I watch the raging sea and grieve.

      Paragon and Rogue
      I'm in a game world, feels like Mass Effect. The planet has metallic platforms, vast lava pools, huge gate that I need to open and a boss. I decide to fight the boss. I'm a woman with short blond hair. I have a sword on my back. The blade is short, but wide. This class is Paragon. I have abilities like Charge, where I harness dark energy to basically teleport a short distance. I also have a flamethrower, some rifle and my sword.

      The boss is flying and...some sort of small tank? The cannon fires a blue beam that I try to dodge while firing my rifle. The beam hits me and feels warm, but that's about it. The boss is constantly flying over lava so my charge and sword are useless. I go to the edge of the platform and try to burn the tank with my flamethrower. It doesn't have enough range, but I notice green UI over the boss. The tank has some sort of shield and I see it regenerating quickly. I can't deal enough damage to deplete it. The battle goes on forever.

      I make a mistake and suddenly I travel back in time. "What was that?" I also look different. I have red hair and looked like female Shepard from the Mass Effect games. False memories told me this was another class: Rogue. I was slower, but I had a bigger arsenal. I start the boss fight again and when I make a mistake, time immediately turns back and I'm Paragon again. This keeps happening and I realize someone is reloading different save files over and over until I kill the boss without mistakes. I eventually do it as Rogue. I then move on to opening the massive gate.
    12. One World Ends, Another Begins

      by , 02-17-2017 at 08:54 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I was not myself, I was a father with dark curly hair. My wife and two kids, daughter and son, had dark curly hair too. I had false memories, a lot of them. The world I was in ended. Apocalyptic event that wiped out almost everything. Before it happened, we escaped into another reality. A world with magical creatures and dangers that were all new to us. It wasn't a world were my family would be safe, so I tried to find my way back to a portal.

      To get back we needed a boat. We were in a flooded city. Like Manhattan with 10 meters of water on the streets. Frog-like men lived here. The surface was covered with water lilies and other such plants. After years of trying to survive there, I managed to put together a makeshift boat and led my family through a tunnel that I recall was the way to a portal. Several rapids and waterfalls later we passed through a gate leading out of this world.

      When I saw the smooth, green ground, hills in the distance and a mountain with a castle on top, more false memories came back to me. This used to be just a flat green surface, an artificial world with nothing in it. A pocket dimension that humans built. It was created as a safe haven for us, when the world was destroyed. Now it looked somewhat complete. I led my family to a small house nearby and we met a woman. She kindly let us stay in her home. Some food was prepared, beds made and my wife chatted with the lady. I kept asking what year it was, because clearly we had been gone a long time, since this world was now complete. She didn't tell me. I searched the house, the food items for best before dates etc. I found nothing.

      Sad and frustrated, I wanted answers. What happened to the survivors? What sort of state was the world in? I headed towards the door. Her front door didn't open into the pocket universe anymore, it led to the old world. It was night and a destroyed city opened up in front of me. Piles of rubble and monsters wandering around. The lady followed me outside and offered to guide me, if I insisted on exploring. She told me to stay away from the Gravity Wheels: big wheels rolling around on their own, made of human-like flesh.

      Another type of monster was in our path. Very Rick and Morty -style appearance: ugly, slug-like, dirty blue and spits green acid. I watched how one of them spit acid on another poor explorer and he melted instantly. The lady showed me how the monsters shrunk when you scared them. She ran at one yelling and the monster shrunk to the size of a cat. It was harmless like that. While running past them, I failed to scare one and I got sprayed with acid. I waited for it to melt me, but I was fine for some reason.

      We went into a tunnel and found a couple teenage girls doing drugs. I asked what year it was. One of them smiled and said "It's...six?" like it was obvious. "Six years after the end?" "Yeah." Alright. I was happy with that answer.

      This has been a recurring theme in my dreams: World ends and I'm forced to move on, survive and find my place in the world again. I actually really enjoy dreams like this, even when they are sad.
    13. Shaving a Timebomb

      by , 02-04-2017 at 03:26 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I entered a small store that sold jewelry or something. Three guys were there. I got a deja vu and knew something was wrong. I looked at the clock and it was like a square wave starting from 8 o'clock and ending at 1 o'clock. But of course that had a perfectly good reason in the dream. It was the path through the maze. What maze? you might ask. Well, the maze that disarms the timebomb that the robbers activated. One of the robbers had a razor and was shaving the path through the maze. When he got closer to the end of the maze, I started to feel nausea when he moved the razor. He made a mistake while shaving the bomb. I was already down on my knees from nausea, when the whole place exploded. The explosion had no effect on me, but the nausea wasn't going away so I woke up.

      Never felt like that in a dream. Extreme nausea. What the hell?
    14. Terrifying Fall

      by , 02-02-2017 at 01:59 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I was climbing a mountain with my brother and dad. We were in the northernmost part of Finland. I grab some snow and it feels like really fine sand. "This can't be sand. It should be snow." I think and the confusion causes awareness to rise. We are almost at the top of the mountain, when I fall into a crack in the snow. I'm scared to move, so I ask dad to help. He comes back, but doesn't grab my hand for some reason. I wait for him to help for what feels like minutes. He just stares at me with a sad expression.

      The huge piece of snow I'm standing on breaks off completely and I fall with it. I see a straight wall of ice and snow, like I fell from the top of a glacier. Below me I see a freezing ocean. I think about how I can survive. The water will be freezing and my many layers of clothing will make swimming difficult. There's also nowhere to go once I'm in the water. I'm still falling and my mind seeks for a way out. "Please let this be a dream." I pray, but my mind is still entangled, believing this is real. A few more seconds of falling. In my mind I'm screaming "STOP!!!" and I finally force the dream to stop. The short pause midair is followed by waking up.

      I guess I was lucid for a second there, but not gonna count that as anything.
    15. Heart of an Android

      by , 01-06-2017 at 03:20 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)

      I'm in some mad scientist's basement. He has made androids that look exactly like humans. The male android has short black hair and a fit body. He looks generic. But the other android looks like a girl I know from high school, Emilia. She sits quietly and looks unhappy. She is bound by the scientist's programming, but the male android is free. I believe I can save her. Her heart is on a small metallic cart next to her. On the outside the heart is pink and silver metal with red lights. One part of the heart is open and the insides are full of glowing, red yarn. A long bunch of yarn loops are hanging out. They are slowly being reeled into the heart. I realize that the heart has to be wound to keep it going. The loops are almost inside the heart. I grab and pull the yarn, but it's taking all my strength to keep it still.

      The mad scientist shows up, sees us and rushes to put on his battle suit. "We have to get out of here! Help!" , I ask, and the male android acts. He grabs both of us in his arms, looks up and flies through the building. He doesn't stop until we are in space. He flies to a space station and puts us down inside. Seems to be an empty station. Emilia is fine now too, somehow. We start talking about some plan, what to do next. I also tell them stories of my past. All of them are false memories. These flashbacks make it impossible to make any sense of what really happened next in the dream. I recall a concert hall and another female android that was injected with some techno drug that removed her compassion. Since she wasn't treated well by the rich people around her, she didn't mind killing them. I also recall doing mild drugs and feeling relaxed in the space station. At some point I visited my hometown.

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