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    1. Energy bombs, Death Shrouds and Time Travel

      by , 01-02-2017 at 05:56 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      2.1 I was only able to sleep 3h... angry

      Energy bombs, Death Shrouds and Time Travel

      I see a story through a time traveler's eyes. (To make this easier, I'll name her Ann). Not only can she travel through time, she can see people shrouded by death. It's a curse that heralds unavoidable death and looks like black and dark blue ethereal mass surrounding a person. The shroud's size grows when the person is close to death.

      I watch her travel through time, trying to save her friend, Trista, who is shrouded by death. Trista has long blue/purple hair. In the future the shroud is so massive that Trista is not visible to Ann. Ann travels back in time to a school yard. Trista is there and the shroud is small enough for her to be barely visible. Ann and Trista hold hands. I can't hear what Trista is saying, but Ann is silent and looks at the ground.

      Scene changes to some kind of hair saloon. It's one long room with big windows towards a busy street. There are stairs leading upstairs. Wood panel floor and lots of mirrors and chairs. The saloon is full of people. Trista is sitting there and Ann appears with a dog.

      All color disappears from the scene and time stops. Other time travelers appear from alternate worlds. Some of them are human, some are foxes or other animals. They each leave a bright energy bomb in the saloon and disappear. Since time is still, the room gets filled up with these bombs. The scene looks beautiful. Ann makes time crawl forward. I watch in super slow motion how the bombs all swirl open and white, raging flames wash over everything and everyone in the room. This pure white flame doesn't leave bones or even ash behind. Everything is vaporized, except Ann, Trista and the dog. Still in slomo, Ann hugs Trista. The flames die down. Ann believes Trista is saved from the shroud. She asks Trista to join her on some adventures through time, since all three of them are now immortal.

      I don't really understand what happened at the end there, but it was beautiful.
    2. Crash Landing in another Universe

      by , 01-01-2017 at 12:31 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Happy 2017! So, I've just been focusing on getting lucid. After Caiocontieri talked about wanting space dreams on IRC, I decided to incubate some too.
      Autosuggestion worked nicely.


      Crash Landing in another Universe
      I am the commander of my own space station, just like I visualized before bed. The station is massive and capable of travelling from a universe to another.
      We are orbiting a new planet with alien life. I want to be part of the first party to land on it. I take two crew members with me to a spaceship with three seats.
      The ship looks like a bit like the one in Star Wars. The ship Luke flew when taking down the AT-AT. We get in and the ship is slowly being lifted out of the hangar.
      We are on a ramp and we see space, the planet and part of the station in front of us. The locking mechanism is malfunctioning and our ship starts sliding down the ramp.
      "Oh fuck!" I yell as I look at the part of our station we are falling towards. It's at least 1km until we hit the station and several kilometers below that is another level that we might hit.

      We hit the station and start spinning out of control as we fall towards the planet. We are still picking up speed. This is going to hurt.
      I try to calmly put on my seat belt, which is difficult thanks to the ship spinning. After I get the seat belt, all I can do is wait and hope for a miracle.
      Maybe we land in an ocean or something.

      The ship softly stops just before hitting the ground. A large red alien man with tentacles used telekinesis to stop our ship. We are in an alien city.
      The atmosphere is denser and deep blue. It's also toxic to humans. We hold our breath. A lot of humanoid aliens rush to help us.
      I try to communicate that we need air. My crewmate tries to draw this on a piece of paper in a way they could understand.
      I also tell them that we came from another universe. I take a few breaths as a test. Breathing doesn't hurt, but I still believe it's toxic.
    3. Evolving Androids

      by , 12-30-2016 at 06:43 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      This is an older dream that I felt like sharing here.
      Emergency teleportation kit

      I'm on a space station. There are people and very advanced androids. I feel far away from Earth.
      I explore the station and encounter something I thought was impossible. Some of the androids have evolved.
      They have stronger parts. One in particular had arms made of shiny black metal alloy that was nowhere else on the station.
      We didn't know what it was.

      One of the androids became evil as it evolved. He saw me as a threat and dragged me to a room where they stored malfunctioning androids.
      I was packed tight between two androids. A force field activated around this hexagon shaped...storage unit.
      Before the walls encased me in darkness, the last thing I saw was the corrupted android's white, motionless, human-looking face.
      It was like a mask and it was smiling with empty eyes.

      I was in stasis. Years passed in seconds. I didn't feel hunger, thirst or fatigue.
      Suddenly my life was allowed to continue. An android ripped the wall open and I saw light again. He was the one with black arms.
      His arms could pass through the force field, he was the only one who could do it. I followed him through the dark space station.
      By the looks of things, I slept through a few centuries. I felt sad, angry and alone.

      The android led me to a storage room with old machines and supplies.
      I managed to turn on one of the machines, but it didn't do the amazing things I thought it would. It was broken.
      A few androids joined us in the search for one specific item: emergency teleportation kit. It was our only chance to get out of there safely, I assumed.
      I also assumed the corrupted android was still around and that's why we were in a hurry.

      After a while of searching we found a locker full of the kits we were looking for. I grabbed one and checked it. It wasn't empty. Awesome.
      Loud noise from the door. The corrupted androids found us. We all hid. The dream fell apart as I was trying to hide.
    4. Dragons, Treasure and Death

      by , 12-27-2016 at 11:10 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm in another world with dragons, samurai and some form of magic. Many heroes are looking for a hidden treasure, but fail to find it. A small, bald old man stands on the edge of a jungle, on a cliff. In front of him about five kilometers away there is a massive chasm in the side of a mountain. I can see a cavern full of treasure inside the chasm. The piles of gold are massive.

      The old man flies down to the treasure. A bit later a boy dressed like a warrior follows him. He rides a massive dragon made of water. A magic spell he knows, I assume. He also has two small dragons following him.

      The boy enters the cavern full of gold and confronts the old man. I'm there with my brother as well. The boy is angry that the old man has been hiding the treasure all this time. The old man tries to calm him down by saying it was for a good reason. I look around and spot a huge egg. It's the size of a house. There's a metallic serpent coiled around the egg that looks like a colorful jewel. It looks quite pretty. "You have a dragon egg here?!" I ask, but before he can say anything, an adult red dragon enters the cavern. We all spread out and get ready to fight. The small dragons that followed the boy try to attack the red dragon with fire. It does nothing. The red dragon rears it's head, preparing to turn us to ash. Just before the flames reach me, the scene ends.

      I'm in an ancient Japanese city. My brother was killed by the dragon. There is a statue of my brother in the middle of the town. There's writing carved all over the statue, memorable things my brother said. People have a large brush and paint over the carvings with ink, like writing them again. It's my turn, but my hands shake too much to use the brush. I dip my hand in the ink and swipe over the word "No". I walk away and fail to hold back tears. I bawl and collapse into a little ball against a wall.
    5. Felt like posting some dreams

      by , 10-01-2016 at 08:46 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'll start this post with a few dream fragments from past week...or two:

      -I saw a huge fiery space rock falling down, lighting up the evening sky. My vision jumped to space. I saw the fireball fly around the planet twice, then it escaped Earth's gravity and disappeared.

      -Thanos and Avengers were fighting on a distant planet over the green infinity stone. Thanos got the stone. My vision jumped to space. I saw a black and gray planet, like it was made of metal. It had a small moon as well. The planet and it's moon teleported, as Thanos used the stone.

      - I ran into a tall woman in some sort of barn or whatever. Somehow I knew she was a monster, like I had met her before. "I know what you are." I told her. Her expression changed. I shouldn't have said anything. I tried to run past her as she was transforming. Her legs and arms grew longer and she grabbed me with one hand. She lifted me up against the wall as her pretty human face turned into a disgusting maw. Then she screamed. It was the loudest freaking screech. It was painful to hear it.

      Dreams from today

      Exploring another alien planet

      I was on an alien planet, in a massive city with humans, inside a research facility. I was hungry, and found vending machine with something resembling pink and white pudding. I wondered if it was safe to eat. I tried to read the ingredients from the side. First of all, the ingredients were in an alien language. I couldn't read it. I kept looking at the cup as I walked through the empty corridors. I found a lab with three researchers growing bacteria. Two of them was my age, one of them was a girl. The oldest guy was leading the study and clearly busy. As he ran around the room, I still tried to read my pudding cup. There was a part that was in Finnish now, but all the ingredients were alien to me. I don't know what I was expecting. The female researcher told me it was safe to eat. She had straight black hair.

      I left the research facility with the girl. A wide street was full of people. We walked past a Quidditch arena. The city was clean and futuristic. I tried to talk with the girl. I asked her name, but she didn't give it at first. After asking a couple of times, she turned towards me and told me her name, but all sounds were muffled as she told it. I couldn't hear it.

      Somehow we end up in water. We are going to her friends house that's in some water filled cave apparently. As we dive, this extremely strong current carries us into complete darkness. I HATE it. I summon a glow stick or something, but it barely provides any light. I see small glimmers of light as the group of people I dived with pass by me. There are some ruins in the cave that we are surging through incredibly fast. I spot these structures when I get really close. I'm spinning out of control as the current keeps carrying me.

      We end up in a large air pocket in the cave. There are houses built above the water and it's still very dark. I crawl out of the water, onto a wooden walkway in front of the houses. The group is exploring the place. I hear growling. There is a monster dog here. One guy from the group know the dog and I get the idea that the dog is friendly. I summon a flashlight so I can see the dog. Very alien looking dog, but seems chill around the other guys. Tentacles reach forward from my flashlight and scratch the dog. He seems to enjoy it. Dream ends.

      Mice Village

      I was in a snow covered farm-like area. There was a large group of people behind me, some I recognized as old schoolmates. The place doesn't look even remotely familiar. The winding path leads to a pond that's partly frozen. I see a cat on the other side of the pond. I jump towards the cat. I make it over easily. I look back and signal one of my friends to jump there. The pond looks a lot larger from this side, no human can make that jump.

      I continue forward. The outdoor area starts changing into a building progressively. Wooden crates, large shelves, floor panels...and suddenly there's walls and a ceiling, I'm inside a building. The group follows. Among the crates we find tiny houses. Then we see mice. We are all suddenly tiny, mouse-sized. It becomes a bit hazy, but we climb the shelves and meet with some talking mice. We don't trust them. We arm ourselves with weapons found in the area: tiny golden sawed-off shotguns and stuff like that. The shelves are separating two rooms, behind them is a human-sized toilet and a lionman in sitting on it, reading a book or a magazine.

      I wander off as a disembodied observer and find Cartman. Then I find the rest of the South Park crew and the creators Matt and Trey. Matt and Trey acknowledge that they are inside the world they created and that it's weird.
    6. 31th of August: Games, death and concern (4 non-lucid dreams)

      by , 08-31-2016 at 10:36 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      1:00 - 6:40
      Demonic Crime Scene
      I'm a disembodied observer inside a game world. I follow a playable character around as a youtuber, Rockleesmile aka Nick, talks about the game. I just see the game, but Nick's voice is easy to recognize. Nick is giving praise to this game and calls it Dead Space 2. The playable character does look like Isaac, but the game is an open world puzzle game with monsters that remind me of Dark Souls. Then Nick shows me the jetpack and how fast you can go with it. I am impressed. It looks fun. My memory here is a bit fuzzy, but I feel like I took over the playable character for a while to just fly around the level.

      I continue as a cameraman. Nick explains that he has been stuck on this level for a long time. He goes into a large metallic building with wandering demons and two robots. These robots switch between a sad expression to a happy one. The two seem to be important to the puzzle. I force Nick to focus on this. With my influence, he solves the puzzle. The two robots start to fight and draw attention of a tiny demon that is wandering outside. This little black, transparent blob that's no bigger than my fist. The demon is annoyed by this fighting inside the building. It slaughters all the robots and demons inside the building. The path in no longer blocked.

      I manifest a body and go deeper into this building. There's a crime scene and I have to solve puzzles, a lot of evidence on the ground. There is a cross on the ground made of black smoke. Red light shines from inside the smoke periodically. There are glowing red marks on the ground, about 15 of them. There is a big orb floating in the middle, I know that it's a soul. It's black, indicating that it belongs to a demon. There is a calendar on the ground and small vials on certain dates. I investigate these vials, at least one of them should have glowing green liquid inside. I break the first one I pick up. I notice that it's hard to do things that require precision, I feel like I'm drunk. (I should have RCed.)

      WBTB from 6:40 to 7:10

      Short dream: Hanna and Tuomas called me. They asked why I hadn't contacted in a long while. I started telling them about my health problems. As I focused on talking, my mind wandered like it does in waking life. The result of this inside a dream is a new dream scene. I was flying above a small fantasy village, like Shire from LotR, while still on the phone with Hanna. Hanna and Tuomas were very understanding. (It's like I see a dream with my mind's eye, while focusing on something else. I do it all the time. I also woke up after this.)

      Fighting Tooth Fairy
      I see a map and believe that I'm on a sailing ship. I'm trying to find the dock. I zoom in the map, but it doesn't help me too much. I force my vision out of the map, we are about to crash otherwise. As the map closes, my vision is in the sky, same angle as Diablo-games. The ship hits the dock and disappears. The crew is safely on the dock. A bit bizarre, I think. The wooden planks of the dock are a few centimeters underwater.

      Dream skips a bit. I'm a cameraman again, following my brother's character. He went inland from the dock and is fighting a fleshy bull monster. I tell him how the monsters in this area are difficult. A charge attack will straight up kill you. Then I remember that my brother is level 38 and I was here at level 20. I tell him he might be ok. My brother is using a bow and arrow.

      The next monster he encounters is a massive black salamander like creature with a large head and a huge mouth. The monster has small dragonfly-like wings. Reminds me of Dark Souls a lot. The arrows are not doing anything. I notice that the monster opens it's mouth periodically. I tell my brother to aim for it's mouth. My brother does so and it seems to work. A bright white light shoots out of the beasts mouth. Then we see a huge crystal inside it's mouth. The monster stops fighting us. It congratulates us on figuring out his weakness. I ask what the things around his neck are. "Extra teeth. I'm a tooth fairy."

      The monster goes back down to a small canyon it crawled out of. We approach the edge of it. There is a small giant lying dead in the canyon. The corpse has some sick armor on. "Can we take those boots?" I ask the tooth fairy. "Sure, you earned it. Just take the boots though." The boots are shiny white metal. (And I think the real name for these are greaves and sabatons) I still have no body and my brother's character seems to be gone. A female knight in white armor takes the giant's boots and puts them on. She now has the complete set. She looks badass. (I woke up and focused on recalling as much details as I can, fell asleep for a bit more.)

      Short dream: People gathering outside, getting ready for a competition. There are teams of 3-4 people. I see this vividly. I just stare at each character, because I don't usually see dream characters this vividly, their faces are often blurry. Not this time, I see everything clearly and without needing my glasses. (Some level of awareness, but not quite lucid.)

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