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    limitless' limits

    a bracelet, a mall, confusion, twins, cute aliens and scary aleins.

    by , 10-04-2010 at 02:43 AM (671 Views)
    Back tracking:

    Morning of the 22nd,

    -i was baby sitting a little girl
    -dream took place in a chess inspired castle
    -was some kind of art gallery that i was helping with
    -then i was outside my old house with my mom, grandma and the old ladies from Ponyo
    -we were talking about my late grandpa and my grandma wanted me to give my memorial bracelet to my mom(which doesnt actually exist)

    Morning of the 24th,

    -a very expensive shopping center, selling brand names for charity
    -i was interviewing women as they were shopping
    -i saw Michael Fox filming a commercial
    -very vivid recall

    Morning of the 26th,

    -confusing recall about a long dream that i kept waking from and falling back into
    -pt 1 at 11am, felt like i was in a basement apartment
    -i had a bullmastiff that shit all over the floor, it was way too vivid
    -my bf wouldnt kelp me clean it up, i half woke up and told my bf that he has to help me, but he was also asleep and didnt hear me, i fell back asleep
    -pt 2 at 12pm, i was in an odd school and ran into my friend who happened to be in the same course as me in college, and i recommended what teacher to try to get
    -pt 3 at 1:30pm, had a dream about talking to my old manager in an odd office

    Morning of the 27th,

    -i was with my mom and aunt, and we crashed a funeral
    -the bathroom was memorable
    -i had twin boys that i was trying to get back home to, i was trapped behind a strangely familiar building
    -scene changed and i was trapped in my old neighbour's back yard, i hopped the fence and ran home
    -i had my boys in the master bedroom with our three dogs(which i dont have)
    -the babies were not crying when they wanted something, so i kept forgetting to feed and change them
    -i took one of them for a walk down the street in my arms, to show some of the neighbours

    Morning of the 29th,

    -parent's were planning a big anniversary party, so i had rules to follow- and break
    -i wasnt allowed to have anyone over, so we could attempt to keep the house clean
    -but i started drinking, and had people over and my mom got pissed and went to her sister's house for the night
    -my dad was furious with me and i was crying almost the whole dream
    -i got up in the morning to try and clean the house
    -someone broke in right in front of me
    -i screamed for my dad but they got away with a big suitcase that was in the living room
    -i cried again and headed to the kitchen to try and clean up, when i saw three aliens(looked like Planet 51 aliens, but different colours) they told me they were there the night before, and were overly curious about everything in the house
    -my dad finally came downstairs, dressed up, and started helping me in the kitchen
    -i tried to explain about the aliens and he didnt care

    Morning of the 1st,

    -horrifying aliens were taking over the world. end of the world scenario
    -they looked like a cross between splice(when she's male and has wings) and the tooth fairies from hell boy, but they were about 8' tall on average
    -they were eating humans, using them to breed more aliens, and trying to turn people into aliens
    -everyone in the area took shelter in a big space ship that must have been parked on a hill
    -i noticed my parent's, cousin from another province, friend from high school, bf's sister and her bf, and i knew my bf was there, and i knew my grandma was there, but didnt see them. and a LOT of other DCs
    -the alien's would watch up and try to break in during the day, but would go hunting else where for humans at night
    -some people were collecting books in case we could actually get away and repopulate and educate the world
    -i remember it being really important to make sure that i had 'The Lovely Bones' with me, and i went out of my way to find my friend from high school to make sure she had 'Lucky'
    -in the end, everyone was sitting in one of the bigger rooms on the ship and my dad was adjacent to me
    -all of the electronics stopped working(cellphones, watches, etc) and the ship was under full attack by the alien's and they had pushed the ship down a hill
    -the last thing i remember before i woke up was my dad screaming out from the silence, "Oh No, ohh NOOO!"

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