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    limitless' limits

    the climb and slide

    by , 10-10-2010 at 06:45 PM (620 Views)
    So i have failed to post a longer dream in between my last posts and this one. but i am without my DJ book atm so im using this for it's purpose right now.

    its kinda a jumbled mess because i woke up and typed it into my memos on my shitty phone.

    the first thing i remembered was :

    i was in this big dark room with tables around and there were a few people around, but i only took notice to one DC. he was about 17 maybe, and had short blond hair and dark eyes and was really pale(now that i think about it, looked like ninja). he wasnt wearing a shirt, and he was running around in the dark, sneaking up on me and giggling. it was creepy, but apparently i liked it. i took a moment to sit on one of the tables a little further away from everyone else and "touch myself". That didnt last long or finalize its self, so i tried to chase the boy down, to see if i could ask him what he was doing. Then i noticed a room with light so i went into it. I was determined to find a mug, i think i wanted tea... but when i found the mug i heard a familiar voice. It was my first fashion teacher from highschool, so i went to go talk to her. I dont remember the conversation but my friend from college was there all of a sudden and my highschool teacher was talking to my friend like they were remembering times together. It was nice, then i woke up without waking totally from the dream.

    I was now in a mall with my mom and aunt and uncle, but they were teenagers.. and i was trying to convince my uncle that he was to fall in love with my aunt, not my mom. That was odd, i woke up, and fell back asleep to another dream.

    I was running through the streets, with a crowd in a big city, probably toronto, and i could sense a panic in everyone else. the more we ran the more people showed up and the more anxiety bubbled up. so i branched off and ran to the top of a building, i dont remember being inside it, but when i got to the roof i could see what everyone was panicking about. there was a giant boy, with dark hair and annggerr, as tall as the sky scrapers and he was only 4 buildings over. so i spotted this huge intricate structure that i knew i had to climb to be safe. out of no where i had a guide DC who i knew irl in grade 7(almost 8 years ago) who helped me climb. when i got high up through the twisted bars i saw a platform and i saw my mom.. i yelled at her not to follow me, that i'd be fine and she should go back down. (forgetting that where i was heading was safety, and that means i just sent her back into danger) so i turned a corner on the platform and found a big water slide. there were three slide tunnel options and i was scared. i jumped into the left one and screamed for dear life all the way down. i can vividly remember going through the tube flipping on my stomach and back, it hurt and i was soo afraid. i landed at the bottom with an odd feeling of calm.

    i found myself walking through grass near some houses, and i found the boy again from the dark room. he was standing still and silent, with his eyes shut. i walked up and gave him a kiss. waited for his reaction, and kissed him again when he looked at me.

    i woke up, had another pointless dream but after recalling this, i couldnt remember the last short one.

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